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     The below is from the transcript of Monday’s hearing for Attorney Chan and is available in the LNP article linked to in this morning’s post.
     Everyone in that courthouse may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19. Everyone. What a mess.




Fom today’s LNP article, “Judge reprimands lawyer banned from court amid COVID-19 concerns, offers conditions for return,” (click here).
     Wow! Calm down, Judge Ashworth!
Please check back later today.

39 Responses to * BLAMING OTHERS?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ewwww after reading some of this I feel mind boggled. There’s no way this many people are commenting to save Wendy. No one commented this much before when people posted of her. What a weirdo!!!

  2. Cry Baby says:

    Oh, I’m sorry Trailer Park “maybe just maybe” you should stand up and get off your back or your knees and start taking accountability for your own failures. Quit projecting your downfalls on other people. It’s obvious you had your liquid courage. I love how some people are so brave behind their laptops or phones. I will bet you. if judge Ashworth knows you he doesn’t like you he tolerates you.

    This is my image of you, sense you have your fairytales about me ..

    You walk around with your knock off designer brands trying to pretend you’re somebody that you’re not! More than likely, you got pregnant and had to get married. You have probably been divorced a couple of times.

    Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high”. Have you tried that philosophy? NO, I am sure LOL

    I do not understand your hatred towards Wendy Chan.
    Again, she obviously kicked your ass in court!
    You should try to get over your jealousy.
    It will eat you alive.

    You are obviously posting under multiple titles to make it appear people agree with you. I do not believe there are so many people that hate Wendy Chan, but, I do believe you do. Some names you have used are:

    Once upon a trailer park
    Stupid is as stupid does

    What name are you going to use today?
    These are 3 to choose from that fits your personality

    Court house whore?
    Want to be?
    My life sucks?

    • Anonymous says:

      So this post had me interested until it got to the point where you wrote that you don’t think there are many people that hate Wendy Chan. You must not be from Lancaster. Did you see how many people have sued her? Did you not read what the president judge wrote about her? Someone must have struck one hell of a cord with you to go off on your tirade and I was entertained until you added your two-cents about Chan. Your credibility died at that point.

      And Becky, I am assuming you can tell who writes what and whether it is the same person or not?

    • Paging Dr. Phil says:

      Y’all need counseling. I don’t know what this is all about but I can tell you got lots of love mixed in with this hate in your heart. It ain’t too late to work it out and get back together. Ain’t no one hate someone else this much that did not once or still love them. Get off LIPnews chat thread and call Dr. Phil.

  3. Voice of reason needed says:

    Ok, so like 99.9% of the people that read these comments, I have never commented before because I don’t feel the need and this just entertains me to break up the stress of my day. So being a completely objective party and having zero personal reference point for any of these people, I would like to make the following comments because I feel a voice of reason needs to be somewhere within this mix.

    1. There is no one and I mean no one who does not financially benefit or is not sleeping with someone who would point out how much money someone else has or how successful they are because normal people just don’t do those things. So it is the Wendy Chan fan club who is clearly writing these near identical posts. And I am sorry but if Wendy Chan does this kind of stuff where she talks in third person and gives herself all of these compliments, she needs to be in a psychiatric ward and not a court room.

    2. The only person that brought Wendy Chan’s son into this mix was Wendy Chan. Becky, please correct me if I am wrong but you did not even mention a source of the covid19 being her son until it was in LNP on a letterhead, drafted by Wendy Chan who obviously gave the letter to LNP.

    3. And I don’t know what level of stupid any of you must fall under to think that just because she is Asian or a woman she should somehow be given a pass on her actions. Her letter alone to a president judge should get her law license suspended. You may not like it and I may not like it but the rules of ethics regarding attorney conduct are pretty straightforward.

    4. The sick fascination surrounding the Martin’s and Craig Stedman is very unhealthy. Becky can not post anything without the same 2 people having to turn the comment thread into something irrelevant and about them. There are so many serious issues that Becky brings up and the thread always gets hijacked because some of you are so desperate to talk about these people. You think your anonymous bad mouthing and bashing of these people makes them look bad but really, after reading your same 5 posts for the 900th time just makes me want to vote for Scott Martin and our politics are very different. Normal range human beings usually fuel themselves with facts and when way too many comments are opinion based or simply just the rantings of crazy people, you begin to feel bad for the target.

    5. In my experience, Judge Ashworth is an impartial jurist. He is kind, well tempered and gives everyone a fair shot. To read the LNP published transcript of what he said to Wendy Chan was all I needed to make an informed decision that Attorney Chan is neither an ethical person nor is she going to last much longer in the legal profession because now every single judge knows that she is dishonest. I have a 16 year old daughter and reading Wendy Chan’s responses to a Judge was like reading a bratty teenager upset because she got caught lying. The fact that Attorney Chan and her entourage are possibly the ones coming on this website and making the defense comments they are making is not only an insult to the entire judiciary, it is beyond the scope of what any professional should do.

