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*** OMG! Jerry just went live. Oh, and Karen Fritsch, do not call me again! Pathetic!  🙂
**    Dang. I thought he was driving to Philadelphia to pay me the $500 he owes me. Looks like he’s going to Harrisburg. Maybe he’ll stay there! 🙁



     Really!!!!! if this happen 12 years ago why bringing it up now….if Floyd wasnt enough to start a Racist…
This comment in yesterday.
     I will tell you why I bring it up. Because LNP had no minorities on their staff who recognized this as a blatantly racist attack or they knew and chose, as they have for years, to ignore it. You read that correctly. They ignored it.
     And then New Era editor Ernie Schreiber (pictured above) even wrote about it in an editorial to back the police (click here):
      Tasers have been used in a variety of circumstances, including a situation earlier this month in New Holland, where police used the device on a 22-year-old woman who struggled with officers and apparently tried to kick out the back window of the cruiser. The woman was later charged with assault and public drunkenness, among other offenses.
     Yes, these two police officers tased her on her breast while she was handcuffed in a police vehicle. They could not find another way to handle the situation with a tiny woman. Schreiber knew that. Schreiber is one of the nastiest, most disgusting individuals to ever sit in the LNP offices. There will be more on Schreiber to come.

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  1. Idontfront says:

    Jerry, What happened to Domestic Violence month? You said everyday you would talk about it? But all you do is continuously cry about getting your ass beat at WaWa. You said NOTHING could stop you from helping the Homeless, but Jerry you can’t even say homeless anymore. You drove right by them people(binns park) while on Livestream and didn’t even mention them on a cold evening! What 4got your money’s worth out of them I guess.
    It was sad to see your mom put you down on a Livestream dam Jerry she said “what you only had a dollar yesterday and today this!”
    You shut the Livestream off real fast after that comment…. Hahaha

    PAY BECKY Jerry stop telling people to call her. Why don’t you call her? Yourself you scared Jerry ? You should be.

  2. Idontfront says:

    The Funniest thing ever happened tonight.
    Jerry was on a LIVESTREAM doing his normal job CRYING about the Fat guy that Broke his Ribs and put him in the Hospital. When he showed of his New Car lol 2014. His Mom Commented “So you only had a Dollar to your name yesterday! and today you got this! Hahah Jerry the BUM has never shutdown his LIVESTREAMS so Fast!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe these people who follow him actually call and harrass Becky just because Jerry says to. Weak minded people. All because Jerry has a problem with someone. Why don’t Jerry call becky himself instead of telling these raggedy old trailer park trash followers he has to do it?? The more disturbing part is they actually call her. What in the actual F is wrong with these people?

    • victor says:

      Thats because week ass Jerry would rather see someone else get into trouble for doing his dirty work.this Stupid Jerry the ” Pedophile ‘ Loves to stir up trouble and for what just to have everyone Arguing back n forth on FB Hiding behind a cell phone Talking Smack…This Dude Really dose have Metal Problems. I am so Surprise of why Jerry didnt get his Ass beat yet..this is the part that i dont Understand why would a grown ass man even make a Page to go live n sing every day jerry is your life that boring get your self a Hobby you must of been a lonely ass child growing up no friends so instead you been going after teen age kids which is sicK.

    • Richard Musser says:

      It’s like a Cult honestly. Jerry says something they do it. They believe everything that he says. He said he was in Philadelphia when he went to jail last time. Then days later he told them the truth and said he was in jail.
      They didn’t even say anything.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jerry always asks why “Jokers hate him, but watch his lives ” Well Jerry, here’s your answer….We watch you just to laugh at how stupid you are. You have to be about the most retarded person I have ever seen! That’s right Jerry , we watch you just to make fun of you! Your lies themselves are entertaining AF You cant even keep them straight which is even funnier. You are a whole clown Jerry. It’s also very entertaining the way you talk mad shit like you are tough, then turn your head side to side non stop looking all scared someone’s going to come up on you. Then when someone does, you yell to step back from your car instead of backing up all the tough guy talk you talk on FB . And to top it off your bitch ass literally pulls a BB gun on every single one of them Jerry! Then you call them a bitch when you’re trying to lie and tell everyone on live what happened, when we saw the damn videos, we know exactly what happened What happened to your broken ribs? The ones you never had? Dancing around like a fool saying you have broken ribs, then the next day you said all that guy did was yell, then the day after that you were back to the he attacked you and put you in the hospital story You see why we watch you when we hate you now?? You’re a whole joke man. A scary old ass dude who talks mad tough shit then calls the cops, Then acts like you werent the one who was a scared little bitch, except we all see the shit on live, idk who you try to convince that you’re not a p*ssy, but the lives dont lie Jerry, you do !

