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     Justo Smoker’s photograph from his Facebook page and a comment posted there are below. Click here for WGAL, “Man charged with kidnapping in case of Amish teen who is still missing.”
**    The below is what your husband does everyday, Cheryl. Recently he sent in seven obnoxious comments in one day. Another recent day he sent a comment in at 2:27 am. He was thinking of me at 2:27 am!
     He is obsessed with me and this site and this is called harassment, Cheryl. But you should know that because he’s been convicted of stalking and harassment before.
     So you can do all you want to make this middle-aged pathetic sick loser look like a decent human being but it’s not going to work.  The true Steven Markle is all over the internet. And with his next conviction, he hopefully will be jailed.
*     I have to interrupt today’s story with this Tweet from Mitt Romney. Good for Romney! Unbelievable actions by Trump!



     Well isn’t that sweet? That’s Cheryl Dum Markle and her convicted serial stalker husband, Steven Markle. 
     Trying to improve his image, Cheryl? Yeah, that’s not going to work.
Please check back later today.

8 Responses to *** BREAKING NEWS *** ** – * A DISGUSTING STALKER

  1. anon says:

    Internet stalkers, right down there at the bottom of the barrel. Dark triad sort of folks.

    • Anonymous says:

      No such thing. Stalkers are stalkers. Internet is just one more weapon in their never ending arsenal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why it took a month to arrest Smoker if they had his car, his identity and video of Smoker in the car with her within two days? Maybe they followed him hoping he would lead them to her?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I swear. She looks like him in drag.

  4. anon says:

    The Founding Fathers predicted today’s nightmare. Partisanship trump’s the rule of law. No pun intended.


  5. Anonymous says:

    I look at that photo and see zero self awareness from either of them

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