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**    The answers to this morning’s quiz:
1.  The political operative in Lancaster is obviously Savannah Thorpe, the only “Savannah” in the mix (click here).
2.  The expert on Britney Spears is E. Fletcher McClellan, Professor of Political Science at Elizabethtown College (click here). Ever since former Lancaster Mayor J. Richard Gray, I have not trusted anyone who uses an initial in place of their first name. Hey, that’s just the way it is! Blame the Dick!
3.  Sigh, the “zeitgeist” user is Brandon Koenig, Assistant Professor of Government and Public Policy at F&M (click here). Now you understand why F&M’s tuition is what it is ($75,000 a year) and why the whole campus walks around with their noses in the air!


  I’m writing to you today to let you know that we heard you and have decided to cancel our plan to increase the home delivery price of the Thanksgiving Day paper this year.
The latest from a letter from LNP Director of Circulation, George Weber, below (click here for his first letter and the original “GO POUND SAND, GEORGE!” article on this site)!


     The below is from today’s LNP print edition. Match the quotes below the page with the writer! Seriously! Good luck! 

9 Responses to ** – * OPERATIVES EVERYWHERE?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I assume the dimwit who posted he was voting for Trump out of spite is stomping his little feets?
    BTW, note how absent “G.” Terry Madonna was missing from all the poll and political coverage this year, except on WGAL. He used to be ubiquitous, but those in the know know he is a not very bright lightweight lacking credibility and propped up only by his association with F and M – whose most famous graduate is Wm. Shatner. Watch Madonna talk sometime. Saw him on ‘GAL this a.m. He, literally, says (adds) nothing when his lips move. Oh..and Ch. 6 in Philly uses him on a boring, outdated show that was only started decades ago to fulfill FCC rules regarding public service programming. I know. I worked there when he was hired.

  2. Republican Insider says:

    Someone should get a comment from Amber Martin to find out if Scott has kicked her out of the house or if he’s decided to stay married to her after the election. She’s a poison just like LNP. She wants to be commissioner but the crazy pills don’t work that well. Scott would be better off without her she’s a train wreck.

    • Becky! Take a shot! says:

      Take a shot!
      Someone mentioned a Martin.
      Take a shot.
      Favorite drinking game around these parts.

      Back to the actual article of the day, does the girl they say is a political operative any good? Never heard of her. Any details on her Becky?

  3. Mother Smucker says:

    Becky, what’s an even better article is the one where LNP tells all the red meat republicans how Smucker is basically ditching his master Trump and telling Trump to accept the election results. Smucker had his lips so fixed to Trump’s ass that it is just comical now to see how Smucker is jumping ship. Smucker pretended to be a moderate before becoming a congressman but once his district changed and he got his cushy job, Smucker decided it was time to be a conservative and became Trump’s puppet. Now that we cut Trump’s strings, Smucker will be looking for a new puppet master. He is just a SCHMUCK! Will ride the coat tails of the devil if it benefitted him. Guess what republicans, you better find yourself a new congressman candidate because the real republicans in York are gonna remember what Smucker did to Trump and Smucker will lose in 2022.

  4. smh says:

    Refreshing to see that someone at LNP recognized the error of their ways and corrected it.

  5. Precious says:

    It is so precious to see all of these political operatives in our little lancaster. Except one small thing, the real deal ones ain’t no one know who they are and they don’t have to work multiple jobs to survive. LNP celebrates the fakest of the fake because LNP don’t want no real deal operatives in Lancaster and that’s real talk. If you in an LNP edition, it means you have no clout, no mind and you just what LNP likes to support.

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