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s disgusting how he claims to be a man of God then 2 minutes later he is either cursing and dropping the f bomb or singing to “wifey” who is a married woman. It clearly states in the Bible in Matthew that you are not to covet your neighbor’s wife. Maybe instead of being on Facebook so much, he should go read the Bible. Maybe attend a church service?

    • Idontfront says:

      WOW! YOU NAILED it!
      Someone please tell Jerry to read above comment! at least 2 times!! maybe 4!

      JERRY Who are you trying to convince? Who ? Jerry WHO?
      If you’d STOP deleting YOUR LIVESTREAMS! Immediately ( which also is a Bitch move )
      Just let your Videos UP aka”GOD’S WORK”
      AIN’T? Leave up an You’ll SEE it alright you’ll see YOURSELF ACTING LIKE Lancaster’s leading Bitch! I’m talking the Queen Bitch. You know just like you were in Prison!
      YO! Jerry for real YOU’RE the P*ssy ONLINE Crying Everyday!! All the bitchin your doing FOR What? All that for WHAT?? Seriously J-WaD for what?
      We don’t see anyone but YOU! online CRYING? Where’s the stuff you’re crying about?
      What’s it all about Jerry? Why because they watching? Haha Or because YOU think someone is putting up mad faces!! Omg
      Jerry oh, heavens NO please Lord not the angry faces please.
      Just show us what he did Jerry! Show what was done to deserve all Your bitchin! bitchin & more dam bitchin but No one’s doing anything to you J~WAD!
      SO A Man tried to have a Man to Man conversation with you.
      But since you’re Identifying as a “Bisexual Female Bobcat” that’d be impossible to do.
      Jerry, STOP with the crybaby stuff! It’s not a good look! Very, very unbecoming very.
      Hey Jerry just remember that the MAN who had the BALLS! to come at you while you had a Gun! posted up on him!! (he wanted to dance! an all Jerry could do was turn White and Shake and Shoot em!
      Maybe you didn’t hear him. You were yelling pretty loud and in a panic. But He said get out of the Car! “Let’s do this” So why didn’t you get out ya car!?
      Was it because you were scared for your life?
      Stop bothering the Police? Jerry just a bit of information for you. If someone shooting at you with a baby gun aka Daisy Red Rider BB gun! It’s a good idea to close your eyes. That’s unless your a completely retarded and don’t like your eye sight!
      Jerry the MAN you’re making fun of.
      Well he’s Right UP in Your Face! Even though you Have a GUN? That you’re shooting like a JWAD but because he closed his eyes while you’re shooting at him he is something you made up?
      No! JERRY Not how we SEEN it!
      Jerry you FOLDED like a “wet” origami octopus.!

      Jerry, I got Great News oh.
      The best News I can give you…
      It’s that all of this will be all over very soon! Yes Sir Jerrbear it won’t be long and you’ll be told by the Judge to Stay the _,_,_,_ off FB!

    • Anonymous says:

      Did anyone notice on Jerry’s live Monday night that his mom even called him out on his lies . When he was driving his new car, she said just yesterday you only had a dollar and now today you have a new car. Of course he shut the live down immediately . How on earth can anyone lie as much as he does?? He really does need help.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You might as well forget about that money, Jerry is a 52 year old bum. 52 years old thinking he king shit because hes renting a place to live and has a 20 year old vehicle! Calling all these people half his age losers and bums when they already farther in life than his old ass. I think Jerry forgets how old he is. thinking he’s young and stuff. JERRY talks about dads not paying for their kids or seeing their kids and stuff, but fails to mention he was almost $5000 behind on child support in 99′ not to mention in and ou ut of jail for years. But he has balls to make up stories and talk about other peoples parenting lol. And all great dads video tape themselves having sex with 15 year old as well, just in case you didnt know. Great dads also rob people at BB gun point while making bank deposits….This guy done lost his mind talking bout other people. Now this whole cop situation , are you dead ass Jerry? 52 YEARS OLD calling the cops on each other like little kids for every little thing! Entertaining to see an old bum that never amounted to anything act like a 4 year old tattleing to the cops! You think those cops dont have anything better to do than listen to this absurd bullshit? I never met a real man that acts the way this weirdo does. FB live all day long and non stop drama?? Lmao. My children dont even act the way this old ass dude acts….something is definitely not right upstairs in this dudes head! WHO DOES THIS SHIT? I can only imagine what these cops think about this tattletale situation that’s going on lol They’re about to stop answering these childish calls I’m sure. Jerry can run his mouth like a duck’s ass acting tough, then calls the cops when someone posts something on FB that hurt his pathetic feelings. And the lies after lies after lies this guy tells , OMG !!! His brain definitely needs a thorough scan cause bec this dude is weird AF and definitely no where even close to where a dude his age should be in life!

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