    Case in point, how would anyone other than Wendy Chan know about her investments to even try and defend them? And let’s be clear here, no you do not need to collateralize your home in order to buy anything. Only people without sufficient income to debt ratios need to do that. If she did in fact collateralize her home in order to buy a building she did so because she does not have enough money/liquid assets to offset the new debt.

    6. And these racist nonsense posts are mind numbing. She violated a judge’s order and she tried to use her son’s covid-19 issue as a tactical weapon in order to delay a case. But for another case, she came strolling into the court house after being told not to come and was offered an alternate means to communicate with the court. End of story. To not call her out would be racist and sexist because if a white male did that, they would throw the book at him simply because they can and that’s in-vogue now.

    7. Wendy Chan even mentioning some random deputy that no one else has even heard anything about was so juvenile that I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it. Even if this deputy exists, if the court doesn’t know about it, the point is mute. Deputies answer to the sheriff. The sheriff would be the one that would have to mandate orders down and if the sheriff knew there was a covid-19 issue and the sheriff did not notify the president judge, I know that Judge Ashworth would come down even harder on the sheriff but again, the president judge has no authority over an elected sheriff. Basically what Wendy Chan did was try and make the sheriff look like an inept failure as a leader. If I was the sheriff, I would be having some words with Attorney Chan.

    All Wendy Chan managed to do was insult the president judge, embarrass herself and her son and make the sheriff look bad. That is her legacy from this situation. Everything else is just noise.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is so well written and exactly what I think as well. Thank you for posting it as someone needed to because I am bored with every thread becoming about the same people. Stick to the topic people.

      • Big Nose says:

        Of course you do, you spent your whole day writing this, spell check and all LOL
        You need to quit talking bad about Wendy
        She is one of the best attorney’s in Lancaster
        Why are you people so prejudiced? Wendy is a pro, and she must intimidate you because you can not compare to he professionalism. If I was Wendy, I would sue over this. I know Becky says you cannot sue, but I would do it anyway to
        expose you. Then let the case drop, but love to see you in court. your no match for Wendy.

      • Anonymous says:

        problem is, the writer is a liar about a # of things. you can tell from what they wrote they have skin in this game. not pro-anyone. just hates everyone but the judge. if i hear fair and impartial one more time im gonna puke. im sure he is … but the writer acts like they are just coming on to post and it is clear from style thats a lie. and threatening to vote for someone even tho they disagree with their politics just to piss everyone else off or because everyone else is complaining about them here? real mature. and why i hate most people. yeah…they are real “objective”. liars, all of you. yawn.

  4. Wayne’s world says:

    I think Wendy Chan is very Thankful to this Judge and all the nitwits blowing this thing way out of porportion in this immature mud slinging pissing match. Wendy Chan’s business has gotten so huge and her staff so large. Has anyone noticed the huge building she just purchased on Lime st. It’s amazing how gullible and backwards do many in this county are.
    Do you really believe This judge or Wendy Chan would be this stupid. They are all laughing at the ignorance and racism and they need you people to keep the power and their checks rolling in. Don’t be stupid and make us all look as stupid as they want us to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, the president judge, on the record, paved the way for a very lucrative malpractice lawsuit against Wendy Chan by the client’s she was representing on the day(s) in question. And they probably won’t have any problem finding a lawyer to sue her. In addition, Chan better hope opposing counsel and/or Judge Ashworth do not file a formal complaint against Chan with the PA Bar. She has violated numerous rules of court and rules for attorneys just on the face of the record. Anybody who hires her now faces the potential that their lawyer could possibly have their license suspended in mid-case.

      • Wilson Rhinier says:

        Utterly hilarious! Your totally wrong and obviously biased opinion is beneath contempt. The lawsuit Wendy Chan can bring against this judge and the county are endless. Wendy is half insane if she feels she is right. I wouldn’t mess with her and the amount of ammunition given for her to use against this judge and county is very disappointing. The waste of our tax dollars when this ends is more than we should be responsible for

  5. Grand Wizard says:

    Wow the lies the insults and the bullying from a county of so called Christian people.
    I have never seen so much vile hatred. Can we please just stick to facts and. There might be no hope for Lancaster with these evil, miserable people spewing so much hate.
    I guess the kkk always used these tactics do nothing has changed.

