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     On a much lighter note, tomorrow there is this summer fun activity sponsored by community activists Jose Rivera and Adriana Trevino. It sounds like a blast and a way to cool off!! Hopefully, I will receive pictures from this event and run them here tomorrow.
     There will be more on defense attorney Wendy Chan and Judges Craig Stedman, President Judge Davis Ashworth and Judge Jeffrey Wright to come. That’s a whole lot of judges!
**   So Attorneys Wendy Chan and Rebecca Cheuvront are still going at it. Click here for the original of the below with more information.
*     From Attorney Wendy Chan’s letter to President Judge David Ashworth:


(Click here)
     This is unbelievable! And thank you to those who brought this information to this site. What an unbelievable mess and disgrace to the justice system..
Please check back later today.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Did u see this video? Its going around on fb its from Feb 2019. I think he was told to sit on the curb from what comments said.

    • Wow says:


      Did anybody read the article in the

      Daily Sound and Fury
      By Walter Einenkle

      Republican state senator
      Dismissed as “anti -science”
      By own brother After hypocritical Facebook post -May the 16th 2020

      Of course it’s about
      Scott Martin

      Article by
      Lynda Weed
      September the 20th 2019

      workers plan To Rally On State Senator Scott Martin Office

      Hundreds of health care workers

      To Anonymous

      Judge Craig Stedman
      Is definitely helping out his buddy Scott Martin buy harassing Wendy Chan

      The same Craig Stedman that let Scott Martin sister off of murder Katie Martin West Killing 2 people in a fatal car accident while she was high on heroin

      You would not believe what is really going on with these local politicians

      If only half of what is going on becomes public
      they would be sitting in a prison cell
      and they should be

      • Crack heads says:

        Thank goodness we have you “Wow” to fill us all in at 10 o’clock on a Saturday with your breaking news.

        Your life must be super stellar on your favorite couch which you probably never leave as you Obsessively research Scott Martin and Craig Stedman to educate the rest of us.

        Want to know why these people are treated like Gods? Because people like you have to talk about them 24/7. It is a sickness.

        If I was a betting person, I would wage that you are a Fox News nut job that believes every single conspiracy theory Fox News tells you. Probably overweight. No real family or friends and zero social life.

        And according to Wendy Chan’s 6 page letter to PJ Ashworth, Judge Stedman is a super professional judge so your babble is simply just babble so you can bring up Scott Martin and Craig Stedman because it’s been a few hours and you have to stir the shit.

        If PJ Ashworth puts his foot in your ass, it is because you deserved it.

        I know that so many of you fans can not believe that Scott Martin did not puppet master yet again something within the county but PJ Ashworth is the highest of professional there is and Wendy Chan made her own bed on this.

        But don’t worry. Maybe the next story will be about the homeless or possibly aliens taking over a public park and you can add your Martin and Stedman conspiracy to those stories.

        Word to the wise, stop making shit up and posting it because things have gotten so ridiculous that even if something is true, no one believes it anymore because people like WOW feverishly need to mention these people.

        Scott Martin & Craig Stedman are like crack to some of you!

        • Corona got you Crazy says:

          I am glad it just isn’t me.
          Damn do I love a good story but man this all just keeps getting stranger and stranger.
          Judge Stedman was not even the one that disciplined this attorney unless I am missing something?
          Now we got heroine sister killing people and Scott Martin telling judges what to do because some attorney’s son or daughter has coronavirus.
          Are we going to learn next that Scott Martin can infect people with coronavirus by simply wishing it upon them?
          How much power do you fools really believe this man has?
          People love to talk about this dude and I don’t get it.
          Ashworth is good in my book. He helps with veterans and is always respectful and just a good egg.
          What that attorney wrote about him was all I needed to read to know she’s batshit crazy and a liar.

        • Do not vote for Martin in November
          His TV commercials are lies.
          Some family man, cheats on his wife
          Married 3 times
          Sister truly is a heroine head and Martin used his influence to keep her out of prison
          His on brother talks about him
          Lancaster is full of crooked politicians
          Who was the judge that made National news for “you better check that license plate”?
          Martin’s buddy judge
          Chan sued Martin for being a racist and won
          Republican suing a Republican LOL

          Lancaster is full of republican crooks
          Time for a change

          If you think Martin is a family man, your believing the lies.
          I am not obsessed with Martin. I am obsessed with with cleaning up this town.

