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*** BREAKING NEWS *** – A commenter to this site just alerted us to a lawsuit involving Covid-19 that was filed against Lancaster attorney Wendy Chan (click here for the lawsuit on the Prothonotary’s Office). Wow – he and his wife had just moved from Colorado so he could work for Chan! Thank you very much to the commenter!
[Editor’s Note: To the person who would like me to publish the full lawsuit – I have a new computer. Can someone tell me how to take screenshots with Chrome?]



     I spent several minutes this morning trying to find a stock Fourth of July photo without fireworks in it. It’s not because I think there’s a government conspiracy to keep us sleep deprived – no, it’s because they have been such an annoyance this year. In Philly our local representative got Target and multiple grocery stores (ShopRite, ACME) to pull fireworks from their shelves. Government conspiracy foiled!
     I don’t think fireworks are a government conspiracy but this might be – my local dollar store is out of fly swatters! Horrors! The government wants to keep me constantly hyper, angry and frustrated with these flies by denying me a basic swatter! Maybe Harper and Sarah Justice could look into that!




28 Responses to *** BREAKING NEWS *** – * HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!

  1. Wendy pretends to be a Republican??? says:

    This is 2 rich! Wendy Chan who legit pretends to hate republicans when trying to con immigrant clients is on the Women’s Republican Committee???? Wow Wendy, bet you don’t tell your minority clients that!!

    Here is the proof: https://lancasterrepublicans.com/about/womens-republican-club/

    Now that Wendy is being rightfully sued for horrid COVID-19 practices and discrimination, let’s see if we can get the women republicans to do the right thing and toss Wendy from their board. I have listed the board member info below. Please blow up these people and see if they care at all that fake ass Wendy is such a pathetic poser and plays all sides. How could anyone not care about their employees health and wellness????

    2020 Women’s Republican Club
    Slate of Officers
    PRESIDENT – Stephanie Hill
    6 Sherri Lane
    Lititz, PA 17543

    FIRST VICE PRESIDENT – Marianne Clay Strittmatter
    920 Shreiner Avenue
    Lancaster, PA 17603

    73 Wyndmere Way
    Willow Street, PA 17584

    RECORDING SECRETARY – Mary Lynn Lavender
    222 Andover Lane
    Lititz, PA 17543

    1833 Habecker Road
    Columbia, PA 17512

    TREASURER – Wendy Gockley
    6330 Sundra Drive
    East Petersburg, PA 17520

    4 Warren Circle
    Lititz, PA 17543

    • Anonymous says:

      Republicans need her as their token minority. Democrats sure as shit don’t want her. You may have some like with Ann Hess, whose husband was bold enough to speak out against CORRUPT CRAIG STEDMAN – and was right, but outside of Hess, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • Jacquelyn Pfursich! says:

        Looking at that list of total kiss asses makes me want to puke. The WRC has been the joke of the Republican committee for decades. They do nothing but have tea time. It is pathetic.
        !Stephanie Hill is President? How laughable is that. Stephanie is an idiot savant. She has the social skills of an avocado and makes everyOne around her feel awkward. Solid presidential pick there. Stephanie was placed by Josh Parsons and Jacquie Pfursich after the last WRC President told both Josh and Jacquie to go pound dirt. They couldn’t control the last president so Jacquie led the charge to overthrow her and put Stephanie in there.

        !That’s how Wendy Chan suddenly appeared and became an officer. Wendy Chan and Jacquelyn Pfursich are BFF’s because they are cut from the same cloth. Jacquie wants to be a judge. LOL. She will meet the same fate as Wendy did when Wendy tried to get bar support to run for Judge. I have never seen the liberal and conservative members of the bar agree so astoundingly on anything as they did that Wendy would NEvER be qualified to be a judge.

        Jacquie is too embarrassed of Wendy to allow Wendy to come to her office because there are cameras and people talk so Jacquie meets Wendy at Jacquie’s husband’s law office.

        How much of an embarrassing loser must you be that the likes of Jacquelyn Pfursich have to hide being pals with you?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Will the real Joseph Korostik please stand up? Didn’t think so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You should have went to church this morning instead of spending time spreading evil about people. You are one sick pervert who needs help.

