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* OMG! The alleged killer, Ezequiel  B. Almodovar, 36, is on the loose (click here for the DA’s press release).



     Where is more information from District Attorney Heather Adams? Two men have died under very suspicious circumstances and the DA’s office has not released any information! This is not acceptable. Are there one or more killers on the loose? Is the public in danger? What in the world is going on?


**   Posted on the Facebook page of someone who knows the two men who died (were killed) on Monday in Manor Township. The DA needs to release more information – now!

     Jonathan Rivera was a great person he was a loving father, step dad, fiancé,  brother, son and uncle he was so loving and caring and never wanted to see the bad in people he was the type to take his shirt off his back and give it too you everyone and anyone who met him loved him and knew he was a great person in and out he is loved by many people  and on Monday July 27th 2020 he was tragically taken from us which left everyone completely heart broken and devastated were asking for help towards his funeral costs so we can send him home the way he deserves to be sent home !
From the GoFundMe Account for one of the two men who died in Manor Township on Monday (click here).



(Click here)
     This comment in yesterday:
    It’s blatantly obvious at this point that CRIZ was authored by Lloyd Smucker for the sole benefit of LNP and all their interests (particularly the con center) in return for Steinman and cronies securing a federal position for Smucker. And the beat goes on. And on and on.

     Yes. and LNP keeps taking millions of dollars of public money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls hotel and they break every journalism code of ethics in this country everyday. Disgusting. There needs to be a follow-up to Molly Henderson’s book about LNP and the convention center/hotel, “Pressed,” (click here to buy it on Amazon).
Please check back later today.  


  1. Anonymous says:

    what a piss poor press release from the d-a office. Theres a double murderer on the loose and they bury the lead. is he on foot or in a car? they cant find the amish girl. they wont find him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    DA Heather must not be a publicity hound like Stedman was. She must be a judge wannabe. Or, she could be on vacation.

    • Anonymous says:

      That doesn’t even make sense. “Judge wannabe’s” like Craig Stedman are also media whores, like Craig Stedman was (is).

  3. Anonymous says:

    A dumb question. Is his nickname Jon Doe?

  4. smh says:

    When did it become trendy to withhold pertinent information from the public? I missed the memo. There is another killer on the loose that could possibly affect innocent citizens, either put us in danger or we could have relevant information that could be beneficial to the investigation. The authorities act like it is none of our business I just don’t get it. Community, community.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I know! A teenager gets busted for underage drinking and Manor Township blasts his mugshot all over the internet. But a killer at large and not a word out of them. Wouldnt want to scare away all the tourists bringing us covid. Bunch of idiots.

  5. nope says:

    If the names in the article seem familiar

    Top 5 campaign contributors to Sorace for Mayor Primary
    $5,000: Robert A. Brandt Jr., Lancaster (benchmark CRIZ)
    $2,500: Michael A. Callahan, Mountville (benchmark CRIZ)
    $2,500: Peter C. Egan, Lancaster
    $2,500: S. Dale High, Lancaster ( MAriott CRIZ)
    $2,000: LCAR-PAC, Lancaster = John Meeder Hotel Lancaster CRIZ
    $11,500 from a half-dozen donors affiliated with Benchmark Construction Co.,

    Top 5 donors: MAIN

    1. Michael G. Zamagais $5,000 ( owns Boulava Building – CRIZ)
    2. S. Dale High $2,000 ( CRIZ)
    3. Susan N. Wilson $1,250
    4. (tied) LCAR-PAC (Lancaster County Assoc. of Realtors) $1,000 (Meeder see above)
    Neil Albert $1,000 Robert L. Pfannebecker $1,000 and others from the City Solicitor Lawfirm
    Ann B. Barsinger $1,000

  6. Anonymous says:

    How many businesses have closed due to covid? How many more businesses will Lancaster lose before this covid nightmare is tamed? Since all the rules have changed for everything why not use the CRIZ to keep/reestablish Lancaster small businesses. Ease up on the rules for applying for CRIZ, make it business friendly. Save the small business of Lancaster. Where did last years excess CRIZ funds get to?? Hope it’s somewhere collecting interest though not holding breath for this.

    • Anonymous says:

      They wont even tell the public where 80% of the CARES $ for the county went. So much for transparency.

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