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     This afternoon, I tried to fax in a Right-to-Know request to the City of Lancaster to see if MAW Communications has been making their monthly payments on the $1,500,000 loan the city gave them. The number I had did not work so I called the city and was told the new fax number is 717-291-4796. That number remained busy for the rest of the afternoon.
     I will try again tomorrow and if I cannot get through I will call the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records and let them know that the city is breaking the law.


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       Hey, ace LNP reporter Dan Nephin, why don’t you tell us when Patrick Hopkins was on “the sh*t end of ‘the media’ stick.”
[Editor’s note: Correction – Yesterday I stated Dan had been married to his wife for over 15 years. That is not correct. It is actually 27 years. According to the Prothonotary’s Office, they were married on October 3, 1992.]
—  To be continued tomorrow…  —
**   LNP reporter Dan Nephin’s response to Patrick Hopkins comment on Nephin’s Facebook page is below. It so annoys and angers me that I will come back to this later when I can see straight.


     Lancaster City’s Business Administrator posting on LNP reporter Dan Nephin’s Facebook page.
*    Oh, that is so special! LNP has protected and  treated lying Patrick Hopkins very well over all these years. Oh, and Nephin’s ridiculous response is coming.
[Editors note: Shades of former LNP reporter Tom Knapp who is now happily remarried – when someone’s Facebook relationship goes from “married” to “it’s complicated” – it makes one wonder. Well, with Nephin it’s pretty damn easy. He filed for divorce from his wife of over fifteen years five days before last Christmas. That’s right – on December 20, 2019. I, of course, have a theory which I will not share at this time.]



From yesterday’s LNP editorial, “Struggling cities need more help, including direct federal aid in next COVID-19 stimulus,” (click here).

     “This editorial board?” You, Suzanne Cassidy, are the LNP “editorial board.”  Chris Otto has the title “deputy opinion editor” but he was the sports editor before moving to opinion so I give him no credence.  The community members don’t count. How often do you meet with them? They have no power whatsoever.
     So Lancaster County is left with Suzanne Cassidy’s opinion every single day. And this woman is a proven liar and hypocrite who breaks every journalism code of ethics in this country and validates President Trump’s tirades against the “dishonest” press.
     Lancaster is “struggling” because of LNP and their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel.  Why don’t you talk about that, Cassidy?
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Any luck on the fax?

  2. Kaptain Kickback says:

    Let’s not forget that the owner of MAW is the brother of a former police officer with the City/current Police chief in the County and they all probably got kick backs over it

  3. light bulb says:

    MAW not risky for city but plowing residents under. So, the MAW fiasco is subsidized by the city water fund. Enter new free water meters for the purpose of detecting water leaks mandatory for all a few years back. I believe I read awhile back that the new water meters were somehow tied into MAW. The new free water meters have caused many many people’s water bills to double, triple quadruple. The whole damn fiasco is tied together. What a bunch of lying, thieving crooks the Lancaster city administration is! Our children are going back to school on line. Is the city or school district providing computers and internet access for our kids? I am so livid I can’t even think straight!!

  4. Krasney in drag says:

    Cassidy is nothing more than Krasney dressed in drag. Cassidy has no free thought and she is still at LNP because she does and writes what she’s told. No one in Lancaster can be dumb enough to believe that Cassidy survived cuts because of her talent. She survived because she is a good little soldier that is controlled. So much for women’s lib as she is puppetted by a power hungry white man. LNP is the biggest divider and propaganda machine that Lancaster has.

    Why no mention of the former city police chief’s book by LNP? Ever! I’ll tell you why because he wasn’t their target. Same with that city council that protected him. Every single member of city council that was there when that chief was is just as big of a hypocrite if not more.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe because she doesn’t want to get fired? But cities DO need direct aid. Look how the COUNTY squandered the last aid package. Go after Josh Parsons.

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