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—  There will be more on District Judge Bruce Roth and Jerry Puryear tomorrow.  —
—   Click here to read the full District Attorney’s report.


     Jerry Puryear was charged with “Prohibited Possession” and “Disorderly Conduct – Engage in Fighting” at 7:13 am this morning (pictured at left being arrested). His bail has been set at $20,000 unsecured so he is free. His preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for September 30th before District Judge Bruce Roth. Click here for his docket and there will be more to come.

*   Posted on Jerry Puryear’s live feed last night before the police took him out of his car at gunpoint. It was an unbelievable hour-long rant and he repeatedly showed his McDonald’s $5 gift cards which he never did hand out to the homeless. There will be more to come.


     District Judge Bruce Roth will revisit the $1 million dollar bail he set for protesters today (click here for the above LNP article). From October of 2017, I published the below on this site (click here for the original). Who holds these judges accountable? There will be more on Roth later today.
     The Lancaster City Police took Jerry Puryear of the Facebook page “Staywoke717” out of his car during a live feed last night (a screenshot is above). It is not known at this time if he has been/will be charged. He threatened to shoot people in the face so they would have to have a closed casket. He showed a gun but it is believed to be a BB gun because as a convicted felon he cannot own a “real” gun.
Please check back later today.

8 Responses to *** BREAKING NEWS *** – * AND PURYEAR ARRESTED?

  1. Idontfront says:

    Opps sorry forgot to post the link to the video. 15:30 seconds in he starts lying about how many cop’s arrested him. I was there in person have video of it. Nothing special just traffic stop .

    • Anonymous says:

      Were their really protesters out there for him as he stated in yesterday’s live? He said while he was getting arrested protesters came to fight for him during the arrest.

  2. Idontfront says:

    Becky please look at this LIVESTREAM of Jerry and at 15:30 min into the video he says the Cop’s took 2000k dollars. Is that a crime? He is right back to it oh.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And now hes lying saying he didnt do anything was just trying to give gift cards to the homeless. With others donations of coarse, not his own money. The particular video they arrested him in he only pulls the gun out when someone is walking by because he got scared, however the live he pulled the gun on someone was about 20 minutes before that and of coarse deleted. I’m certain the police probably have footage of him pulling the gun, so idk who he is trying to full calling the cops liars in one of his most recent lives today.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great press release. They go to great lengths to describe bail amounts for everyone w/o listing their charges. It’s still too high!

  5. Anonymous says:


    Sounds like demonic possession!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Prohibited possession. It’s about time.

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