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    It is wonderful to help the homeless. My problem with “Helping Hands” is a mother and daughter team appear out of nowhere and align themselves with Jerry Puryear and his “Staywoke717” Facebook page. 
     Puryear, who is now in prison, sat in a Lancaster McDonald’s parking lot and counted out what he said was $4,000 dollars while he challenged “haters” to come to his car and confront him and he told them he would shoot them in the face and they’d have to have a closed casket. A man who flashed a gun (yes, a BB gun) and a taser. 
     And then he is charged by the police but he continues to live-stream all day every day and these two women constantly comment and support him. He is a liar and a fraud and a narcissist and these women continue to keep him as an administrator on their Facebook page where they ask for money. And that doesn’t include his prior convictions for childhood sexual abuse!
     And yes, the mother was taken into Landlord/Tenant court twice in the last six years and lost both times. Enough is enough. They need to explain themselves or immediately stop asking for money!
*    “Helping Hands” has suddenly changed their profile picture on their Facebook page and they continue to list a “Jerry Wright” as an administrator. I thought his name is Jerry Puryear and he is in jail!


     Be very careful who you “cashapp” money to on Facebook. Be very careful!
Please check back later today.


  1. betty sue says:


    if your non- profit org is legit can I view it at the PA website for charities? thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who cares about this guy? No one! More appalled that LNP’s front page headline after debate debacle was Biden needs more practice! Too p*ssy of a paper to endorse Biden and denounce Trump – whose yelling and spitting all over the place while refusing to wear a mask may have infected the entire US govt.! And the Supreme Court nominee. Notorious RBG is working her magic from beyond the grave. Here’s hoping all those redneck losers in Lititz were infected by Pence. Roflmmfao

  3. huh? says:

    If the city has an official department or organization that assists the homeless, it’s time to step up.

    This entire situation is descending into chaos. So many homeless deal with mental illness and are not equipped to deal with these so-called do-gooders. Others are long time drug addicts who these homeless helpers are not equipped to care for.

    Sad things are going to happen if the city doesn’t step in, in a compassionate way.

    • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

      Of course the city doesn’t have it’s own organization but it does have a group of people who get together 7 days a week to feed the homeless, provide transportation and do a bunch of other things for them. People that are not being paid. People who are not out there recording and further shaming our homeless. People who are taking on responsibilities that are not theirs to take on. That’s what I call official, without actually being official. Yes, a lot of them are on drugs and yes a lot of them do have more problems than being homeless, but, those same people taking care of them DO NOT judge and treat them all like family! I do agree completely with what you’re saying… This city needs a lot of change!

  4. Apirl says:

    You see I’m not even talking about Jerry on here I’m talking about the Helping Hands to Helping Hands has nothing to do with Jerry right now it has to do with two women that they lost somebody in their family and they’re only doing that because they lost somebody that’s giving them something to do for the community so stop nobody said anything about Jerry in this comment I’m talking about these wonderful women that are helping out these homeless people are you doing anything know you’re sitting on here typing and talkin about nonsense that’s what’s wrong with the news lately they don’t talk about what people are doing for the community all people do like you is talk about negative things talk about what’s the good things how about that…. so have a blessed day and I will pray for you because that’s what you need right now because obviously you’re only worried about the negative there’s a lot of people out here doing positive stuff and you’re the only one that’s not.

    • Apirl says:

      Get a life and go doing something postive, first of all on top of the you’re saying that they give dirty blankets out no they don’t give dirty blankets out hello if they’re giving blankets to homeless people you think and they’re laying on the floor with the blankets they’re going to get dirty dummy think about that and you know what if you’re smart date even got a donation for sleeping bags from a store and they showed showed it also they do buy new things so I don’t know what you’re getting your information from surely you’re not getting the right information just like any other news Outlet cuz you’re fake news like the rest of them so you can’t talk about any other news Outlet because you ain’t doing it either

      • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

        Ok Ms Lyana Medina or whatever your last name is. How would I know that??? Cause I pay attention!! We know who you are, Jerry’s #1 fool of a fan. Here’s how much you know about me.. I DO donate to our community, I have plenty of screenshots to prove so. How else would I know of the LEGIT organization to donate to our homeless community? Think about that! And believe it or not, you don’t have to RECORD to show you’re doing something to help. Like those selfish, self centered women. Those “beautiful women” Jasmine and Sina are disgusting! Funny how you didn’t mention anything about Jasmine DRUGGING her husband or fiance huh??? Yeah that sure is GOD’S WORK! I used to be frustrated at how many people follow Jerry or anyone involved with him but now I just laugh. Why? Because their followers and top fans are diminishing slowly and I’m ECSTATIC to know I have a part in that!! That’s real justice, if you ask me! You keep on supporting them as you have been, we’ll see where it gets you. Also, don’t pray for me.. Pray for yourself, maybe God will open your eyes to what’s really happening around you. Ignorance isn’t always blissful!!

        • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

          Out on unsecured bail, again?? If that’s not informant privileges, I seriously don’t know what is. How is he not a flight risk?? You can skip a court hearing because you “have 3 broken ribs” but get picked up at a bar and it’s ok?? What a joke!!! Also, has anyone checked Jerry’s “Reviews” on StayWoke717??? You really should, it’s totally worth it!!

      • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

        What’s the matter “Apirl”? Cat got your tongue? It was the truth for you huh? Or was it the simple fact that you not even being able to spell your own name right, that proves your incompetence?? Or was it because I know who you are??

    • victor says:

      what i would like to know is what dose losing a son have to do with helping the homeless something is just not adding up you 2 ladies need money that bad that you have to steal from the homeless…..or should i say all 3 of them

      • Abomination To Our Nation! says:

        Agreed! And popped up MONTHS after he died with shirts and all. What does it have to do with the homeless? Nothing, just another reason to scam people out of their money.

  5. Abomination To Our Nation! says:

    Oh honey, you’re so blind. Your beloved Wes(Sina) has faced multiple evictions. Jerry is a pedophile, fraud that solicits young girls with empty McDonald’s gift cards, Jasmine is drugging her husband so her and Jerry can talk and you truly think your money is going to this fake organization? They collect free dirty blankets and give them to our homeless. They show receipts for what looks like personal purchases and people like YOU believe them. Abomination to our nation! That’s what they all are!! You want to REALLY donate to the homeless. Try Micky’s Mission Of Hope! There, they’re not conniving like Helping Hands

    • victor says:

      all this is true these 2 ladies sina n jasmin are about to get evicted n jerry the pedophile is a liar he is stealing the money that people donate for the homeless all 3 are in this together which is sad..@april why do you think everyone has mad hate on jerry just google his name the truth is all there it dont matter how long ago his chargers are the pedophile is in lockup now n hope he stays there for he brought all of this on his own..

  6. April says:

    Can you please stop telling people that because the helping hands for homeless they are really helping people I sent money to them and they used they used that money for the homeless so stop putting the wrong info out there.

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