  6. Sodom and Gomorrah says:

    It must really scare these old white men when Wendy Chan a woman and a woman of color stands up to them.?
    This world is becoming modern but Lancaster thinks it can hold on to the past.
    The dinosaurs went extinct and the Lilly white masters controlling Lancaster will be extinct. It’s just a matter of time.
    When a group is not fair and honest they lose power because they do not deserve it.
    Lancaster is the perfect example of this
    Lancaster soon to be biggest pillar of salt in the country

  7. Where’s the love says:

    The absolute truth.
    Wendy Chan forced the county commissioners to pay her $90,000 dollars making them look like fools
    Wendy Chan beat Scott Martin and he was forced to pay her once again in family court recently.
    There is a history here of immaturity and revenge on both their parts but the fact is Wendy Chan’s young son should not be dragged in for the sake of retaliation and revenge!
    Shouldn’t the judge be responsible to protect innocent children and not use them as pawns just another case of backyard bullying?

    • Yawwwwnnnnnnn says:

      Hmmmm. Can you prove any of this “absolute truth?”

      Maybe you need to ask Sodom & Gomorrah, Grand Wizard and Wayne’s World since you are all the same person that wrote those comments within 15 minutes.
      And people who are rolling in the dough don’t need to use their homes as collateral to buy a business and Wendy Chan’s staff turn over speaks for itself. Maybe someone should go read the newest employee lawsuit against Wendy. Funny that lawyers that leave her tend to sue her…..


      • Sour grapes says:

        Your ignorance is bliss! If you had any investments you would understand how they work. Do you have anything else to do except stare at a computer and come up with conspiracy theories regarding Wendy Chan. Wendy has proven herself and this judge has proven himself to be reasonable people in the past but they are both looking ridiculous right now. Maybe you should monitor Amber Martin because she has quite a history of proven online lies

    • Anonymous says:

      I could care less about Wendy’s kid. Why do you? Really, who cares?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The photo of Chan is about 20 years old. Meanwhile, I think Judge Ashworth is HOT!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ashworth is the white patriarchy that has been impressing this country; BLM por vida!

  10. Cry Baby says:

    Hi Becky

    left a Comment on Your website on August 6th

    At the top of Willies comments
    it is marked August 8th
    at 12:45 am

    Is WillieMartin
    Senator Scott Martin’s Brother ?

    Sorry I’m just curious

    • Becky says:

      I have no way of knowing who is commenting

      • Cry Baby says:

        To-Stupid is as stupid does

        OK stupid
        Wendy Chan
        must have beaten your ass in court
        you sound awfully bitter

        Are you trying to seek a Little revenge?

        Wendy is a smart and intelligent woman !!

        A minority

        Keep that in mind

        If I had to guess (stupid) your a woman

        It seems like whenever there is a strong intelligent Woman, you like to tear them down.

        Sounds like jealousy

        Did you say multiple judges called Wendy Chan
        a LIAR
        How do you know that?

        It sounds to me like Windy Chan may want to look into a lawsuit against the county
        In the workplace against a
        ( woman / minority)
        That is affecting her business and reputation

        I bet you with Wendy Chan Working in that courthouse
        She must have a Lot of dirt on all of those Judges

        Plus the gossip

        Mrs Chan
        If you do file a lawsuit
        move it to Harrisburg
        You will not be treated fairly in Lancaster’
        You’re not a part of the good old boys club

        Stupid – You need to quit making false accusations
        You are hurting
        Mrs Chan reputation it will
        Wendy Chan business

        She is a very respectable attorney .

        • Anonymous says:

          What problem do you have that you cannot string together a coherent sentence in common English, cannot use punctuation, cannot type, and have a keyboard that randomly generates capital letters? Just curious.

          • Once Upon a Trailer Park says:

            Take it easy on ‘Cry Baby.’
            After all, her intellectual capacity has her believing the likes of Wendy Chan to be a “respectable attorney.” Not to mention her inability to understand the difference between slander and libel, count how many judges were noted in that court transcript, promoting a factitious lawsuit where Wendy Chan and her associates would ultimately be found out to be frequent commenters on this website (all dependent on how quickly Becky got that request squashed) and that includes ‘Cry Baby’ and lets not forget that neither facts nor opinions can get you sued. While I am no psychic, I do envision ‘Cry Baby’ being an older woman with no life, homely, not well educated, no job and if she is married, it is a loveless marriage as coming on a website to make such absurd claims in defense of Wendy Chan’s obvious shortcomings either makes you Wendy Chan or the troll I described. Psychologically speaking, those are our only two options for who ‘Cry Baby’ could be. I don’t care about Wendy Chan but I do care about what an embarrassment she is to the court. Judge David Ashworth is the highest caliber of professional and if you looked up the word “Judge” in the dictionary (big book with lots of words) you would find his picture. Judge A is the last person anyone in their right mind or even with a high school diploma would refer to as “racist or sexist.” If Judge A found Wendy Chan to have been guilty of whatever, it is because she was!

          • Anonymous says:

            Take it easy many of us speak several languages. A little compassion please.

