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     It is a huge day for national news so LIP News is going national this afternoon:
Thank you, Supreme Court! Thank you!
     And the other story is simply shocking. President Trump retweeted a video of a supporter yelling “White Power” this morning. I hope he lost every Black and Brown voter and every decent human’s vote with that tweet.




     Anthony Quinn Gomex, Jr., 29, (above left) was shot and killed by the Lancaster City Police in May of 2015. Jose Efrain Rodriquez, 18, (above right) was shot and killed by the Lancaster City Police in January of 2017.
     The names of the officers involved have never been released to the public. 
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    If they were, that’s long since been edited to suit Craig Stedman’s narrative.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Were these killings caught on tape?

    • Anonymous says:

      Jose’s was caught on camera on the corner of S. Duke st and Howard Ave. There was a camera on the corner house which is the same house that had a attic fire in Dec 2018 The wiring was left in the attic when they moved the camera to the other side after Jose was killed. Lnp reported Duke & North but it wasnt. He died after being tased and running through that property already shot. He ended up coming out on Howard Ave & S duke st On Hillrise sidewalk. They reported it was unknown why fire started because if they reported the camera wire caused the fire everyone will know there was a camera there that caught Jose with his hands up cooperating waiting to be handcuffed when they finished him off by tazing him. He past away on that property they put him in a ambulance to cover what they did to Jose. I remember this boy his family was from Jersey. Also the story told by police to lnp didnt match the gunshots that went off. Everytime Jose is mentioned someone asks if there was a tape. I believe there was. And i believe the attic fire proved there was even when officials denied there was a camera on that house. The tenants cant access the attics. Maintenance rented a scissorlift to install the wiring in the attics from outside of the buildings. You can only access the attics from either ends of the buildings, outside. So someone in the fire dept helped covered this up. That means someone in the police dept reached out to someone in the fire dept which helped them cover it. Its not just the police that do favors in Lanc. People need to start paying attention to what happens with fires here also. I dont believe they didnt know what happened with Olga when they blamed her kids father.

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