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***   From the Columbia Journalism Review, “How the term ‘false flag’ migrated to the right,” (click here).


**    What is a”false flag”:


    Well, personal injury attorney Mark McCloskey seems to be real and enjoying his 15 minutes (click here for the Washington Post article and video below).



       Matthew Allen Grab’s mugshot on CrimeWatch (click here). I wonder why LNP didn’t include this photo in their story today, “Man sues Columbia police, parole agent claiming excessive force used,” (click here).
     And the latest from washed-up watchdog Ron Harper, Jr. is below. Has he lost his mind? And before this he called out a story as a “classic false flag.” What does that expression mean and who is responsible for this “false flag” and what do they have to gain?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Anon…I have represented myself in court MANY times. I am not a lawyer and I am not a sociopath. I have won more cases than I have lost, and I have lost to honest judges ruling based on the law and I have lost to corrupt judges. So there!

    • anon says:

      So you say. I’m wise enough to not make judgements based on one side of a story I read on the internet.

    • anon says:

      P.S., as Dr. Phil always says it’s better to not let the judges decide what happens. No matter how flat the pancake there’s always two sides to the story.

    • anon says:

      Sociopaths love the internet where they can tell only their own side of the story, endlessly gazing into the pool and seeing only their own reflection, just like Narcissus.

  2. Anon is wrong says:

    Anon – has your partner ever beat the hell out of you only to tell the police you fell down the steps and were mentally unstable and basically beat yourself up? Oh and he scared your son to death so your son agreed with him?

    Has your partner ever threatened to kill your children if you tried to leave him?

    Have you ever seen a therapist to try and deal with such abuse only to have your abuser find out about your therapist so he tried to use that as proof you are the one that is unstable? And your therapist refuses to see you any longer because she found out who your husband was and felt it be a detriment to her career because he already threatened her?

    Have you ever been at a Christmas party where your partner didn’t like that you were talking to another man so he threw you in a bathroom and held you by your throat and told you that if you didn’t get in the car without making a scene, your child (which is also his child) may not wake up tomorrow?

    Oh and as you compose yourself to leave the party you watch that same bastard act like everything is perfectly fine as he hugs and kisses everyone (even the guy you were chatting with) as he says that you are not feeling well so that’s why you have to leave.

    You have no idea the hell a narcissistic abuser can put the other parent through only to make it appear like you are the bad person.

    My son lied for his father for years because his father told him that if he didn’t say everything his father coached him to say, he would kill me and his sister.

    That all ended when my son beat the hell out of his father when he found that bastard on top of his sister, my daughter. And guess what? The system took my kids from me and called me crazy and believed I made everything up until they completely removed me from my children until the night my son almost killed his father.

    And just like that! I was no longer crazy and my children were given back to me like nothing ever happened and I was no longer a threat.

    I am glad you live in a perfect world but for true victims of narcissistic abuse, we know not everything is what it seems and the system often fails victims because we are already traumatized by our abusers and desperate to keep our kids safe.

    Kinda hard to come off as not crazy when you are terrified all of the time and time and time again you watch the system believe your abuser.

    “Just leave him” is not as easy as it seems because look what Judge Conrad just did. Labeled another mother “crazy” and took her child because the mother dared let the world know that another cop is a woman beater.

    My daughter has autism so she could never defend me when my ex lied and our son went with his father’s story because my son really believed his father would kill me and his sister.

    My son now lives with so much shame because he feels he betrayed me and his sister which is totally false. My son was also a victim and he did what he believed he had to do to keep me and his sister safe.

    For any of you reading this that still believe the system doesn’t take kids away from good parents, you are 100% wrong.

    I was a school teacher and then a stay at home mom. I had countless personal and professional witnesses that testified to my character. It didn’t matter.

    The judge saw a good looking man with a great job and he came off as someone who was such a great provider and poor him for having to deal with such a mentally unstable woman.

    It took him raping our daughter and my son beating him to an inch of his life for the police and judge to wake the hell up.

    • Some statistics says:

