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     The below was posted on the D.A.’s Twitter account this afternoon. So, 21-year-old Jordan Habecker has not even been charged with speeding (see yesterday’s post). No wonder I couldn’t find the docket. This is unbelievable!
**   Beginning at 6:32 in the video below Jerry Puryear states the below. Everything I have said to Jerry is on this website. What a pathetic, childish liar. “Mob ties!” LOL! The video is here.

…Oh, oh, oh, oh and one more. The little old lady in Philly. I’m not going to say her name. I want everybody to know if something happens to me – this lady in Philly – she, she, she’s ratcheting it up. She said that… um… she said she’s tired of playing with me. She said people will be knocking on my door. She never said who the people were but she’s just tired of playing with me.
     She’s trying to extort money from me that I don’t have. I’m going to post all of her information up. That way if something happens to me – I got a lot of serious friends here on Facebook – they will be able to say right away go to 209 East Duval Street. Check out Becky Holzinger. She’s your prime suspect. So if the day ever come that you all get the news that something happened to Jerry, I want everybody to call and tell them that I’ve been getting threats from Becky Holzinger – 80-year-old woman – mob ties in Philadelphia – obsessed with Jerry.
*    Sigh. The other day Jerry bragged that he owns six cars. Today he announced he is getting a new car. And yet, this man cannot pay me back the $500 he owes me? Imagine that?   🙁  🙂



     Don’t pray for me – pay me the damn $500 dollars you owe me! Even your mother has had enough of your pathetic butt. You are a narcissistic, lying cheap creep!
     And, oh yes – we’re going to talk about Koalas and Obama Phones later today, Jerry Puryear of the “Staywoke717” Facebook page! You better believe it! We’re going to have some fun!
Please check back later today.

20 Responses to *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * WHERE’S MY MONEY?

  1. my2cents says:

    Just an FYI, for future reference when it comes to accidents, you can’t issue a citation and then after the investigation is over file charges. If the person would pay the fine of the citation and then have charges filed against him for the same accident it would be double jeopardy and the charges would get thrown out. All the citations and other charges have to be filed on the same criminal complaint. Just a friendly public service announcement.

  2. Idontfront says:

    Jerry Are you Okay? Spit one sunflower seed for yes and spit 2 for NO…..

    Becky did Jerry Pay you back that 500.00 yet ? I noticed he took LIP News off that YouTube Page as well as removed all videos showing himself
    A) Acting a fool
    B) more than likely Breaking his Conditions of Release!
    C) Just about anything up to 2 years ago. He’s trying to reinvent himself! Who wouldn’t sorry JJ But we already know YOU! That’s the problem we “All already know you ! All too well!

    Now let me ask you ONE question Jerry!
    How can you be helping people out with refrigerator’s well at the same time telling a woman she has to “Cash App” Jerry some money? Charging people who need help and a refrigerator isn’t admirable JJ!

    • Becky says:

      True fact – I bought a new refrigerator from Home Depot this June. The delivery guys were good and took the old out and put in the new all within 15 minutes.

      Question: Was Home Depot “helping” me or are they in business to make money? Hmmm… 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who is the man Jerry mentions in the video that has been messing with him for 10yrs?

    • Becky says:

      I’m not sure and I’m not going to name names. In another video he talks about 10 years and names a name that I recognize from other Lancaster Facebook pages. But I’m not going to name him here.

  4. huh? says:

    I’m still here. I had some issues and have been posting anonymously as a result.

    But that is a good reminder to maybe post as huh? Again.

  5. smh says:

    It is possible that Jordan Habecker was not speeding. It is possible that Jordan Habecker did nothing wrong. It is possible that the buggy had no lights. Just saying, time will tell.

  6. Anon says:

    No speeding charge because he wasn’t speeding! Why are you always out for blood? Where is Huh? – your voice of reason? Haven’t heard from her since you had Covid.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do you NEED the money back? If not, I would cut my losses. You need to pick better friends.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Apparently this Jerry guy does not realize how ridiculous he acts and sounds. He is a legend in his own mind. But he is good for comedic relief which we all can use.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Is this guy still on probation? If he is, these must be violations of the terms.

    • Becky says:

      I’m not sure. There are a lot of dockets to check. I don’t think he is on probation. As you said, all of this would violate his terms.

      • Lockhimup says:

        I would like to know also about Jerry’s current conditions of being a citizen. He had a young child in the car today at the last 10 seconds you can hear them say something about turning! I know and you know this Character shouldn’t be around Children and NEVER Ever should he he ALONE with them! What are they thinking? Also Becky What’s up with this Video?https://youtu.be/37W5HirlJw0
        Did he kill someone while videotaping? Or is that statement about “Women’s Death Caught on Film… Like his GUN ? A Fraud

  10. curious says:

    I wonder how much Jerry pays for auto insurance. Then I wonder if all these vehicles are legal. Then I wonder where all his money comes from.

  11. anon says:

    There’s an old saying “if you want some loser out of your life loan them $20 bucks. You’ll never see them again.” Wish it always worked.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except if they’re a junkie. Then you’re an easy mark.

      Is there any concrete, legal reason for a former dumpster diver to have come so far?

  12. Idontfront says:

    Jerry believes himself. Probably because he’s been lying so long! He thinks nobody has the Right to know about his Child Molestation / Abusing. Well at same time he’s chasing emergency vehicles/ cops around 24/7 because we need to know everything.
    Everything but Jerry’s obsession with Kid’s!

    WOW!! It was really something to See Jerry talking to the cops! Recently on one of his live feeds. Instantly Jerry was the Victim see haha because he was just chilling. See Jerry was Code5 lmfao and they just showed up. Didn’t tell the Cops how he was begging for.
    someone, anyone to come take $4k from you! Jerry was trying to tell the Cops they need to Warn Wendy for doing what he just finished doing! Threatened people online! Again!
    Jerry PLEASE pay Becky it’s the RIGHT thing to do! If you’re living so large Jerry 500.00 shouldn’t be any problem! Come on Jerry Puryear I’m calling you OUT !! You say you got money like that prove it pay BECKY! Then we’ll believe you.

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