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         The newspaper is now overflowing with articles about the lily white police force.
     The LNP after hundreds of years of whites only apparently thinks that because they have finally hired minority reporters that they are now “woke.”
This comment in several days ago under “I DO NOT HAVE ‘MOB CONNECTIONS!’ LOL! below on this site.
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  1. Oh Boy! says:


    I got one more!

    So between 10 p.m. last night until roughly 11 p.m. all of these “people” decided to come to Wendy Chan’s defense on a thread that had nothing to do with her????

    I LOVE this because you can not make it up.

    Is that when her meds wore off and possibly all the personalities decided it was their turn on the internet???!

    Gosh the lancaster legal profession is worse than we thought!

  2. Oh boy! says:


    It looks like Attorney Wendy Chan’s CLIENTS are coming to her rescue on your website. Are these her clients with a pulse or the ones she makes up?????

  3. Discredit to the profession says:

    Let’s be clear here, as a professional that has much exposure to the court house, one would have no idea what was happening with judges unless you were a party to either a proceeding or present for any disciplinary action. What we have learned from these posts which are obviously from the same person or persons close to them –

    a. Wendy Chan has potentially discussed court matters with unaffiliated parties;
    b. Wendy Chan is openly demeaning the courts and in particular, our president judge;
    c. Wendy Chan and friends are obsessed with Senator Martin because he clearly has zero influence over the president judge, yet he gets mentioned for every little thing because Wendy and friends have a juvenile desire to always mention him;
    d. Wendy Chan is trying to cover up the fact that she broke administrative orders and is using Becky’s website to push a false narrative in hopes that LNP or another news outlet will sympathize with Wendy Chan’s fairy tale plight (newsflash Wendy – Becky will not play with you or play your obvious games);
    e. Wendy Chan is unwilling to ever take responsibility for her own actions and cries racism whenever she is caught believing she is above the law and ethics;
    f. Wendy Chan should be disbarred for her stunts and no logical person would ever accept that Wendy Chan is intentionally using the topic of racial injustice for her own gain while Wendy Chan is well aware that it was her own actions that have caused whatever discipline she is currently or may experience.

    I believe many members of the bar will agree with me that Judge Ashworth is both fair and just. Judge Ashworth has no ties to any elected officials nor would he ever be swayed by any. Judge Ashworth is a great man of the highest moral character and the likes of Wendy Chan or her associates trying to brand him as anything less is truly repugnant.

    Not to mention a former co-worker of Ms. Chan’s is currently suing Ms. Chan for her abhorrent handling of her own office and her lack of concern for employee health. I would hope that before any media would make fools of themselves and try to defend Ms. Chan’s version of events, the media would do a quick court search and review of that active court case.

    And I am sure I will be attacked and that is fine but I will not allow the likes of Wendy Chan to demean Judge Ashworth and it is high time we bring respect and honor back to the bar and denounce bad lawyers.

    • Courthouse Insider says:

      Oh, PLEASE! Wendy Chan, aside… if you are a “professional” in the courthouse and you don’t know that Ashworth, Reinaker, Totaro, Knisely, Wright and…now…Stedman are thick as thieves and have corrupt ex-parte communications ALL THE TIME, you are either using this site to suck up BIG TIME or you are a complete idiot. I’ve worked there for more than twenty years.

  4. Laura Smoker says:

    Wendy Chan had no contact with anyone who had Covid-19
    Wendy Chan tested negative for Covid-19
    Why was Wendy Chan banned from the courthouse?

  5. Make America great! says:

    Let’s see what LNP reports about the obvious racism against Wendy Chan? Will they do the right thing or will they continue the history of racism that is dividing our country? We are all Americans no matter nationality, religion, or skin color. When the ever shrinking old privileged white men understand we are all Americans that is the only time our country can ever be great again!

    • Deplorables says:

      I think a better explanation for all this is that for years Wendy Chan has gotten away with abusing her power as a lawyer and abusing the system in general because she is an Asian woman and finally the courts have a fair president judge that won’t take crap from anyone and is actually holding all members of the bar to the same standard. As a person of mixed heritage which includes Asian descent, knock off these lies and take responsibility for your own actions. For you to even try and hijack the BLM movement to scapegoat is down right deplorable like your leader.

  6. Privileged old white racist bully says:

    Scott Martin is a known bully and loves to intimidate women especially minorities! This is a proven fact! Now his friends and allies are doing exactly what bullies go! Gang up on the person who is different. Ignorance and racism has no place in this day and age. It’s funny Scott Martin crawls out of the woodwork during election time. Why doesn’t he contact Wendy Chan and offer help go one of his constituents?????????

  7. We need change now! says:

    The President Judge accused Wendy Chan of having the Kung Flu and barred her from entering the courthouse. He obviously feels she is more contagious than anyone else because of her Asian heritage. How can this blatant racism be tolerated in the year 2020? The judge has also demanded all medical records for her entire family and her husbands white man. Is he more contagious also through marriage? Are her children half contagious. Ashamed to call this county home.

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt he accused her of testing positive. She probably disclosed it to the court. She needs to quarantine like everyone else. Are you saying she she should be afforded preferential treatment or is less contagious than those who are not of Asian decent? Apparently, Wendy Chan thinks that way.

      • Sosadsoignorant says:

        Why would you say Wendy Chan thinks this? Are you Wendy Chan? Or are you an ignorant racist who believes you know what goes through her mind? Wendy has tested negative and was not exposed to anyone with Covid-19. Why would she need to prove something no one else ever had to prove? Because she is a strong minority woman who scares the old white racist men? Preferential treatment? Maybe she deserves fair treatment which she seems unable to get in this county. Your ignorance is exposed in the statement “less contagious than those of non Asian descent “ you obviously believe she is more contagious! You are everywring with this county. When your kind dies off is the only time our children can have a brighter future.

        • I HATE WENDY CHAN says:

          When “your kind dies off”? I am no racist, but I know Wendy Chan as she is an opportunistic bitch. Tried to use the ADA in her lawsuit against the county. And the race card. She is pondscum and everyone knows it except you WENDY.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did the president judge actually say the words “Kung Flu??”

      • Extremely sad county leaders says:

        How ridiculous you are! Is this Scott nartinnagsin or his wife the proven liar? Wendy never had covid-19 and had proof that she tested negative! How about fair treatment? She tested negative! Would any one else be escorted out by deputies or is it just another opportunity for Scott Martin and his entitled old white men to try to abuse their power to bully and intimidate a minority woman? You prove your ignorance and bias by stating you know what Wendy Chan Thinks! Or is it just a closet racists opinion of what she thinks? Why would Wendy and her family he put yo a higher standard than anyone else in the county? Can you even spell revenge?

        • Anonymous says:

          You prove your ignorance in every post you write with a different moniker. If Wendy Chan has a valid complaint against Dave Ashworth, she can take it up with the JCB. The only person who brought up Scott Martin is YOU. Wendy hates Scott because he voted against settling with her for the pittance she got when she sued the county after they fired her. He has nothing to do with the trouble she got herself into this time.

      • Gglaroo says:

        If Ashworth thought ge was going what was right and protecting everyone else that would have been fine. The problem that shines the light on the truth and his hidden agenda is his way of handling the situation.

    • Ally Bennet says:

      Let’s see if Scott Martin offers Wendy his constituent any help or he proves He is part of the problem and foes not deserve his elected position.

  8. Anonymous says:

    One that quit. A while back.

  9. Anonymous says:

    They hire three minority reporters after over 200 years and then launch this.

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