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    The below email in today (thank you!). The Wikipedia entry for Earl Caldwell is here.
*    Shooting today on South Ann Street – click here for the Lancaster Police Press Release shown below.



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     What an absolute disgrace!
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  1. Who runs this city! says:

    Most of these issues can be solved if affordable housing was arranged years ago. The mayor knew it and everyone at city hall. I went in person. I called for an appointment with the mayor.
    When i was ignored i reached out to bernie and amber. I then turned to city of lanc fb page and neighborhood engagement page. I was deliberately ignored for months. I made a attorney generals complaint due to trying to warn what would happen. The mayor felt as if it was not her responsibility. Now she has a mess so out of hand she has to admit she allowed everything to go to hell thinking her neighborhood engagement will prosper. Mayor you see these neighborhoods now?!!!

  2. Rob Johnston says:

    Wendy Chan thrives on conflict and she loves to fight, anyone who knows her knows she never backs away from even the slightest opportunity to battle it out and in some ways search out trouble if she perceives something that in her opinion could be wrong. I think not following the mold of a meek little quiet non confrontational Asian is what people expect and want her to be. I think God might have created this one to destroy that mold. It seems Wendy Can can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Wendy needs yoga in her life but some people have been put on this earth to go against the grain and make change. I guess if there weren’t people like her the Pilgrims would not have come to America, slavery would still be legal and women would still not have the right to vote. We must Thank God for people who swim against the Current. Without these people the US would not exist.

  3. Chris Fisher says:

    Our country is experiencing such division we seem to be on a ship without a captain floating aimlessly at sea. We should just lock down for 1 month. We should close the borders in and out and within a months time this should be eradicated, if the contagious period is 10 days and the recovery time is 10 days then a month should be able to do it. The mainstream media has to take a break from the constant tally of deaths and despair. Heart disease and Cancer still kill more people than Corona but I guess that doesn’t sell papers or advertising. There is a disservice being done by the media in this country in a quest for shock value with no regard for the country or the people in it. In this day and age it is about nothing but reporting anything that will get people’s attention. I must also add a question. Why isn’t Wendy Chan allowed to be asked to be treated as equal to everyone else? Is it because she is woman? An Asian? Maybe the reasons her and her family don’t deserve equality coils be explained

    • Anonymous says:

      Equality? Woman? Asian? You got to be kidding!!! This woman got her way too many years in the court rooms of a bunch of racists. The real question should be what the hell is she doing in a racist city getting her way in these court rooms at any costs? Is she paying or sleeping with these judges? No one has reported her to the bars association while being asian and a woman with unethical issues.

  4. WillieMartin says:

    Why would anyone be out to get Wendy Chan? She forced Ashworth to treat her fairly!
    She crushed Scott and Amber Martin in court so badly they had to pay her clients legal fees $25,000. She Crushed Scott Martin as a county commissioner and they were forced to pay her $90,000 so she wouldn’t bring them to court.
    Wendy commented When it was Proven Amber Martin was a liar.
    Wendy fired Rebecca Cheuvront because she stole money, cheated the government out of tax money and stole from her clients.
    Isn’t obvious who the sick people are and why they spread lies and live for evil rumor mongering gossip. They are small, sad, jealous people with nothing but revenge on their feeble little minds.

  5. Fake Google Reviews says:


    Please somehow make this info widely known because LNP simply does no real investigating. Wendy Chan is truly a sick human being. Do a quick google search and read her newest reviews. It will even shock you!

    Within the last 3 days: Wendy Chan had 5 new Google reviews and it is all from people who do not have cases in the Lancaster Court system and somehow these “people” only wrote reviews for multiple businesses on the same day they wrote reviews for Wendy?