          If Martin loses, he will go back to work for the crooked lobbyist.
          If you think Martin wants the state Senator job because it pays $85,000, your being fooled

          Come on Lancaster, enough with the crooked Republicans

        • Cry Baby says:

          Well well crack heads you are taking this awful Personal
          You want to tell us why?

          Wow posted August 8th at 8:37 P.M

          Crack heads
          You post August 8th at 10:41 P.M

          So who has nothing to do on a Saturday night at 10:41
          but to Comment On a post

          Let me get this straight
          You are putting wow down Claiming wow
          is a Republican
          Fox News supporter

          But at the same time you are taking up for Scott Martin who is a Republican and so is Craig Stedman. They probably watch Fox News

          You said wow
          Sits on a couch and is probably overweight

          Have you seen Scott Martin?

          Fat and ugly

          You also claim that people treat Martin and Stedman like Gods

          Well now that’s a
          “NEWS STORY,”
          those people must be
          crack heads

          Did you read the articles that WOW pointed out

          Dairy sound and fury
          Was an article about Scott Martin’s brother
          Putting down his own brother Scott Martin

          Wow was not the one that wrote the articles

          I read that article in
          News Break

          Also Lancaster Online ran the story

          Again it ties together if you used a brain Cell Crack Head
          I’m sure wow did not think they had to walk you through it

          Craig Steadman is harassing Wendy Chan
          for his Boyfriend Senator Scott Martin

        • Anonymous says:

          “PJ”? I don’t think it’s appropriate that the judge’s loyal secretary comes on here and threatens people. Just saying….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who cares? Everyone but you when the attorney – who IS a public figure – as a District Attorney is – is paid by my tax dollars and is corrupt. Same goes for judge attorneys. You are an idiot. (Or a family member). …or both.

    • Odd Much? says:


      What that poster is completely missing is that Attorney Wendy Chan broadcasted to all of Lancaster that her own child had Covid in order to try and scapegoat her own bad decisions. What is wrong with that woman? Who flocks to the only newspaper in town to embarrass your child like that? No one had any idea how she was exposed to Covid and her horrendous attempt at PR control outed her son so she could scapegoat reality. Her letter to the PJ was astonishing because she talks about her privacy but no one knew the source of her exposure until SHE told the press. What a sick and twisted person. I feel so badly for her son and how his own mother would use him like that.

    • anon says:

      Doesn’t even make sense. Bye. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well hello Carter Walker. Nice article. Where did you ever get the idea to write about this?

    • Cry Baby says:

      There is 2 sides to every coin

      I agree everybody’s pointing out Wendy Chan shortcomings

      Let’s talk about Rebecca Cheuvront
      A woman that goes to court with no evidence no proof and crucifies the other side with lies! A true scumbag

      Cheuvront husband has been in prison, still is in prison.

      Cheuvront’s daughter has been in prison or still is in prison

      No not jail …. prison

      Look it up

      Has no ethics or morals

      And let’s talk about Craig Stedman
      Becky has posted Numerous articles of criminal activities that he’s been involved

      Reading Becky’s pass post ………..
      Scott Martin and Craig Stedman are very close friends
      Martin has said that openingly
      So is Craig or should I say judge LOL Steadman yrying to get a little revenge for his buddy Martin

      Just saying

      So before you throw stones
      Take a look at all the players
      Including ………. Martin

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree that Craig Stedman is a shit stirrer and Ashworth looks bad covering for him. Not the first time. Not a good start for either of them in their new roles, either. As my mom used to say, (about us kids), “One lies and the other swears to it.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Scott Martin was Craigie’s campaign manager. Craig let Martin’s sister skate on a double homicide and charged an innocent young immigrant. Ashworth was the judge. Pretty disgusting triumverate.

      • anon says:

        Attorneys are not public figures. Who cares about her husband or daughter’s troubles? Low.

        • Odd much? says:

          Anon must be a lawyer to write something so comical. So it is ok to talk about family and even children as long as the person that is the subject of your wrath is NOT a lawyer?

          Rebecca C. is no saint and like her bestie Wendy, she will also face God one day. They are birds of a feather and how many families would get along and actually have money left for their children if the likes of Rebecca and Wendy did not fan their flames for so long and encourage long drawn out court battles?

          Both lie to their clients. Both excessively overcharge. And they were perfectly fine doing so when they both benefitted from the others corruption. Until they had their falling out and they started suing one another. This is all public record. Everyone knows.

