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*   Mel Grill has updated his post as per below. His initial post indicated a vehicle was involved. Apparently that is not the case so it is not known what caused this accident at this time.




      MAW has defaulted on the monthly payments due on their $1.5 million dollar loan from the city of Lancaster. Their last payment was made on September 13, 2019 according to the ledger this site received under a Right-to-Know request last week.  MAW has not made a payment on the loan for a year.
     Patrick Hopkins, the city’s business administrator, told city council and the public that the loan was not risky. This site strongly disagreed.
     LNP has been so silent on this $8 or $9 million dollar debacle that many citizens have forgotten that they have paid millions for high speed, inexpensive internet for years that has never materialized.
     With schools going virtual, the need for high speed, affordable internet has never been greater. Hold these city officials accountable.
     There will be much more to come and I will be putting in more Right-to-Know requests for the legal bills the city has incurred in this outrage.



     The response to the below Right-to-Know request by the city is coming later today:
     Why is Jerry Puryear, who pleaded guilty to the sexual abuse of children, sitting in a McDonald’s parking lot for hours with a huge bear and a happy meal clearly visible in his car?
     And from the man Puryear is apparently attempting to emulate, Mel Grill and his Facebook page, there is this clever poem:
Please check back later today.


  1. Skippy says:

    I do not understand why you give nutbag Mel Grill the time of day, or the free advertising. Ask anyone who knew him in the 90’s. He would tell everyone he was dying of cancer to obtain sympathy. Hes a scumbag and a pathological liar. Has anyone bothered to question why he has never held a job? I am working on unearthing this now. I wonder if his dad is the same Mel Grill who was the local union president of Federal Mogul back in the day….hmm.

    • Becky says:

      I don’t know anything about Mel and I’m not trying to give him “free advertising.” He had the buggy accident and one death on his page on Saturday. For some reason he has taken down yesterday’s buggy crash. Initially it said a vehicle and a buggy and then he never made it clear that it was apparently just the buggy in an accident and people challenged him a little bit over it and he took it down. I don’t like when people take things down. Explain what happened – don’t make it disappear!

      • Anonymous says:

        He was wrong three times, obviously, so he “took it down”. I hate it when people use other people’s shit w/o vetting it, and leave stuff up even when they know it’s wrong or false.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As my sainted mother would say, unf*ckingbelievable. A year of unpaid loan payments and what does the paper report?

    Meanwhile homeowners are being gouged on their water bills. There are people fearing that their water is going to be cut off. But good old MAW just keeps skating along

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Yea and a big portion of that MAW money was funded via the water department. This is a large contributing factor of why we are getting hammered there. And all those in the suburbs on city water get to pay significantly lower rates because they are protected by the state Public Utility Commission. The PUC doesn’t have jurisdiction over rates in the city since city council sets those directly and we can vote for them.

      Glad council continues to look after the residents /s

  3. RTK no we don't says:

    RTK, wow! Congratulations. You must not have requested the right documents.

    • Lockhimup says:

      Maybe you didn’t READ the part about the story coming later TODAY of the RTK information that was Granted.

      • RTK no we don't says:

        I did read it. If anything was asked that they don’t want us to know the request would have been declined. Maybe you are not familiar with Lancaster government.

    • Anonymous says:

      What documents should have been requested?

    • Idontfront says:

      What exactly does this mean?

      • Anonymous says:

        I know from experience with Rtk in this city that this person did write the truth. Patrick Hopkins and city hall officials will keep certain documents from you until you let them know you know the document exists. Hopkins then sends a email claiming mistake on their end and files were found

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