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     …Almost two years after the initiatives, the department’s 134 officers are 88% white and 90% male — in a city that is 38.5% Hispanic, 18.3% Black and 3.6% Asian, and 49.7% female.
      Diversifying takes time, Hopkins [Lancaster city director of administrative services] said, because the existing recruitment process itself is limiting.
From the LNP article, “Data shows 14 Lancaster police departments are largely white, male; advocates call for change, chiefs say they lack applicants,” (click here).
      You’ve had years, Hopkins! Years and years! Oh, and so has LNP!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The person that was in charge of the new “diversified” police program was also Matt Johnson old chief of staff. I saw screen shots of him commenting back saying this also on fb from his fb acct. I think he is in charge of the Refugees that moved to Lanc now. Hopkins just has to play along for the public lol

  2. Wendy Chan’s feelings on black men! says:


    Have you seen the new response pleading the attorney who is suing Wendy Chan filed on 7/24? If not you should go read it. Wendy Chan is such a dirty lying hamster. It is so refreshing to see all these attorneys that got in bed with Wendy Chan realize they got bed bugs from her dirty self!!! Wendy sued her ex partner Rebecca Chevront and tried to get Rebecca disbarred. Wendy LOST both her lawsuit against Rebecca and the discipline board sided with Rebecca because Wendy is a dirty little liar who reeks havoc on any attorney who tries to leave her law practice once they realize Wendy is garbage!!! Now we have this guy.

    How many lawyers have left you now Wendy??? A dozen? Two dozen?
    I can not wait for when all of them start singing against you.

    You know it’s coming right? And FYI you shouldn’t have paralegals do your dirty work and then you fire them. Man oh man have they sang some tunes about you.

    All in due time darling. All in due time.

    Here is one song I have heard being sung around the court house lately and I really like this tune. So so so so many of us do. It goes a little something like this, one two Daddy Justice is coming for you!!!!!!!!!

    And Wendy you really shouldn’t make jokes about black men being dead beats and not wanting to take on their cases because they won’t be able to pay you. Whoops, bet you never thought your ex paralegal would spill that did ya?

    • anon says:

      Pretty sure one of Daddy Justice’s buddies didn’t pay her either. His videos get Maybe 50-400 views. A squirrel eating a nut gets ten thousand. Why would Chan fear that deadbeat?

    • anon says:

      Heather is that you? Ha

      • anon says:

        Whoops. I meant Amber, I get Scotty’s wives confused.

        • Anon the faker says:

          So one of Scott Martin’s wives was a paralegal at a law firm? That makes no sense. Someone with actual knowledge as in worked there would know what went on in that law firm. Anon has once again proved her worth as worthless on this comment thread.

          No wonder Becky has to virtually bitch slap Anon on at least a monthly basis. And I don’t give two flying monkeys about any of these political people but Ben is a nice dude and Anon the fake shouldn’t be talking crap on him.

          • Black Fathers Matter! says:

            I know both Heather and Amber very well and I equally like them as people. And I know this may come as a shock to some but they both like one another and should be praised for how well they coparent together. Sadly shit starters like ANON like to stroke the fire and write lies to give their boring lives some meaning. Neither one of them ever worked with Wendy Chan in any capacity. Heather did work for the county with me at juvenile probation but Heather never worked with Wendy Chan. What is sad is that the commenter alleges racism and profiling from Wendy Chan and the only thing this ANON person cares to respond with is naming people who have nothing to do with Wendy Chan’s law practice and her alleged abhorrent feelings towards black fathers. I am also familiar with Daddy Justice as he has filmed several times at the county and some view him as a trouble maker but many of us that work around the corruption see him as necessary. What happens to parents everyday is not funny and the kids suffer the most. Black fathers are very important and if ANON is actually Wendy Chan or one of her supporters it speaks VOLUMES about you that all you have to say about these serious allegations is taking a hit at two other women. Despicable is not even low enough for ANON. Fathers matter. Black, white, brown, yellow, blue, red, green. Some of y’all are going to have a really bad awakening when you gotta sit down with God for all the mean shit you do and pain you enjoy inflicting.

          • anon says:

            “nice dudes” don’t sue 37 members of his exe’s church. The list of things he’s done that “nice dudes” don’t do is too long to post. You seem to sympathize with Chauvrant. He’s done very critical videos about her in the past. What she’s not as bad as Chan or daddy Justice’s is a harrasser for hire? Which is it.

      • Anon is annoying says:

        Normally I could careless about the low level attorneys we have in Lancaster. I am only replying because Anon is and always has been very annoying on here. Who is “Heather” and put some context behind your posts or you are just wasting precious comment space.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How can they say they hire the most qualified when all they require is a GED? And that’s all they get. They don’t want anybody with experience in REAL policing. Crazy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if the article says it, but the most racist, sexist, lying police chief in the county is in charge of the hiring consortium through the county police chiefs association. Some departments can opt out, so Lanc City may do its own.

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