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     To proceed, the project, a partnership of Baltimore-based Washington Place Equities and affordable housing developer HDC MidAtlantic in Lancaster, requires City Council to rezone the entire hospital block. A council committee is scheduled to review the request Monday, Aug. 3.
From the LNP article by Jeff Hawkes, “Developers of former St. Joseph Hospital propose over 275 housing units, offices, shops,” (click here).
     Hawkes also begins his article with this:
   A Lancaster City Facebook post described the proposed new use for the shuttered hospital site and two nearby properties as “an exciting mixed-use, mixed-income vision.”
     There’s good reason for the city to be excited. You see, Jess King, the city’s Chief of Staff is married to Chad Martin, who was hired in January of this year to be the “Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Relations,” for HDC MidAtlantic (click here). Isn’t that special and quite a “coincidence?”
     Unbelievable. You don’t think the public should know, LNP “reporter” Jeff Hawkes? Why don’t you and Jess King do us all a favor and both of you resign.
      This is a developing story. Please check back over the next few days for updates and see below for this morning’s post.

23 Responses to RESIGN, JESS KING!

  1. Anonymous says:

    No one is realizing what is being done in this city. The mayor has been making moves in front of everyone so obvious its ridiculous. The city has a big Latino community with a catholic influence. The city also has a huge amish/mennonite community with money ties. She chose Milzy C. for neighboring services to win the Latino community. Shes also Norman Bristols good friend. Jess kings husband who has mennonite ties will now handle affordable housing. Mennonite and Amish are a lot of home owners in Lanc who do not abide by city code. Dont yall see the new mennonite neighbors around town moving in city after Jess moved in the southeast. All the condemn homes after city inspector fails to do their jobs deliberately to allow amish/mennonite to buy homes to rent. This is no coincidence all the mennonites are moving here now. Pay attention. We have mennonite inspectors too. The city has been doing this for awhile. All the people involved if you follow them you can see how their affiliated. And jess is the clean up girl. When the city tried to send Milzy and she couldnt with me, they then did send Jess. She came off as caring and trying to mediate but all she did was helped cover the broken pipes at Garden Ct apts. Jess king Karen Bousquet K. Wissler Milzy Carrasco. Butch Dejesus. Will Perez. Mayor sorace. Midpenn legal. Patrick Hopkins. Everyone listed had parts in covering the busted pipes on the property. I did Rtk’s and when I left, the property lawyer was contacting me asking me what i was looking for. Thats how involved everyone in city hall is. The city has parts with all the homeless and damaged homes. Inspectors have to drive their district every morning. Plum st homes is proof ALL city inspectors should be charged and licenses revoked. They also did yard checks to make sure lawn was cut. How did they miss all the damage over the years, daily? People wont do their jobs properly due to affiliations.

  2. nope says:

    HDCs landlord is Lancaster Newspaper.
    and of course Board of Directors includes Michel Gibeault – High Construction

  3. Anonymous says:

    I do know that the HDC has been around for a while. Looks like the local money grubbers have attached themselves to it.

  4. Anonymouse says:

    And like MAW, I’d like to see examples of previous SUCCESS stories from this so called non-profit – which actually asks for “donations” on its website
    But since no one in Lancaster has DEMANDED answers about MAW and the Con center, (like how much money? and where is it?) history will repeat itself. How could anybody expect anything else? And check out the hip new traffic lights downtown, the crooked road painting on Buchanan Avenue and everything else that has gone on while attention has been diverted by pepper spraying peaceful protesters. Dare to speak up and you’ll die. But you will probably die soon, anyway.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I can find nothing in the PA Dept. of State website about HDC as a business or a charity. The news article claims it is based in Lancaster. The citizens did not want the hospital to leave and Lancaster offered it no incentive to stay. Now we are in one of the highest deaths and rates of coronavirus in the state, which ranks sixth worst, nationally. That hospital would have come in handy in a couple of months, don’t you think? Yet this so-called non-profit received 175,000.00 in state “grant money” (because it is a “non-profit”) back in February, suggesting this done deal was in the works well before the public was informed – or could complain. Without more info, it appears to be another convention center catastrophe for Lancaster which will enrich only a few (previously) chosen few. By the way, Dale High is on the Board of Directors, and I smell bullshit on all the religious and do-gooder horse manure on the company website. The only “affordable housing” Lancaster needs right now are hospital rooms.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If the newspaper touched this, it would get too close to the Mayor’s husband’s company sweet deal.

  7. Anonymous says:

    She’s mayor Dickina’s clone.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Either Jess or the husband should be made to resign. This sh!t with city staff spouses working on projects and handling accts to projects should not be allowed. This is how corruption continues. Lancaster desperately needs this affordable housing to work without any funny business with city staff interfering. What about future property complaints, Right to knows, city inspectors not writing proper reports? Will the city profit from the government subsidies for this property? Will the city inspectors have to enforce code on this property or will they continue to cover damaged homes and then force people out whenever its convenient? If he’s going to be in charge of community relations this affordable housing wont be any better than the unsafe air quality leaking pipes mold infested rodent and roach infestations ones already here. This is going to be a mess!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jess King has always been a snake on the low. This doesnt surprise me. A lot of people like her but she’s more like the clean up girl for the city. The city uses her with dealings because of who she portrayed herself to be in campaigns. Shes just as bad as the mayor and city hall staff.

    • Becky says:

      I simply can’t believe LNP has not reported this! Watchdog my butt!

    • Anonymous says:

      She seems to have kept a pretty low profile since she started working for the city, especially compared to Matt Johnson who was out and about visible everywhere and ubiquitous on Facebook.

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