    • Clarification? says:

      There are a number of different comments on this thread. Can you specify who and what is evil? And I have never heard a woman be called a pervert so which one of these commenters is a man and how do you know? Something they said must be true that you are so clearly able to identify them.

  4. Venting says:

    Wendy is the worst kind of person. I worked for her, regretfully, several years ago. It was the best education because Wendy taught me what I never wanted to be. Wendy is a user and a liar of the worst kind!

    Wendy ropes immigrant clients in with her fake stories about how she is one of them and understands what they are dealing with because she is also an immigrant and was poor but worked so hard for a better life. Bullshit!!!!!!

    She isn’t self made at all. Daddy and the county funded her law-firm!!!!!

    Wendy’s daddy owned factories and sent her privileged ass to the USA. When her dad died, he left her money. Don’t forget that Wendy sued the county for discrimination because Wendy claimed they fired her because she’s Asian. The same people that fired her, also hired her and she stayed Asian the entire time. Wendy was fired for the exact reasons she can’t keep staff and so many clients learn to despise her = she is a terribly unethical and evil person.

    Wendy is a sociopath. A client of Wendy’s got deported because Wendy screwed up and Wendy didn’t care that this poor man was being deported because Wendy said and this is a quote “his time was up and he has no more money so it’s not my problem!!!!”

    Wendy has created fake emails to support one of her loser client’s claims against the other better parent. Wendy coaches her clients to text and say the most horrible things to people to document total lies so they can win in court. I can’t even describe how awful it was to witness this crap and know that I made money from it. I had to leave and there are so many others that did the same.

    Wendy cheats the IRS and claims people that are actually employees are contractors when they are not. This Scott guy needs to go after Wendy for that! Wendy buys food for her family and family parties and pretends they’re office expenses.

    Wendy’s own kids are so crippled by their evil ass mother that they stare off into space even when people are speaking directly to them. Her daughter is clearly embarrassed by her but knows Wendy will cut her off if she stands up to her mother. Wendy’s husband is a total loser that basically cleans the house all day and watches Real Housewife shows.

    Facts for anyone drinking Wendy’s coolaide and continuing to work for her:

    1. She will not “pay you more” once whatever money she is expecting comes in. This is her standard line to keep you.
    2. Wendy wasn’t “just having a bad day” when she flipped her shit on you for no reason. That is who she is and she will continue to victimize you if you let her.
    3. She will not “come after you and make everyone in the legal community turn on you” if you leave her law office. Respectable attorneys will think less of you the longer you stay with her. She is universally despised and it’s not because she’s a good attorney. She’s dirty as hell and everyone knows it.
    4. Her stupid staff luncheons and after work bonding retreats are her bogus way of trying to make you think she appreciates you so she doesn’t have to pay you a livable wage. How many of you were interns with promises of making good money after you did X, Y, Z?
    5. If it sounds illegal, it probably is and Wendy is asking you to do it because if shit hits the fan, YOU are going down, not Wendy.
    6. Wendy obsesses over people she hates and wants to get even with. What I learned is all of those people are GOOD people that wouldn’t tolerate Wendy’s bullshit.
    7. Wendy DID take enjoyment out of legally torturing Justin Gearty. Justin’s ex wife was a pawn for Wendy to “get even” with Justin. Justin is now dead and no one did anything to help him.
    8. Wendy has close staff members and their family write fake reviews for Wendy so people will think she’s some high end lawyer! And the real reviews on there are from people Wendy gave massive discounts to so they’d write a review for her. Their cases were usually easy to win because the opposing party had a criminal record (or a junkie) and Wendy’s client would have won even if they represented themselves!
    9. Wendy talks so much shit about all of the judges. Wendy said that Judge Wright shouldn’t be a judge because he cheated on his wife and never should have been endorsed, Judge Reich is a pedophile, Judge Reinaker sleeps with his bailiffs and court reporters, Judge Workman is gay and such an ass to try and make people think he’s straight and Judge Conrad is easy to manipulate in court because he’s so stupid and likes people that kiss his ass. Wendy would even come back to the office after court with all of these people and say “another day of kicking ass in court due to stupid black robes!”

    And for the record, I have no idea to the truth of anything Wendy said about those judges but it’s what WENDY said!

