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ย  ย  ย  ย  You are wrong, Jerry Puryear, but apparently Facebook has shut you down and you really are dead! Imagine that?
Please check back later today.

10 Responses to JERRY IS DEAD!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stalker Steve! Stalker Steve! Stalker Steve!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on stalker Steve you can do it!! Change it up, it must get old stalking the same person all the time. So it’s a win-win for everyone. We have new content to watch and you have a new subject to stalk ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Glitter Makes Me Hot says:

    I’m beginning to believe there’s is a serious case of MPD going on in this blog and it’s comment sections.

  4. Richard Musser says:

    Jerry Please tell Jerry, I don’t ASSOCIATE with PEDOPHILES. I’m the GUY that’s busy shutting your page down! See so I never called you! No! never! not one time. But yet on and on YOU go day after day blaming the wrong guy that is trackable I’m not that stupid. I don’t say your name all day online that’s you! & Your life! I just post actually Newspaper articles about your crime’s that’sit Jerry!. You say I’m a Violent stalker hmmm where’s my arrest record? Sure that wasn’t about Steve Markle? Can you read Jerry? Pull up my record Jerry! Now how many pages is yours? 25 ,30 Page’s? You continue to LIE to the sick people that follow you about you Child Molesters Charges! That you went to Jail for year’s for Jerry! Now that Megan’s list thing well that’s due to WHEN you did your Crime’s on the Three “Homeless” underage girls! How comes your “helping the Homeless” community Stopped? I mean if you didn’t do the crime you’d still be able to Say Homeless! But you can’t Jerry Why? Jerry? Let me be Clear I have Never called you Jerry! I have got your page shut down for stuff you post! The bottom line is this here …. You’re a Convicted Child Molester! You’re not allowed to have a Facebook account! PERIOD! I promise you this.. Jerry! I promise you this! You will NEVER have one again as long as I’m in this TOWN!
    Jerry, so I have been honest with the Police all 4 Police department’s! About your shenanigans! You think they don’t see through you? The fact you think that time makes you rapes of underage homeless girls mean less, it doesn’t work like that Jerry! The way you act when online and in person are quite different lol .
    See you in Court Jerry!
    Ps you ask if i heard what the sergeant said.
    Oh i did, now did you hear them when they told you if you EVER pull ANY gun again on me you’ll be the one ducking!!! and I don’t own a single BB Gun!

    Still Praying for A Speedy and Full Recovery
    BECKY !! Godbless you รท0)

  5. Abomination To Our Nation! says:

    He’s wilting inside every day! Posting stories and changing his background photo to make some kind of contact to his fans! It’s quite pathetic but awfully entertaining!!

    • Richard Musser says:

      Haha… Omg .. Your right he is changing the Background picture. It’s completely hilarious to watch. He’s a completely useless pos.

      Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, you pathetic little man. You have a Freight train of Karma coming for you. You better hope it catches you before I do.

      Give us an update on how your doing MissBecky we hope you’re getting better as each day passes. Godspeed รท0)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’d hardly call being shut down by Facebook being “really dead”.

    • I don't front says:

      Oh, How wrong you are. See to Jerry his Facebook is his life and without it Jerry is literally dead.

  7. Richard Musser says:

    It’s not easy getting him shutdown but I managed to do it 3 time’s now. Hoping you’re getting better and back to normal. We are gonna need your Skill in making Jerry Puryear accountable for his actions.

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