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     Former Assistant District Attorney Randall Miller moonlighted and worked part time for TW Ponessa & Associates as their legal counsel. Joy O’Shea Woomer’s daughter went there because of the stress of her mother being arrested and charged with murder. And her daughter unknowingly had to see and interact with the man who was going to prosecute her mother.
     This conflict of interest should have never been allowed. LNP never mentioned it while it was “breaking news” on this site. Randall Miller was recently elected as a District Judge in Elizabethtown replacing Jayne Duncan who suddenly and mysteriously resigned.
     And in the picture right after the verdict above, in the background is now deceased Lancaster County  Detective Joseph Geesey. I consider him to have been one of the most corrupt and dishonest detectives in Lancaster’s history. And this case was no different.
To be continued…
*    I often think about former nurse Joy Woomer. Charged 7 years after the fact, convicted by a jury on the flimsiest of evidence (& motive) and the perjured testimony of her vindictive ex husband and lopsided in limine rulings that almost seemed designed to torpedo her case. She has served her minimum as a model prisoner, but last I heard, her petition for parole was denied. Stedman probably opposed it. She is NOT a threat to society but if she speaks out publicly after release, she is a threat to his political career. I don’t know anyone, jurors included, who know the true story of what happened to that little boy. I do know his parents rec’d a hefty out-of-court settlement from Bayada Nurses which would probably not have occurred without a conviction. My heart breaks for her and I pray she has been released, but I have no idea…..
This comment in last week under “AND NOW HE’S A JUDGE!” below on this site.


     Whenever I hear the name “TW Ponessa & Associates,” I think of Joy  O’Shea Woomer. Below is her attorney, Chris Pattrerson, immediately after the jury’s verdict. There is so much LNP never told the public about this case.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Patterson’s partner that judge you said was racist a few columns ago?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heather Stedman? Good luck with that….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Craig Stedman NEVER disclosed or admitted to conflicts of interest. The A.G.’s new Conviction Integrity Unit needs to look at this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chris Patterson is corrupt, too. And no word why she abruptly dropped her appeal. NOBODY does that!

    • Courthouse player. says:

      Wrong on both counts. The appeal was withdrawn because no person with an active appeal will be considered for parole. Patterson is a heck of a good lawyer.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Her attorney REALLY failed her.

  6. Becky says:

    Joy Woomer shows up as inmate 002392 in Muncy State Prison.

  7. Call Heather Adams Out! says:

    Becky, please call DA Heather Adams out and ask her why if she cares so much about truth and justice does she allow her employees to serve on the Republican Committee? The guy in the video you are showing today was the chair of the Manheim Twp Republican Committee and he only stepped down because he finally realized they would never endorse him to be a judge. Although he’s the perfect snake for the rolE. Heather Adams is a hypocrite and she has the power to make her people a-political but if she does that, she would have to get endorsed by actual people that do not benefit from her so they will be objective. Please give Heather Adams some media attention and call out her hypocrisy. If she wants to make a change, she needs to make a policy that her underlings can not serve on any political party!

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