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     The two LNP stories shown at left are on the front page of today’s print edition and among the top five stories on Lancaster Online (click here and here). These two stories are not readable!
     And what I want to know in the landlord story is: Why are these landlords so eager to evict? Who do they think they will get as replacement tenants?
     And as to the classroom story: What a mess and a sad situation! And long time LNP reporter Jeff Hawkes never says who supplies the “spotty WI-FI.” The city spent millions on what was supposed to be high speed, inexpensive internet and that never materialized. What a disgrace. 
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  1. Mary desanctis says:

    Love your comment smh

  2. Jughead says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be High Speed City Wide Internet already provided by MAW? Or were they just here to rip the City off and get away with it?

  3. smh says:

    Lack of wifi for our kids whom are not allowed to go to school due to covid is bull excrement! This city needs to get on the phone NOW with Comcast, cut a deal using Cares Act money, make the entire city a wifi hot spot and get our kids educated. It’s not rocket science. This is not only ridiculous but also criminal in my mind that the SDoL and Lancaster City can’t even get our kids connected. They’ve known since last spring that this was probably going to happen and it sounds like preparation for online learning was ignored until the very last minute!

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