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     On June 18th, Judge Jeffrey Conrad gave full custody of his daughter to Lancaster Police Officer Jonathan Caple and gave the mother one hour of supervised visitation a week. Her statement posted on her Facebook page is below.
     Once again, why is this man a police officer? He held his service revolver to the mother’s head and threatened to kill her several years ago. She has recordings of him screaming and threatening her. 
     Judge Conrad needs to recuse himself immediately – or better yet, resign!
*    OMG! The last thing I want to listen to is Ron Harper, Jr. talking about rape. And as noted by him, there is already an active organization working on the backlog (click here).
     Apparently Harper thinks a man talking about rape will wake people up and shock them. In this case, he is just revolting. 



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judges like Conrad who refuse to recuse when it’s obvious there is an appearance of impropriety usually do so (do NOT recuse) because they were handpicked to hear the case and the outcome was pre-determined before this poor woman ever walked into the courthouse. Yet the Judicial Conduct Board only goes after ex-dirty cops turned stupid magistrate court judges who hit on their female staff. Go figure.
    PA could EASILY eliminate the obvious corruption involved in hand-picking a judge (no such thing as a coincidence) by allowing litigants to strike their first judge for ANY reason, as does California and a few other states. But… that would totally upset the Good Ole Boy network operating in every single county in the state.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Caples ex should team up with the exwife of chief of police that wrote a book. They should call out all the exs and expose these bastards for who they really are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We also want the name of the officer who did the head shot on Macho during the domestic issue The one that ran off the block knowing what he did was wrong. He could of got a shoulder or could of got a arm. What he did was no better than what Macho could of done. He only got away because he was police. If he was so proud of what he done he wouldnt have ran.

  4. Courthouse listener says:

    Posted earlier but worth repeating…How did Conrad become a judge? Simple – He was a Republican Party hack. He always was a political hack looking for a guaranteed salary. He was a commissioner in Perry County who almost bankrupted that county with a new prison. He then came to Lancaster County and kissed enough Republican party butt to be endorsed. He was determined to be unqualified for a reason – he is shallow thinking, prejudiced and narrow minded. He wore his unqualified rating as a badge of honor. Years before he briefly tried to run for DA but aborted that effort when he found out no one in the office would support him. He then left the DA’s office and hooked up with James Clymer. When he ran for judge there were other people whom the Bar Ass’n rated as recommended as recommended or highly recommended. He used smear tactics and outright lies to discredit his opponents. One prospective candidate, Chris Patterson, was so disgusted that the fix was in that he didn’t even pursue the position. Joanne Murphy did go through the endorsement process and was not endorsed. Isn’t it ironic that the Lancaster County Republican Committee knows better than a lawyer’s peers who will be a good judge? Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Republican Committee endorsed doctors?

    • Greedy bastards says:

      I agree with most of what you said. But get real. The worse group of people to tell us the quality of a lawyer candidate is other lawyers. Lawyers have a code of ethics and openly violate them every single day in front of other lawyers and judges and they don’t do a damn thing. Y’all know who the dirty lawyers are and you are sworn to report their shady ass dealings to the disciplinary board and you never do. As long as lawyer X can make money off lawyer Y, lawyer X is so wonderful!

  5. Conrad is garbage says:

    Why can’t we find this case on the county court website?
    Who are the lawyers on both sides?
    More and more judges are siding with the male abuser and it’s despicable. I know this may not be a popular suggestion but she might want to contact Daddy Justice who will take on mothers if a dirty judge like Conrad is involved. Ron Harper also has a lot on Judge Conrad so he is also a helpful suggestion although may not be popular here. A child should never be away from a loving mother when a corrupt judge gives the child to an abusive father. My neighbor’s daughter was murdered by her father and this reminds me so much of her situation. Guy played father of the year in court and the judge wouldn’t believe the mother as she begged for help. Judge even said the mother gave herself two black eyes.

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