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     There were months at a time that Jerry and I would talk or text each other every single day. I can’t count the number of times he would tell me that he did not understand why the Lancaster City Police Detectives were given a paycheck because they were incapable of solving murders. He often covered the unsolved murders in the city as did I. There is no question he had and has an incredible nose for news. 
     I got very ill in mid-March. After two weeks of feeling sicker than I ever had in my life, I took an ambulance to the hospital. They lost my phone and I was too weak to use my computer. I barely spoke to anyone. I slept. I moved to a rehab facility eight days later and I honestly don’t remember the month of April. I slept through it. A test at the hospital before I left confirmed Covid-19.
     When I came home in May, “Must See Pics an Vids” was gone and “Staywoke717” had taken its place. Jerry built it up quickly to over four thousand followers but he had changed. He was now in total support of the police. He demanded that people post their hands in prayer and “pray for the community.” He threatened to go home to Manheim and play his X-box repeatedly instead of going live to cover crime and accident scenes. And while he had always been narcissistic and had trouble with the truth, it got far worse.
     When he went on his weeklong homeless spell to provide water and ice pops and asked for the public to cashapp him money I said, “No!” I know Jerry and money and he loves the stuff. He loves to show it off. He is also extremely cheap and when I mentioned that he owes me $500 from years ago he went off.  And one of his most absurd lines he repeated over and over again was that “Obama phones” were not meant for “googling” Jerry.
     And there’s a reason he didn’t want to be googled and suddenly members of the community became very upset. There was, of course, what is pictured at left. And he was live-streaming from McDonald’s parking lots with a huge, stuffed koala in his back seat and other “toys.”
To be completed briefly tomorrow.
[Editor’s note: When I came home from the rehab facility, I resumed a fairly normal life. I could drive, cook and shop, do wash and clean, etc. In the last two weeks I have had a setback of sorts and those items are very difficult for me now. I go in for testing tomorrow. Please be patient. Thank you.]
*     At the end of February of this year, Jerry Puryear’s Facebook page “Must See Pics an Vids” was under attack. My stalkers, Steven Markle (under the name Curtis Martino) and Richard Musser (who recently approached Puryear in a WAWA parking lot), were also after him. They started a fake page and reported him constantly to Facebook to try and shut him down. Puryear had over eight thousand “followers” and assured them he would remain open (see the video below). That did not happen.


      He has begun already this morning. He is telling 14 people on Facebook live how to poison abusive husbands. Go to Walmart and buy rat poison and mix it with a big batch of spaghetti and feed it to him. I’m serious.
      I went into the hospital with Covid-19 on March 27. When I came out of rehab two months later, Jerry Puryear was a different person than I had known for 10 years. What happened?
      Please check back later today and after this, I will move to serious news.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Just read the latest. Were Markle and Musser why Facebook took away must see pics and vids?

    • Becky says:

      I believe they had a lot to do with it. They were relentless. And Jerry would post a lot of fight videos and ask if they were fair fights and Facebook did not like that!

      • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

        Well let’s get StayWoke717 shut down also and keep him from recording! How are people’s Facebooks being banned for (excuse my language) saying “F*ck Trump” but Jerry can blatantly describe detail by detail on how to kill your husband??? How is this being allowed?!?!

      • Richard Musser says:

        Thanks Becky you provided the Proof I needed. See Jerry told the Police he never heard of me. Yep Mr.Puryear said he never said my name or heard of me and he Deleted 95% of his LIVESTREAMS with my name in them. But with your help i was able to show them the history and pattern of abuse i suffered from Jerry’s followers. The same thing he is doing to you now daily. He shouldn’t have a platform to do the harm he does. Godbless you and Prayers for speedy and Full Recovery Becky!

  2. victor says:

    this predator aka Jerry Staywoke717 really dose need help!!! every day he gos live just to talk smack on everyone calling ppl out showing everyone their address an this prick wonders why half the city is out to get him.what i like to know how in the Hell can jerry go from leaving a little boy in a cornfield to acting like a news reporter of video all the crime in Lancaster to go live trying to sing ” which he sounds like a dead cow ” to a female thats already taken. trust me if this lady has kids then thats the only reason of why jerry the pedophile wants you.sick prick that he is…every day nothing comes out his mouth but lies after lies..oh now this prick thinks hes going to be Famous 4 a song that he didnt even wright.this dude belongs in a metal Hospital…

  3. Abomination To Our Nation! says:

    Jerry never did, nor will he ever care about anyone else in his life.. Not the homeless, not other peoples wives, not anybody. Only Jerry. Being that Jerry is a narcissist, that only makes sense. Now he thinks he’s going to become some big hit rapper over night, then maybe later on write a book with the title “How to kill your abusive husband” written by lancaster most hated pedophile!

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