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—  From the “GREEN DREAM” Facebook page (click here):
*    Click here for the full entry from the District Attorney’s Office.


From today’s LNP article, “Judge sets bail to $1 million for Lancaster protesters; Lt. Gov. Fetterman calls it ‘unconstitutional,'” (click here).
       The $1 million cash bail was set by District Judge Bruce Roth (pictured above). He needs to be removed from the bench!
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15 Responses to UPDATED – * NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do believe if daddy has to shell out $50,000 cash to get princess out of jail that princess will show up for future court procedures.

  2. my goodness says:

    They were not protestors. They were disgusting, violent, rioting, domestic terrorists who were waging a politically motivated attack on Lancaster City. Judge Roth deserves a medal for holding these cretins accountable for their actions. It is way past time for rioters to start reaping what they have been sowing. Hopefully more judges across our beloved USA will step up to the plate and do likewise now that Judge Roth has set the precedent. My heartfelt praise and gratitude to Judge Roth and all of the police officers that were involved in Lancasters most recent riots.

  3. Bruce got it right says:

    Sorry Becky, while we normally agree, this is one of those times when the facts support what Bruce did. I live in the city and there was nothing peaceful about what happened. Some of these people are on video making threats and then hell broke loose. It is funny that the little white girls family was all on the news outraged that their little princess was being treated exactly the same way minorities and the homeless were treated with their bail. You wanna chant and protest, go for it. But the moment you burn shit, incite violence or throw a fist, you need to be properly dealt with. The F&M white Girl just learned that if you wanna act like trash, you will get dealt with accordingly. Her family angry because white folks from nice neighborhoods expect special treatment. Bruce ain’t give it to her and for that, we applaud him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Part of the reason for bail is to protect the public. Call them protesters all you want but they are dangerous people hell bent on causing destruction and serious injury. These people have nothing to do with BLM though they claim they do.

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