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$500 YOU OWE ME?

     Hey Jerry Puryear, if you have six cars, live in a five bedroom house in Manheim and show your cash on Facebook everyday and say you just want to help people, why haven’t you paid me back the $500 you owe me? Why?

2 Responses to JUST SHUT UP, JERRY!

  1. Idontfront says:

    Here is what i find on his Child Molestation case. He has a bunch of criminal charges to go along with this stuff!

  2. Idontfront says:

    How about it Jerry ? Pay her ‘Back” she had yours when nobody else did!! You have to admit that!
    It’s funny that his Wendy& COPS video has over 5k views. My favorite part is when Jerry is trying to convince Jerry that the fake gun was real.. While the cops were still on screen, I wondering when Jerry saw that copsbmade it clear he had an FAKE FIREARM….

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