          Hate to break it to you but many lawyers have become attention whores and they intentionally put themselves into the spot light.

          Case in point is Attorney Wendy Chan. Do you think the judges were the ones that ran to LNP or gave LNP those letters? You’d be a massive moron to think so.

          Attorney Chan was obviously trying to stir the racism pot but she is such a known dirty player that Democrats and Republicans are mocking her online. Maybe the loathing of Wendy Chan can bring Lancaster back together?

          Does a wealthy Asian attorney that makes her living lying and hurting people really think the true disenfranchised minority communities will come to her side? We know she is playing us. She talks about her love for immigrants and understanding of our struggles but she forgets to add how her daddy left her all of that money?

          Or the fact that she’s a card carrying Republican and as someone noted before she is also an officer of the women’s Republican group? How does that work?

          Just so ironic to see this new soft side of ANON considering you have had zero problems mocking and making fun of people throughout the years on this website but you grow a conscience when the subject matter becomes a lawyer. Odd much?

          And just so we don’t get it twisted, I feel that children and family should always be off limits no matter who the person is but I realize some can not help themselves and have to go low to make themselves feel better about their own miserable lives.

          If you get enjoyment in your day making fun of anyone for their family issues, you are a bad person. No exceptions.

          • anon says:

            Please cite any time I mocked anyone on this site. Prove it. Till then you’re a false accuser. Who cares about an attorney’s family members? Voyeurism at it’s worst. You’re hiring the attorney not their family. Your ad hominem attacks reveal the weakness of your argument and your character. I’m waiting for your proof of claim false accuser. Be sure not to confuse me with Anon. See the difference. Should you fail (and you will) you’ll be revealed as the false accuser you are.

          • Anonymous says:

            Agree. And like crooked politicians, attorneys take OATHS that mean absolutely nothing to most of them. Swearing before God is just something they HAVE to do if they want to work.

  4. Unbelievable says:

    I did not write the below post but I wanted to copy it and bring it under this thread. After diligently looking into what was posted, it is true to the best of my research abilities and I believe it very much shows the type of person Attorney Wendy Chan, Esquire to be. Although, retired from the legal profession many moons ago, I am floored at what a circus things have evolved into. How does anyone expect to receive a fair trial in Lancaster when this is how attorneys are allowed to behave? In reading the LNP published letter from Attorney Chan to Judge Ashworth, I am mind-boggled how an Attorney could feel they could write such things and not face dire consequences. Unless I am completely missing something, Attorney Chan admits that her child had Covid and by her own admissions, Attorney Chan should have quarantined until the second week in August. A reasonable person would accept that they screwed up but Attorney Chan appears to have no basic comprehension of how adults and professionals should operate. If what was posted by another commenter earlier today is in fact true (and my own research shows it is) Attorney Chan needs serious professional help.

    I do not wish to plagiarize so what follows this sentence was submitted by another commenter but extremely well researched and outlined.


    Please somehow make this info widely known because LNP simply does no real investigating. Wendy Chan is truly a sick human being. Do a quick google search and read her newest reviews. It will even shock you!

    Within the last 3 days: Wendy Chan had 5 new Google reviews and it is all from people who do not have cases in the Lancaster Court system and somehow these “people” only wrote reviews for multiple businesses on the same day they wrote reviews for Wendy?

    Read this nonsense –

    Arthur Sampson, “ When everyone else was afraid Wendy stood up for me and was a true warrior. There is no limit to who Wendy will go after if they are wrong or abusive. Wendy is truly fearless and does not except the status quo! The establishment in this county needs to enter 2020 and Wendy is the one to drag them into this century while they kick and scream and try to oppress us and continue the bullying abusive culture then certain members of our community perpetuate and try to hold us down. Keep up the great work and never give up!!!!!!”

    Jeff Davidson, “ Wendy is unstoppable! The absolute best of Lancaster County! Wendy’s immigrant roots, unbelievably strong work ethic, and pride in being an American has made her work so much harder and achieve unimaginable heights. I am very proud to have Wendy represent me and believe she is everything right and everything this country needs in these times of great division.”

    Darren Frazer, “ Wendy is a true advocate for anyone who feels helpless and abused by the system in place. Wendy had absolutely no fear and was willing to go up against my ex and her team of attorneys, some former judges. Wendy is an attorney because she loves her job not because she needs a paycheck. There is adefinite advantage working with someone who has no fear and doesnt need the money. When your lawyer cannot be bought or intimidated you cannot lose. Thank You Wendy!”