    Read this nonsense –

    Arthur Sampson, “ When everyone else was afraid Wendy stood up for me and was a true warrior. There is no limit to who Wendy will go after if they are wrong or abusive. Wendy is truly fearless and does not except the status quo! The establishment in this county needs to enter 2020 and Wendy is the one to drag them into this century while they kick and scream and try to oppress us and continue the bullying abusive culture then certain members of our community perpetuate and try to hold us down. Keep up the great work and never give up!!!!!!”

    Jeff Davidson, “ Wendy is unstoppable! The absolute best of Lancaster County! Wendy’s immigrant roots, unbelievably strong work ethic, and pride in being an American has made her work so much harder and achieve unimaginable heights. I am very proud to have Wendy represent me and believe she is everything right and everything this country needs in these times of great division.”

    Darren Frazer, “ Wendy is a true advocate for anyone who feels helpless and abused by the system in place. Wendy had absolutely no fear and was willing to go up against my ex and her team of attorneys, some former judges. Wendy is an attorney because she loves her job not because she needs a paycheck. There is adefinite advantage working with someone who has no fear and doesnt need the money. When your lawyer cannot be bought or intimidated you cannot lose. Thank You Wendy!”

    For a woman that hasn’t been allowed in the court house and no one by the above names have active family or immigration cases in Lancaster or surrounding counties, these Google reviews are clearly FAKE and she wrote them herself.

    This is beyond sick and she did it to prepare for the LNP article she knew would be coming out.

    This woman is beyond deranged and she thinks people are 2 stupid to figure her out. Her letter to Judge Ashworth who rightfully disciplined her should get her disbarred. She comes off as a spoiled and entitled brat who is angry because she is being held to the same standard as everyone else. Does she think she is special? Maybe her next google review will reveal that Wendy Chan is also a Doctor and knows better then the rest of us.

    Her buddies or her multiple personalities lied when they made supportive comments on this website because Wendy Chan has been exposed to COVID-19 as Chan admits her son had it and her son lives with her.

    What a sad and deranged person.

    • Will the real Amber Martin please stand up! says:

      This person is hilarious. Are they a Wendy Chan stalker? Sour grapes on ho so far. Maybe Wendy is like Amber Martin who lies like crazy in her self promotion. How many coats did she give away? While showing photos she stole from someone’s coat drive. Amber should not throw stones when living in a glass shack!

    • Futurepresidentof Wendychanfanclub says:

      What a ignoramus. Wendy Chan’s sonhas been away for a few weeks and on vacation and she had no contact with him. He had a false negative! Her husband has been with him traveling the country because he is healthy as can be. Yes Wendy does not need the money and it creates jealous little people like you. Because she is financially stable she has the freedom to fight for the truth and not be like you scared and throwing darts while hiding in the shadows. Don’t you wish you could send your children away for months at a time on vacations? While you the typical ignorant small minded, broke and jealous loser tries to bring someone down because they are better than you! Focus on getting a life. You go Wendy!!!!!!!!

    • Where is the love says:

