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10-3 UPDATE – Jerry Puryear went live this morning to show off his new mask. Do not encourage this behavior. Encourage him to get the mental help he so desperately needs.
     The notice of a live-stream from Jerry Puryear last night is below (yes, he’s out of jail). What a lying jerk! There will be much more tomorrow. 
     Have a safe and happy First Friday!





      I don’t wish the coronavirus on anyone, and that includes President Trump. What a year.
Please check back later today.

11 Responses to 10-3-20 UPDATE – *** BREAKING NEWS *** – * WHEN WILL IT END?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chief Birkihiser’s wife isn’t the Chief of police. Mayor Dickina. People tend not to buy condos in a crime ridden shit hole.

  2. Idontfront says:

    I have recording of him talking about You This morning if you need it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bye Bye just beat me to the punch. That was a forced retirement. Otherwise, she would have taken questions. No self-respecting mayor holds a “news conference” like that. “Honor” ing him must have been part of the agreement. Why the complete lack of transparency, Daneen? Police are still manipulating the news media.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mayor Dickina is keeping the Mayor Dick tradition of incompetence alive. I wonder how long until Lancaster is fully enveloped into a ghetto?

      • Anonymous says:

        If you want to see TRUE govt. incompetence in the wake of a pandemic you have to go into Manor Township. It’s like a tent city over there with lots of tacky shopping centers and out of control traffic.

        • Anonymous says:

          As opposed to pot holes, homeless, blight, gangs, rising crime rate, and a mayor who places bicycle lanes and gardens above public safety.

  4. Bye bye Berki says:


    Chief white bread was forced out! His wife’s racist comments got him an ultimatum to either retire or get fired. Ismail Smith Wade-El was at the protests and he promised many of us that there would be a police force leadership change and boy did he come through. Wade-El, Diaz and Bakay put the smack down on the mayor and she agreed to get rid of Berki. Other terminations and forced retirements will be coming. Mark my word!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hope they include Manor Township’s corrupt police chief, Todd Graeff. He just demoted a female sgt. over something he made up to make himself look good and save his own sorry ass.

  5. Richard Musser says:

    This is just to you i would rather not, but as you know your welcome to use it. I want to be very honest you know what Jerry told the Police? He doesn’t know me . Never heard of me or harrassed me online or sent his followers to my FB to get my page reported. I don’t expect you to understand but Jerry has pulled a gun 3 time’s in a month on anyone near him. After he’s spent all day talking about them on a LIVESTREAM. The ones that walked away got special videos made of them walking away with Jerry threatening them again! I didn’t want to see that video, that’s the honest answer. I didn’t know that gun was fake. I had a good suspension but i didn’t know for sure. I was trying to “grab the gun ” that’s what happened no real punches or anything more then the slapping you see in that video as I’m being shot at. Jerry said i took the GUN! I didn’t the video clearly shows nothing in my hands at the end of the confrontation.
    Please don’t share my Phone # [redacted] but I will answer any questions you might have about this incident.
    Most of US are living a different life now as before B.C. and after “before Coronavirus ” so hopefully you will understand and we can move forward to making Lancaster a Safer place.

    • victor says:

      Richard you have nothing to be sorry about jerry the predator got what he deserve an then some.he brought all of this on his own he was asked many times by others just to stop video in the city..i do believe all of this went to jerry head for he loves the Drama the man has nothing better to do then to video everything he dose. then he talk smack on everyone in a couple of his videos he has challenge people to roll up of him when the day came at his wish he act like a little bitch that he is.i watch the video with his toy gun if anyone pressing any chargers it should be you..jerry is nothing but a Liar he told everyone in his staywoke717 page that he never went to jail for he was in philly.lies lies now hes crying the blues that he has 3 broken ribs another lie.the man really needs professional help…

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