    • Stupid is as stupid does says:

      I feel exhausted 4 u Becky.
      These people are crazy.
      Now we have a WillieMartin so someone can bring up Scott Martin?
      No matter how many games are played and lies are tossed around, the only black and white facts that we have are that –

      +multiple judges called Wendy Chan a liar;
      +Wendy Chan has been barred from the court house because she is a liar;
      + Wendy Chan gave her 6 page letter to Carter Walker hoping for press sympathy but even LNP could not stomach her level of dishonesty;
      +The president judge has been defamed by Wendy Chan’s creative writing skills where she turns a simple matter into a blown out of proportion epidemic and she tells the world about her son in the documents she provided to the press;
      + Wendy Chan’s x-employee/contractor is suing her and calls Wendy a liar in multiple pleadings and he had to call the police on Wendy for harassment;
      + Wendy’s x-partner Rebecca and Wendy sued one another and court records show Rebecca won;
      + It was reported that Wendy tried to get Rebecca disbarred and the Dboard acquitted Rebecca of any wrong doing which any reasonable person would conclude given the fact that Rebecca is still an active lawyer;
      +Wendy Chan has more staff turnover than Mayor Gray has bow ties

      My goodness to any level of stupidity that believes Wendy Chan is some innocent woman who is being unfairly treated. Wendy Chan has zero credibility within the legal community and she has just sunk herself. So if there was truly any ill will towards Wendy Chan, all of y’all can just sit back and let Wendy Chan implode herself.

      • Tired of You says:

        I am exhausted because of you. Someone brings up anything and you turn it into another reason to post about how Wendy Chan is a liar and the judges here are Gods. Craig Stedman is a POS. Everyone here knows it, and no amount of your praises is going to change anyone’s opinion. Now, go see if you can find out what he did with the 150,00.00 missing from his office. ‘Cause right now, he’s under a CLOUD of suspicion.

        • But but but but says:

          Wendy you should be refreshed with all this time on your hands! I am sorry you are exhausted by facts about your indiscretions. “Wendy” was the subject matter of Becky’s post so I am sorry that comments pointing out facts offend you. And the new DA could certainly bring charges against Judge Stedman if this cloud of suspicion you claim is factual but she has not done so and has not even mentioned Judge Stedman for the simple fact the money went missing after he was already gone from being DA. Sorry but like Judge Ashworth already hammered down, no amount of deflection will change what is obvious to anyone with common sense. Drug task force issues have nothing to do with now 3 judges calling out Wendy Chan and her actions. But but but but but all you want. Facts are facts.

          • Anonymous says:

            The money was not discovered missing until after Craig Stedman left office. Mr. Stedman had complete control over DRF money for more than 10 years. That is a FACT.

  11. Bring Carter Walker back says:

    David verse Goliath! Such half truths and lies about Wendy Chan.Not only is it hard standing up for what is right but when the people who run the newspaper can print such half sided lies Its just unconscionable. How would Ashworth feel if his children or grandchildren were dragged into this? Everyone was a coward and went with Goliath but in the end David wins! I stick with Wendy because it right! The road might be long and the battle hard but things only change when you refuse to give in.

    • Oh please says:

      Stop it Wendy. Even Carter Walker knows you are a liar. You outed yourself in the LNP published transcript where you made false claims about someone leaking this matter to Becky. You were too stupid to see that the Judge’s order was already a matter of public record and online before all the world to see before the time you provided on the record. What is even more concerning is YOU gave everything to LNP and OUTED your own child! No one did that but YOU. You are not David. You are a self promoting liar who LNP would have added the lawsuit against you by a former employee if they really wanted to drive it home how truly awful and corrupt you are. Why no mention of the lawsuit against you even on this website? The newest filing against you has your ex employee calling you a liar and detailing how you lie and make stuff up. So much so that he had to report you to the police for harassment. LNP took it very easy on you. Wonder why.

      You are angry because the court is finally holding lawyers accountable and for that we all thank them and truly benefit. Now we all learn that this was not just isolated to Judge Stedman’s courtroom but also to Judge Brown’s court room as well. Judge Ashworth dropped the hammer on you because you are a lying fraud that blames everyone else for your own lack of honesty and integrity.

      The courts got this one right and your biblical postings are what we all have come to expect from a wannabe Republican slob that uses religion to try and cover up your own screwups.

      And not one person has said anything about a deputy having covid or covid exposure but somehow you felt the need to blast that on the record. If there was a deputy with covid, the sheriff oversees the deputies so take it up with him.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chan is looking pretty glamorous in that pic!

  13. anon says:

    Would have loved to see how Ashworth or Stedman would have ruled when the Lancaster GOP delegate was saying businesses could defy Wolf’s order to stay closed. 🙂

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