      Wait 95 reviews and 3 are recent? Oh yes it really sounds like a conspiracy of fake news. Maybe you have your own agenda? Were you outside Wendy’s home stalking her? Because her son has been out of state with a clean bill of health and a doctors letter to prove it. If you leave Lancaster you would understand you can’t enter some states without it. If you are a racist then yes you believe Wendy doesn’t deserve to be treated fairly. I think what you seem to miss entirely is that Wendy Chan does want to be held to the same else. It is called equality.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My girl works at children n youth and she is straight scared to go to work. She wants me to drive her everyday over what is happening at the county building. You got whack ass commissioners that supposed to be protecting these employees and they don’t do shit. Yo you all ever seen how those arrogant dudes have they picture on the wall when you walk in by the metal detectors? They act like they own that building. If they do they some shitty landlords cuz you got one midget and I mean little ass dude in that picture, that one other guy that has been there for like 50 years and shit. I asked my girl who I had to talk to so she can be safe at work. My girl was scared and said if you complain she will get fired. Strung out dudes be whistling at her when she walk in the building and asking her for money and her number. Females shouldn’t have to deal with that shit when they just trying to walk into work. Real talk now. The county building is where people know they can go to get high and shit won’t happen to them. Someone needs to be fired today over this bullshit. I mean u got the police station right across the street and my girl gotta deal with that shit. Man something needs done as none of these elected clowns are doing shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      dirty, DIRTY county. Everything is done in secret. Trust NO ONE.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to go straight into city hall. Ask for Mayor Danene. Set up an appointment. Good luck on how long they reach out to you and if you ever get an appointment. While mayor was doing her Neighborhood Engagement program (when mayor made a position for Milzy Carrasco from San Juan Bautista) she allowed all the city inspectors to allow properties to go to hell. Notice all the condemn buildings. Now so many properties are so bad they have to be condemned. Saca now buys them and sells them in their senior citizen project or the mennonites buy them and sell them without passing codes. (Like they did with condemn Dwayne London properties) Dwayne London was on board of human relations when he rented out properties like the ones Charles Wahlquist uploaded on youtube. This was done to help carlos guapera saca programs who is the bro of john guapera that was on city council. (Carlos is on board of catholic high also johns son went to catholic high and also have san juan bautista ties) The catholic hispanics from san juan bautista get their way in Lanc. (Most hispanic city workers families are San juan Bautista regulars) When mayor chose Milzy she knew what she was doing. Tell your girl to used to it. Garden ct complex has busted pipes. 264 tenants soon will be down there when they cant keep rigging the leaks through ac drain pipes. This was all done deliberately. From midpenn legal services to the city inspectors they all play a part in the homeless down there. Until midpenn legal services doesnt protect these people along with the city inspectors doing their job this is going to get really bad. Tell your girl to find a new job.

  7. Help Becky! says:

    My mother has lived in the city for the last 30 years and said she has never seen it so bad and things are getting worse by the day. Drug addicts are flat lining on public streets every single day. Thefts. Piles of unsolved murders. Shootings. Broad daylight prostitution and kids running the streets at all hours. What is happening? Where is the leadership in the city? My mother called the police because 3 men were shooting up in her alleyway and the police basically said they were told not to do anything???? Why???? Our elderly are so afraid. My mother is from Puerto Rico and she said it was never even this bad in the poor neighborhood where she lived as a girl. She went to the county building to pay her tax bill and had a stream of homeless or those pretending to be asking her for money and blocking her from getting into the building. She was so afraid to walk home and this was in the middle of the day. Who is running the city now???

    • my goodness says:

      I thought it was just me that noticed.

      • Vote them all out! says:

        Ismail Smith Wade-El Is the Council President. He lived with his mother until her death and now lives off her money. The majority of council members live with their parents or own crappy homes. None of them are successful business people so how on earth do you expect them to run a city? The Mayor is more concerned with pretty rain gardens then with people flat lining on public streets. She just steps over them on her way to her yoga class. Lanc City is so completely messed up and this council and mayor are to blame. It has never ever been this bad. This is what you get when you vote people in because you like when they have to say and you could careless about how qualified they are. Saw a guy taking a dump behind the Binn’s park water fountain. Thanks Mayor!

        • Anonymous says:

          Agree, the city is falling apart and the leadership is completely disinterested in the nuts and bolts actions required to maintain quality of life for middle class residents.

        • Anonymous says:

          Not just Lancaster city. The whole county is going down the tubes and County Commissioners squandered CARES Act funding on no bid contracts for bullshit to line their own pockets and gladhand their way to higher political offices. Vote Them Out is right. Thats the only way. But its too late because they mishandled covid because they didn’t want to scare away tourists. This is what we are left with. And it is going to get WAY worse. A corrupt news media afraid to ruffle feathers isnt helping, either. But hey! LGH got 25 million to do nothing. Sweet deal if you can get it.

    • Anonymous says:

      And now you know the real reason why county leaders voted against unencrypting police radio. Nobody else encrypts except Lancaster County.

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