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*    One of the most racist, horrific cases of racial discrimination and abuse I have ever seen in Lancaster County was the arrest of Faith Mugwe in New Holland in 2008. I still have no words for what happened to this woman and it happened solely because she is black. A series of articles on her arrest are archived on the “LancasterLynching” site including the one reprinted below (click here).


      The old white guard doesn’t like the representation of persons of color and lgbtqia+ in their govt!
This comment in yesterday.
     Is this you? As a white person, are you aware of all the privileges you’ve received over the years?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The plural of feet is…feet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whoever this Steve guy is should use his stalker ways and use them toward Jerry Puryear instead. I’m tired of hearing Jerry say the same names over and over again. Time to switch things up a bit. What do you say Steve?

  3. Anonymous says:

    just read all your articles on this poor woman. manor township police have just been given $$ by township supervisors for training in “excitable delirium” – which most experts say does not exist. it’s a frequent and convenient excuse used by LE when someone dies in custody. makes me worried something is gonna happen there. like they’re preparing to cover their asses.

  4. victor says:

    Really!!!!! if this happen 12 years ago why bringing it up now….if Floyd wasnt enough to start a Racist…

  5. smh says:

    Kevin Ressler. Lancaster had the opportunity not so long ago to have Kevin, a black man as our mayor. It was the citizens of Lancaster that did not vote for him. I know of many of the “old white guard” that did vote for Kevin. The opportunity was there, it was not taken so I must ask what is it the radical contingent really wants? I think the radicals just want to stamp there feet yelling give me, give me rather than really working for change in a rational civilized manner.

    • Becky says:

      If I recall correctly, Ressler and Norman Colon split the vote and between them had more votes than Sorace. It was a difficult and unfortunate situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Had one of them dropped out, they-not Mayor Dickina-would be Mayor. Egos.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are so ignorant and sexist to call Mayor Sorace out of her name. regardless of any ideological differences you may have with her, it is sophomoric and ignorant. i am guessing you are a male with little formal education and not much to offer society as a whole – either in the form of thought or volunteerism, as well as sexual dysfunction and/or gender identity issues. please let me know if i am wrong.

          • Anonymous says:

            No. You’re funny! Throwing a snowflake hissy. I picture you thrashing your little fisties about and stomping your feets up and down. One more reason I’ll enjoy voting for Trump. Again.

  6. Becky says:

    Poor little serial stalker Steven Markle wants some attention badly today. You are actually the disgusting piece of sh*t, Steve! You can’t make it through a single day without sending multiple nasty, profanity laced comments into this site that are never published. What a jealous, pathetic loser!

    • Idontfront says:

      Get him(them) Becky! It’s good to see your getting back to normal÷0) Hey Becky, My Jerry Puryear aka “Pa Most Famous Child Molester” mentioned you on a Livestream. He seemed a awfully upset about you and Richard getting along. Jerry reads your page more than anyone now. Haha He doesn’t understand it or know how the comments work but he tries.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree the guy is as dumb as a pile of rocks, he can barely even read, but he knows damn well the richard guy didnt write the “Jerry’s dead” part, he was just hoping the cops didnt realize it when his bitch ass ran to them

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