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    Do not donate cash to Jerry Puryear and his “Staywoke717” Facebook page. If you want to buy water and/or freeze pops and give them to him then that is fine. 
     Jerry did this last year. It lasted about a week. The Michelle he has been bad-mouthing has been feeding the homeless in Binns Park for at least the last several months if not longer. Freeze pops will keep you cool but they sure won’t fill your belly. You can donate to her through the “Micky’s Mission of Hope” Facebook page.
     Anyway, for Jerry to pop up out of nowhere and present himself as a savior is ridiculous. And you have no idea where your cash money goes when you give it to him. After all, he has a new crib in Manheim and a new van and he loves to show off piles of money. And yet, with all of that, he hasn’t paid me back the money he has owed me for years. Beware! 
      The below was posted on this site on July 7th (click here for the original):
***  Jerry continues on his tirade:    
      Where are you at today, Michelle? Where you at, Michelle? I was just down at Binns Park. They said they ain’t seen you. You know it’s hot down there. Where you at, Michelle?
       Where you at, Michelle? You talk about Jerry only getting a little bit of stuff. Where you at? Look here. Little bit of stuff, right? Come on Michelle. Getting ready to take some snacks down there too. They are going to be happy. Taking some snacks down there. All that stuff. Come on Michelle. Where you at, Michelle?
       Where you at, Michelle? Talk to me. Come on girl. It’s cool to talk. I ain’t mad at ya. I just don’t like the fact is you asking for donations and you ain’t even been down there. They said you ain’t been down there. Where you at, Michelle?
**    In his almost 30 minute Facebook live, Jerry begins as follows:

     Ice cold bottles of water. Getting ready to take down to Binns Park. Ice cold. Frozen cold. They’re going to be happy down there.
        Thank you Johnnette. Thank you for the love girl.
     You don’t think I want to be on a beach somewhere? You don’t think I want to be somewhere enjoying myself? Nah. Right here. Getting ready to go down there and take these brothers and sisters some cold water.
     I just came from down there. They said they didn’t have nothing to drink all day.
     What’s up Crystal?
     Going down there three times today.
     Where are you at today, Michelle?
He then launches into an attack on Michelle and that will be coming…
*    In a very lengthy Facebook live yesterday, Jerry held up three bags of freeze pops and asked “Where you at, Michelle?”


     Jerry Puryear, holding what he says is a thousand dollars from his latest paycheck for delivering pizzas in his new Facebook page, “Staywoke717.” 
     Puryear has reinvented himself as the great community helper taking frozen water bottles and freeze pops to the homeless in Binns Park and attacking his “competition” who feeds the homeless there. Yes, it’s absurd and sad.
     And where’s my money at, Jerry?
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    How much did you lend him? Ten bucks for cigarettes? 1000 for rent? 250 for child support? 20 bucks for food? Down payment for condo? 5000 to start a business? Did he have a job at the time? Cuz without context, maybe he doesn’t think he owes you. Maybe only you think that. Who knows?

  2. Idontfront says:

    Let’s not Give him anything he can use to attract children! Please give to a reputable source if you can help the people of our City.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lmaooo i know thats right Becky, air his ass out. Who else Jerry owe? Come forward while hes in the “doing good deeds” business lol Lets see if he pays up!

  4. Anonymous says:

    At least HE works.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Really! Can some people get any pettier?

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