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      I believe that every article that has been in LNP that states that Lancaster County Judge candidate Jeffrey Conrad was rated “not recommended” by the Lancaster Bar has been an “insider” story and that is not acceptable. This is vital information the public absolutely needs to know. See the two “insider” stories below and there will be more on this shortly.  
From a post on this site on March 8, 2017 (click here).
     How does an attorney who is “not recommended” by his peers become a judge in Lancaster County? LNP, that’s how.
     There will be more tomorrow including the two cases that absolutely should have kept him off the bench.



     Yes, Harper, Wolf can do it with the stroke of a pen as can the Mayor of Philadelphia. Apparently you haven’t learned anything in your 56 years except how to grow a huge ego. 
     Pandering politics? Have you lost your mind? Get lost, Harper! You are one sick, disgusting man!


How did this man become a Lancaster County Judge?


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  1. Court House Listener says:

    How did Conrad become a judge? Simple – He was a Republican Party hack. He always was a political hack looking for a guaranteed salary. He was a commissioner in Perry County who almost bankrupted the county with a new prison. He then came to Lancaster County and kissed enough Republican party butt to be endorsed. He was determined to be unqualified for a reason – he is shallow thinking, prejudiced and narrow minded. He wore his unqualified rating as a badge of honor. Years before he briefly tried to run for DA but aborted that effort when he found out no one in the office would support him. He then left the DA’s office and hooked up with James Clymer. When he ran for judge there were other people whom the Bar Ass’n rated as recommended as recommended or highly recommended. He used smear tactics and outright lies to discredit his opponents. One prospective candidate, Chris Patterson, was so disgusted that the fix was in that he didn’t even pursue the position. Joanne Murphy did go through the endorsement process and was not endorsed. Isn’t it ironic that the Lancaster County Republican Committee knows better than a lawyer’s peers who will be a good judge? Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Republican Committee endorsed doctors?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The answer to your question in two words: COURT CORRUPTION.

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