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    Jerry Puryear shows up as being in the Lancaster County Prison as of 4:01 pm today per the below inmate lookup.


A comment into this site today by my 9-year stalker, Steven Markle. Yes, he still sends three a day every day and they are going to the East Lampeter Township Police.
     There are only two individuals I have called “pigs” on this site in over fifteen years of publishing. They are stalkers and harassers Steven Markle and Richard Musser. And those two ganged up together to go after Jerry Puryear and myself earlier this year. And then, of course, they had a falling out and crybaby keyboard warrior Steven Markle got scared and posted the below on one of his “parody” sites.
     There will be more tomorrow.


**  Jerry Puryear’s bail has been revoked as he failed to appear for his court hearing this morning. See a portion of his updated docket below.
*   Part of the alleged confrontation yesterday.



     Jerry Puryear, left, and Richard Musser.
      Jerry Puryear of the “Staywoke717” Facebook page was scheduled to have his preliminary hearing this morning before District Judge Bruce Roth at 9:00 o’clock on two charges arising out of an incident on September 16th. Following an apparent attack on his person while he was eating lunch in a WAWA parking lot yesterday, Puryear is claiming three broken ribs and a sprained neck.
     It is doubtful he will have his hearing this morning and LIP News will follow-up. And will the alleged perpetrator, Richard Musser, be charged? This site is  unfortunately very familiar with Musser.
     It is a busy day and this site will also cover serious news – and the ridiculous and disturbing fights and lies about caring for the homeless in Binns and Musser Parks. 
Please check back later today.


  1. Richard Musser says:

    I won’t comment anymore is you don’t want sorry again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    When bail is revoked doesn’t that mean that the cops hunt him down and take him in?

    • Becky says:

      To the best of my knowledge yes. His bail was $20,000 unsecured before so if it’s “revoked” what is it now? I will call tomorrow and find out for sure. Puryear did apparently go to an ER last night and I am imagining he is arguing he was hurt and could not attend this morning. His Facebook page has been quiet all day but he is not showing up in LCP.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Two ticking time bombs.

  4. Anonymous says:

    But his ribs and neck hurt. This is just sooo unfair. Maybe he’s in the ER.

    • victor says:

      jerry is a fake he lies so much to everyone he believes his own lies..going to the er was just a cover up for him not to go to his court hearing which by the way didnt work.think jerry is out of prison cause i wrote a book on staywoke717 and it was delete unless someone else is running his page..

      • victor says:

        just found out that its jasmin or sina who is deleting my comments on staywoke717 lol jasmin picking up for her pedophile boyfriend..just remember this ladies God dont like ugly all 3 of ya are stealing the homeless money shame on you…

  5. Richard Musser says:

    Becky, Jerry pulled a gun on me. He shot me with it if you watch the video you hear me saying he got a gun finger on the trigger. It’s the 3rd time in a month he pulled a gun on a LIVESTREAM. Please understand he is provoking people into this. I just happened uupon Jerry after years of him doing what he did to YOU yesterday! He is not an innocent victim shit has consequences. When he pulled that gun(AGAIN) he changed everything!

    • Becky says:

      You’re in big trouble, Richard. Please don’t send any more comments into this site.

      • Becky says:

        Okay, let me quickly change up Richard Musser. Did you do anything to break three of his ribs?

        • Richard Musser says:

          No Becky! I only slapped him as he was shooting me with a air gun. It did hurt oh if that matters. I didn’t touch him till he pulled the fake gun for the 3rd time in a month on a LIVESTREAM! He has been doing to me the same he did to you yesterday. He gets online and sends his followers after me! I dealt with him spitting my name out for 10 year’s. I had enough… I have been commenting here for weeks as IDONTFRONT so do what you want. I have no ill feelings towards you honestly. Keep up the great work.

      • Richard Musser says:

        I called the Police Becky Yesterday after it happened they said to wait to hear from them. I went to see them today at 3 and they took pictures of my wounds. Jerry is lying about broken ribs i hardly touched him. More like a slap truth.

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