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     The LanCity Connect debacle with well over $5 million spent with absolutely nothing to show for it is another case of LNP protecting former Mayor Gray and Mayor Sorace so they keep the money flowing to LNP and their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel  (see below for an email received today by a city resident from MAW Communications).
     There will be much more on MAW to follow. There is a city council meeting tonight beginning at 7:30 pm. The agenda is here. The virtual meeting should be live-streamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).



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     Former Commissioner Molly Henderson tells the story of LNP and their absolute corruption regarding the convention center/hotel project in her book, “Pressed,” (click here for it on Amazon). What needs to be told now is that LNP’s corruption has continued all these years later.
     To protect Mayor Gray, who gave them millions of CRIZ dollars for their Marriott Hotel, LNP never told the public that Gray’s administration failed to properly vet his new police chief and for years ignored the book by former Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife stating he abused her for years.
.   Can you image a police chief whose ex-wife wrote a book stating he was an abuser? Can you imagine? It happened for years in Lancaster. And while LNP protected Gray and never mentioned it, LNP opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy wrote editorial after editorial decrying domestic abuse. The world needs to know about this absolute betrayal of the public trust and lack of any journalism ethics whatsoever. There needs to be a second book about LNP.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    And leading Lancaster is bow tie clone; Mayor Dickina! MAW, bicycle lanes, hipsteresque art work. Plenty of our money for that.

  2. Hating Life says:

    Am I the only person who noticed County Commissioners gifted/wasted 25-million dollars in Cares Act $$ meant for US to LGH for “contact tracing” so they could “re open” the county in defiance of Gov. Wolf, and now the head of LGH is resigning and today’s front page headline is that Covid levels are higher than the day we “reopened”. Also, don’t forged the Conjob Center has never turned a profit, has losses it will surely attribute to covid – and, definitely, the current economic climate – has already gotten one recent bailout, and when that bond is due, the County Commission MUST use its “taxing authority” (RAISE OUR TAXES) to pay it off. …All while the con center pays NO taxes. I don’t think the agreement the last commission signed is legal, anyway. But unless someone gets an audit and an injunction, we are all TOTALLY f*cked. Professionally speaking, of course.

  3. SOS says:

    LNP August 12 “PA city leaders plead for federal aid”, “Lancaster city is one emergency away from financial catastrophe” quote from Mayor Danene Sorace. As MAW rears it’s ugly head, here is the catastrophe AGAIN. According to article Lanc City has received approximately $2,339,714 through the fed corona stimulus which went “directly right back out the door” per Sorace. Per Toomey “remove restrictions on unspent corona virus relief funds so cities can use them to fill budget shortfalls”. Sure, use corona relief funds for decades of local irresponsible spending and keep business as usual. Where out the door did over two million dollars go Danene? Get our money back from MAW and don’t give them another cent,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Someone has to file RTK requests. Taxpayers have an absolute right to know how much of their money was wasted and an absolute right to have the powers that caused the debacle – and covered it up – held accountable.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will the public ever know the settlement terms, and to what extent the City bailed these clowns out?

    We never heard the results of the multi-million dollar invoice that they were seeking from the city a year ago.

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