      First, I am so sorry this happened to you. I have nothing further to say because it would never be enough.
      Second, I was a forensic psychologist by education for several decades. I am retired now but stories like yours still haunt me. The courts are often clueless. I would read children’s testimonies and could often see the coaching. Judges were often focused on the surface disclosures that they disregarded my findings because most judges just want to move on to their next case.
      Judges are human beings and many are arrogant and feel they know what is best. Judges come with the same prejudices and preconceived notions as the rest of us.
      Hell, even some in my profession have no clue what they are doing and are completely baffled by relationship and familial dynamics.
      I can only speak for the 9814 cases I was involved, but the major trend I saw was the mother was usually, but not always, simply trying to protect her children. Children will lie about their mother “their safe parent” because they are manipulated to believe that if they don’t side with the abuser, something bad will happen to their primary caregiver, which was oftentimes the mother.
      The most interesting revelation is a male abuser will abuse again, with his next partner. What baffled me in court was even when a pattern of abuse with multiple women was established, the courts would still not believe the mother if the children sided with the father. But coaching is very easy to determine for the trained eye. The children come off as scripted robots but once a professional begins asking questions about their script, the children easily get confused because what they are saying is not factual.
      89% of the time, if the children were siding with the father, the children were being coached.
      This was just my experience.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nothing to question in that comment. There are plenty of female mag. court judges, too. Some good, some stone assholes. (Sponaugle – honest and fair, Commins a police whore, for e.g.) Everything in that long post is true and the writer is accurate, informed, and being kind. There is far worse that goes on in Lancaster County Criminal, family and orphans courts. There are plenty of FB and other groups where victims talk. And no reason to disbelieve them. More informative than Ron Harper, too, as they speak from experience, not out of their ass.

  4. Just here to give info (and now I have a question) says:

    Purely to satisfy my inquisitive nature, did something happen between you and Ron Harper? He has been a prime focus of yours for several stories now and I am just curious if he did something bad to you?

  5. Anonymous says:

    IIRC at one time a child is allowed to choose which parent they want to live with. It used to be age twelve I think. If her child is eleven then let’s hope it’s not too long before the child has a say in the matter.

    As far as judges go, what a joke. Falsely accused of spousal abuse, a man I know was finally allowed to see his child. The mom asked the judge if the exchange could be done by leaving the child at her friends home. Without blinking he said yes.

    When the father attempted to tell the judge that the man who lived at the exchange had just been paroled from federal prison convicted of selling automatic weapons illegally, the judge threatened the father with six months on contempt of court charges.

    This kind of shit happens all the time. And if you tell me Wendy Chan is a part of this case I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Do Conrad and Kaple have a history that would help to explain this?

    • Disciplinary Board says:

      At no time may a minor choose who they live with. That’s a myth in PA. The minor’s “choice” is only one factor a judge may consider and there are a total of 16 factors. Judges shouldn’t decide custody as they typically get it wrong and we have messed up kids everywhere. The system is horrible for kids and families. Most of the time, you have two good parents that court turns into horrible basket cases that will do anything to “win” their kids. The system sets the tone and it is a terrible one. My colleague Justin Gearty had his issues but he was a kind man and the system destroyed him. Justin did alert the court to the shameful And unethical practices of Wendy Chan. The system did nothing and most would agree, the system protected Wendy because her repulsive antics are an embarrassment to the entire bar. Before Justin’s death, he emailed several of us information about Wendy that would make even people that like her absolutely despise her professionally. All of the judges know that Wendy is a lying sociopath and they act repulsed by her but they have no balls to file with the disciplinary board like they should. So she gets to ruin more and more lives. Let’s just hope that changes soon and we get judges on the bench that actually care about the integrity of their court rooms. Problem is, more and more people know what is going on inside the court rooms. Our judges do not hold bad attorneys accountable because they don’t want to be bothered. Do a Right to Know on how much vacation time and off days all of the black robes take. One judge spends most of his time on his boat with his wife that used to be his mistress and he is the same judge that gets to judge people and throw the book at them for having affairs..oh the irony! Another judge was banging his bailiff. Another judge has a pretty severe handicap that should disqualify him from the bench but it won’t. Mr. Bow Tie judge openly cries in court and the female judges feel super superior because they’re women. Conrad can’t even get respect from his peers and the newest judge is being investigated because drug task force money seems to have magically disappeared. These are the people that are considered role models to the rest of the officers of the court.

      Word to the wise, keep your kids away from them because it will do more harm than good. And for the judges and their staff that read this (we all know you do) start doing your damn jobs and hold each other accountable or the public will rise up and do it for us. Remember when cops were untouchable too?

      • Becky says:

        There is only one female judge – Margaret Miller. This “mistake” makes me question other things in your comment.

        • Just here to give info says:

          I do not have a dog in this fight but there are female divorce and custody masters as well and people assume they are judges and will even refer to them as, “your honor.”

          There have been several other female county judges but they retired and some were good and others were arrogant. Just like the men.

          The retired females have often come back to assist with case loads so Judge Miller is not the only woman on the bench but she is the only elected woman on the bench at this point.

          • Becky says:

            That is a reasonable explanation!

          • anon says:

            Seems the side that loses Always feels the Court’s corrupt. If that same side had won, the other side would say that. It’s human nature. True of criminal and civil cases. Each case is unique but if parents truly loved their kids, they’d compromise and avoid court altogether. Much better for the kids in the long run. As a percentage very few divorces end in high conflict custody cases. It’s impossible for sociopaths to accept defeat.

      • Anonymous says:


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