    Someone should fund this Scott guy so he can get a kick ass employment attorney to take Wendy for everything! She is owed as much!

    • Anonymous says:

      If you worked there and you know for a fact that Wendy Chan fabricated evidence (emails, you say) to win a case, you MUST report her to the PA Bar, or you are as much a part of the problem as she is. Surprised you haven’t already, if you dislike her so much. It’s the right thing to do. You have seven years. Get to it.


    “Trailer park drama queen with a law license” describes Wendy Chan to a tee. Let’s ALL call her that from now on. Thanks, Hickville resident.

  6. Brickerville resident says:

    An Attorney making $23 per hour …… ??? I have no further questions. If he is only worth 23 dollars, than i understand the office drama he caused. Plus if you read the lawsuit – he thinks he lives in Willow Tree Pa. Willow tree ??? What are you ? the morning Coo coo bird ???

    Having read the lawsuit — i will say, hes nothing but a trailer park drama queen with a law licenses .

    • Wendy joined the party! says:

      Looks just like with her “Google reviews” Wendy Chan has now joined our chat thread.

      • Anonymous says:

        Brickerville resident reads at a 3rd grade level and has no comprehension skills. No surprise there.

    • Anonymous says:

      My Lord. Where would an English teacher start in correcting the brickerville resident’s post?

  7. Anon says:

    I must say, I lost all respect for someone in the courthouse who recommended Wendy to me. You are judged by the company you keep.

    • Not your friend! says:

      Do tell! What person disliked you so much they’d recommend the likes of Wendy Chan to you? That person is not your friend!

      Were you looking for someone that would ruin your life and take all your money?


    Looking up Melanie Dowd, I came to the conclusion she goes through obits to find fake reviewers. She should have taken the hint and left town when they tried to run her out.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Forget screenshots. Go into Lancaster County Prothonotary website, search Chan or the plaintiff’s name, click on the file (latest date – she’s probably been sued before), click on complaint. If its downloadable, download to your computer, then upload to your site. Otherwise, open the link you provided (that’s how I read it) highlight and copy the entire thing (it’s only a 4 or 5 pages) and paste on a Word document, then upload it to your site.

  10. Wendy can’t keep staff says:

    Wowza! I read the lawsuit and it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Wendy Chan is a bottom feeder and I hope the jury awards this guy high dollar against her! In the last 2 years, over two dozen people have left Wendy’s office. It is a revolving door and she acts like it is some high end law firm. Give me a break. She entices low level attorneys to work for her for shitty pay and then they finally see what a crap shoot Wendy is and they run for the hills. Anyone that works for Wendy for over 3 months is a loser that can’t find employment elsewhere.


    OMG! I hope he takes Wendy the C word Chan for everything she’s got! She is SUCH A LIAR! I feel bad for this lawyer – moving from CO to PA to work for such a slimy bitch. Too bad he didn’t google her first. On the other hand, I saw a law clerk job in his immediate future. I wish him well. His lawsuit and legal skills are sound. He also has ethics – a consideration completely foreign to Wendy Chan.

    • Wendy “fake reviews” Chan says:

      Amen! Have you googled her and read her fake reviews? Why is it that the court has been closed but Wendy has been doing such excellent things? It is beyond comical to see how desperate Wendy creates fake reviews for herself. Like seriously, let’s look –

      “Joseph Korostik” never wrote a review before but in one day, he writes 3 reviews, 1 for Wendy and talks about how awesome Wendy did for him???? Hahah! Why isn’t there a case on the county website for Joseph Korostik????

      Same thing with “Logan Miller?” Why is there no case file on the county court website for him?

      No “Melanie Dowd” either with a case in Lancaster County.

      And the list goes on and on……..

      Wendy is a pathetic narcissist that smells.

  12. Chan thinks Covid is fake! Employees didn’t think so! says:


    This is so rich and timely as it goes with many comments about this Chan troll. Wendy Chan is getting sued by a former employee.

    Happy reading!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Philadelphia has the best fireworks show in the country, bar none. I had a view from the rooftop of my condo bldg in Old City for years when they put the display out in the Delaware River. Bottle of champagne, some chairs, a few friends. BEST fireworks EVER! No other major city comes close.

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