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—  Taking a break this afternoon!  —
**   On a far more serious note, the below was reported last night. Will the “main-stream” media pick up on this and get the public answers?
*    Let me be clear: Selling people over-priced, used appliances is not “helping people,” Jerry!


       Dang, again! Jerry Puryear said he bought a new car (car number 7?) and was heading to Philly yesterday. Surely, I thought, he will pay me the $500 he owes me! No such luck. What a disaster this man is!
     And speaking of disasters, does it get more absurd than this? Put Trump in a mental facility!

19 Responses to ** – * & SO TIRED OF TRUMP!

  1. KeepKidsAwayFromJerry says:

    Jerry, What’s your page about now? How to get arrested for harrassment ? You think it’s a Crime to video your house. The Camera Clown ! Got Videotaped Call the COP’S.
    We shut you down so many times now I lost count, Jerry I promise you on GOD you’re done! You can cry about it all you want but you’re DONE in Lancaster! Jerry you’re Not allowed to be around the “Homeless” Jerry Puryear because you RAPED UNDERAGE HOMELESS GIRLS! You did year’s in Prison for it. Stop lying about it, that shit doesn’t go away in times like you think! Once a Child Rapist, Molester, Pornographer! You’re Always ONE!

  2. Jerry Pay Becky! says:

    Jerry, You know Becky can have You arrested for your Direct threats to her at any minute. I’d would definitely Pay her.

  3. Abomination To Our Nation! says:

    Now Jerry is being charged with “Falsly Incriminating Another” just updated today from July. Oh it keeps getting better and better! Are you even a mammal??? Because at this point, you can’t even breathe right Jerry! And we LIVE for every second of it. Do you hear that Jerry? Sounds like fuel being added to the fire. You know what it tastes like? Your own medicine. You wanna tell your lowlife suicide squad to report this person and that, you wanna give out addresses and phone numbers and tell your clown posse to call and harass people….Right? You’re next in line for a harassment charge, congrats on the baby step down from there! I hope they lock your ass up for real this time!!

    • Becky says:

      Wow! Who did he falsely incriminate?

      • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

        Not sure who or why we haven’t heard about it until now. Most definitely a hard laugh though. I’m really looking forward to his next LIVE, whenever that will be… Considering all of his pages magically keep disappearing. I suspect he’s looking for a new IP address and his trusted Sina to get him back into his account this time. Don’t know how he keeps slipping by Facebook guidelines. It’s ok, he says he’s gonna keep going and never stop. He’ll never let anyone stop him from what he’s doing. Only thing is, where’s his purpose? He don’t have one. He’s reading these comments unable to rant about Musser, Becky and Staysleep717. It’s killing him. It’s consumed him. Everything else is irrelevant. What happened to wifey? Even she saw through his crazy bs. Smh oh BTW Becky, did you catch his new song “Don’t know him”? Shout out to you for providing us with that special ingredient at the end. You know, proof of Jerry knowing Musser all along and lying about it. You’re appreciated!

  4. Jerry Pay Becky! says:

    Becky, What’s happening to Jerry? he’s telling people to call you and “Harass/Attack” you “via electronic devices” one minute then next minute telling them to “Look, look, here what Becky said.. Look, hey look at what Becky called him”
    Wow I mean WOW he’s completely lost his mind. He called the COPS Crying about someone Video taping the “OUTSIDE” of his rental.

    Wait a minute so, the Guy who can’t go anywhere without having a Camera filming his scared bass is Literally Crying to the Police because someone might have filmed his shack? and it he proved Jerry’s a liar! He don’t any of the cars or the house he’s been talking about!
    Jerry FYI we got both of your Facebook Pages shutdown! Jerry Wright is gone! Because your a Convicted Child Molester!
    Praying Hands is Gone so is Jerry Puryear.
    Soon as the Police find out who the Two Moderator’ s are for Staywoke717 and take their 501c application and then the charges for not having one or paying taxes on them donations…. It’s going be amazing

  5. Idontfront says:

    Jerry Jerry Jerry when will you learn. You still just bitchin about same stuff. You mad because you don’t have anything you said! No cars no house no Money! Your mom blew your spot jwad! Why you think you can tell people to call Becky? Why don’t you Report on the missing Black kids! in Philadelphia Jerry? What’s you page about NOW Jerry ? Crying because you got sent to Hospital just for eating at Wawa right? Haha Jerry you’re the only on who is CRYING! You everyday same bs poor Jerry call Becky oh Richard said I’m dead! Richard this Richard that! Funny thing oh. Why don’t we hear Richard Crying ? What’s he doing that you need to cry daily ? Sorry you don’t have any cars but that’ll teach you not to LIE.
    PAY BECKY her 500.00 Quit telling “Jerrys KIDS” to call het! That’s actually Harassment by electronic devices!! Google it dummy!

  6. barryinwinnipeg says:

    If Trump belongs in a residential treatment facility, what does it say about Pennsylvania’s fervid Trump supporters who follow him (maskless) off the cliff? High-level staffers who used to work for him are his most vocal opponents, yet the Kool Aid Consumption Campaign Rallies continue. As an ex-pat who cannot vote in the USA election because of residency requirements, I can only watch this ongoing train wreck go from horrible to catastrophic. But, as a retired mental health professional, here’s an insight for your fans. It’s called PROJECTION. Every time he calls Dr. Fauci “an idiot” or uses bad words to describe those not currently smooching his posterior, he’s projecting his own deficiencies on to someone else. Good luck with your election!

  7. Abomination To Our Nation! says:

    Sorry Becky, no such luck. I think at this point you should just cut your losses because I think his own MOM was asking him for money and he told her he only had $1 left, the very next day he had himself a brand new 2015, no wait 2008, hold up no it’s a 2014 Ford whatever the hell it is. He’s probably using all that money that he’s gathering from our community for his bogus “cause”,picking up free refrigerators, spray painting them and selling them for a couple hundred bucks. Also I don’t know if anyone caught where he was saying “we” gotta do this with the car and “we” gotta do that. He didn’t get that car on his own. Wonder if his pals from “Helping Hands” have to do with that. Jerry’s scared now, everyone knows what he drives so he has to get A NEW CAR and sell the ONE he has oh, and now someone knows where he lives!! Why do you think he went out and got new cameras?? Gotta cover every inch of the house now huh? What’s wrong Jerry?? I thought everyone else is a bitch and you’re this big tough guy. Cocking your bb guns on live still Jerry?? Sleeping in McDonald’s parking lots cause you’re scared to go home?? Another thing, notice how Jerry has downgraded from his 5 bedroom house to not even speaking about it? Why is that Jerry? Is it because we saw exactly what your house looked like because of the call about you “beating a woman”? But you still wanna talk about your 5-6-7 cars in the driveway. You must have missed the pictures posted publicly of your house with ZERO cars in the driveway or anywhere else around. The nerve you have to talk about other people being jokers!! When will you learn Jerry??

    • Becky says:

      I cut my losses long ago. It doesn’t hurt though to keep reminding him he owes me $500!!! 🙂 🙂

      • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

        Hahaha truth! But to be honest, you could simply post a picture of him with no words and he’d be mind blown for the entire week. “Why didn’t she say anything? What does this mean?” his whole life revolves around you, Richard Musser and now this “Staysleep717” page that mysteriously can’t be found. Keep up the outstanding work Becky, we’re loving it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If Jerry wants to spend money, he should get that tooth replaced

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