    For a woman that hasn’t been allowed in the court house and no one by the above names have active family or immigration cases in Lancaster or surrounding counties, these Google reviews are clearly FAKE and she wrote them herself.

    This is beyond sick and she did it to prepare for the LNP article she knew would be coming out.

    This woman is beyond deranged and she thinks people are 2 stupid to figure her out. Her letter to Judge Ashworth who rightfully disciplined her should get her disbarred. She comes off as a spoiled and entitled brat who is angry because she is being held to the same standard as everyone else. Does she think she is special? Maybe her next google review will reveal that Wendy Chan is also a Doctor and knows better then the rest of us.

    Her buddies or her multiple personalities lied when they made supportive comments on this website because Wendy Chan has been exposed to COVID-19 as Chan admits her son had it and her son lives with her.

    What a sad and deranged person.”

    • Becky says:

      You did write the below post!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I wrote the post directly below yours right now, but not above. I also just wrote post clarifying I read the LNP article. And this post. Don’t you have a way to confirm who is sending you what? I would add my name, but dont want to get fired. But dont want things attributed to me that are not from me – anonymous or not.

    • anon says:

      What?? Hold the presses are you saying someone posted fake reviews on the internet?? Absolutely shocking!! I thought everything I read on the internet is true. (Note; I don’t like it either which is why I’m skeptical of claims made on the internet by anonymous posters)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wendy’s letter to Judge Ashworth is spot on, if true. The judge considered it as a motion for reconsideration of his earlier adm. order barring her from the courthouse, and has scheduled a video conference hearing for 8/10. All public record on the civil court website. So…I’m not clear what that has to do with custody suit settled last year, the connection to Cheauvrant from 2017 that you brought up here, etc. Seems a bit disjointed. Could you clarify how this all ties in? Not sure what point you are trying to make. Is there something new about that? How did you get that letter?

    • Lawyers are not special says:

      Oh, please! Becky is so much smarter than this commenter thinks she is. You are obviously Wendy Chan or one of her many personalities or fake assistants that is trying to get Becky to write things so you can claim Becky was the one that wrote whatever you are trying to get at. The date on what Becky posted is 2017 and the article in LNP was from today. Any custody things that were settled last year would make that 2019 so whatever you are babbling about is just more nonsense for you to spew. Letters that Becky posted are on LNP’s website so good freaking try. Judge Ashworth is a man of great integrity and Wendy Chan is known garbage. Wendy Chan doesn’t think the rules we all have to follow apply to her and for once we don’t have a spineless president judge and Ashworth will not stand for bullshit from anyone. LNP hates Craig Stedman and they have written uncomplimentary stuff about Judge Ashworth before and even LNP wrote an article that clearly shows Wendy Chan did not follow rules or orders. You would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to think that Wendy Chan is anything but garbage. Everyone in the legal community knows it and Wendy’s letter to the PJ has solidified that to everyone. No One who is innocent has to write a 6 page dissertation response and no one that is innocent runs to the newspaper because they were expected to follow the same rules as everyone else. Lawyers are finally being held to the same standard as citizens!

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not Wendy Chan. I just read the entire article and Wendy’s 5-page letter to Judge Ashworth, so I see where what was published here is a small snippet of the entire letter. I also see that Cheauvrant is opposing counsel in this matter and that corrupt Craig Stedman is the trial judge. I am no Chan fan, but I do know for a fact that whenever Ashworth tries to gaslight someone, he ends his letters with, “I trust you will govern yourself accordingly.
        One more thing: I don’t know you, Becky, Chan or Cheavront, but I know the law AND courthouse, and on your best day, you are not as smart as me on my worst. Have a good day.

        • Becky says:

          Have an ego much? LOL! I thought you were done reading this site!

        • anon says:

          It’s nice to see Republican judges Ashworth and Stedman taking the virus seriously. They must agree with the restrictions Gov. Wolf has imposed unlike Lancaster’s DA who said she wouldn’t enforce the shutdown orders. Lawful orders upheld in court.

    • anon says:

      Says to me that a courthouse insider (Martin) thought Cheavurant was the best custody lawyer she could hire and her ex (Green) obviously thought Chan was her equal or better. I’m sure Martin has heard all about the courthouse lawyers given she works there.

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