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     An update on the homeless in Binns Park is below. These are being posted on the “Micky’s Mission of Hope” Facebook Page (click here).



       There are multiple reports on social media that the homeless were moved from Binns Park last night.

7 Responses to * HOMELESS MOVED!

  1. smh says:

    OMG, homeless in Lancaster. But we keep getting told that there are none. Does our mayor know this? Is she providing them with food, shelter, medical help? Where did they get removed to? Outside the city? There is plenty of money for public art, that is so much more worthwhile than helping fellow human beings.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just read the state cop pervert story. Manor Township cop Matt Wolf masturbated in front of me ten years ago. He dangled handcuffs in front of me and said if I didn’t let him he would arrest me. When I asked him what for, he said, “Anything I want. I was too scared to report it. Shortly afterward he was promoted to detective, so I moved as far away as I could. They’re all over. I doubt I was his only victim.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This just can’t be. Mayor Dickina never said anything about homeless and drug addicts in Lancaster. You need to check your sources. This is ex mayor Dick’s clone. And we all know how the quality of continued under him.

  4. anonymous says:

    Better than shooting them i guess. gregory bayne died in vain.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. Mayor Dick said it was justified. Now if he was speaking as Dick the defense attorney on behalf of Mr. Bayne, he’s have been all over the police. But as mayor Dick, he defended the police. He did what the paying customer wanted. Just like a Water Street whore.

  5. barryinwinnipeg says:

    When I worked for Children and Youth (2002-2004), I had a client with three little children, the youngest just a baby, and try as I might I could not find proper housing for them. In good old Lancaster County this just was not a priority. Just this year I heard a Canadian radio program describing what happens in Finland. There social housing is the bedrock of their whole social services approach. Providing housing leads to lower substance abuse, lower crime, better mental health, etc. Now why does America spend trillions on blowing up places like Afghanistan and Iraq, while electing Republicans who pledge to destroy the Affordable Care Act, and now, in the midst of this pandemic, are threatening to take away food stamps?I hope this is thoroughly discussed in the upcoming election. But it is all so much easier to send the cops to clear the parks, including Lafayette Park (remember that), as well as the one by the County Offices.

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