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*     I don’t go to her site because my evil identical twin, Preston, might pop out of my computer and punch me in the face. I’m waiting for screenshots, people. Someone send me a screenshot!




—  Chief Berkihiser?
—  Yes.
—   This is Ronald Preston Harper, Jr. I’m sure you’ve heard of me, sir! Preston is my middle name!
—  Um, no! Is there a reason I should know you?
—  I was an investigative reporter 18 years ago and I hate the police.
—  Then why are you calling me?
— I have blocked a woman on Facebook but she still reads my page. Can you arrest her?
—- No. It’s Facebook son. Grow the hell up! 
To be continued…


From the LNP article, “Lancaster County DA: $150,000 missing in alleged ‘internal theft’, attorney general to investigate,” (click here).

     As noted here yesterday, former DA Craig Stedman and his “spokesman,” Brett Hambright, lied and lied to the public about this. And now liar Stedman is a Lancaster County Judge! Simply unbelievable!
Please check back later today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The only case of police brutality Craig Stedman didn’t cover up was Ray Corll. He couldn’t because of that damn video. And look what happened to Ray. Is he still in prison, BTW? Does anybody still doubt Keith Sadler’s ex-wife? She should feel vindicated, IMO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    predictions – most of your rant doesnt make any sense to me. usually there are good guys and bad guys and i cant tell which is which or what you are trying to say. but I ‘m curious as to why you think LNP was on a witch hunt for Craig Stedman? Because they filed a RTK request or wrote unflattering articles? Why go after the task force? A person can be corrupt without stealing anything. Why would they single out a d.a.? Who is out to get him and why??? Your post doesnt make any sense.

    • Hey Carter! says:

      I have no skin in this game so I will just say that I think it is cute when Carter Walker “anonymously” comes on this website to post questions so if someone throws him a morsel, he will look like a real journalist.

      Becky has been doing Carter Walker’s job since the wee-boy started with LNP.


  3. Anonymous says:

    replying to @Predictions – You seem to know an awful lot about the inner workings and relationships of the people you speak about. My question is, then, isn’t it true that Josh Parsons worked for Craig Stedman during the time that Stedman helped cover up numerous beatings and killings by police in Lancaster County, (all but one, actually), including one cop involved in four separate shooting deaths? One cop – 4X!!! You – and Parsons must know about all the other dirty stuff that went on in Judge Stedman’s office while he was D.A. for a decade, right? How could you not?

    • Anonymous says:

      Four separate shooting deaths. But the cop goes unnamed. Yup. Lancaster. I’ve always wondered about who the cops might be. But one cop involved in four shooting deaths?

      Remember the nurse who was convicted of giving a disabled man an overdose? And she was refused bond and sat in jail for a year being broken down and no opportunity to work in defending herself ?

      The cop Chauvin is on tape murdering George Floyd. No doubt. Is he granted bail? 500k and he’s out on bail.

      Craig Martin’s sister kills her family. Out on bail.

      Yup. That’s Lancaster.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ron Harper is a guy who will annoy you, dare you to punch him, then sues you when you do. He’s an annoying little brat.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Harper…what an annoying little man. Wonder if he paid the $37 grand in taxes he owed? Funny when “conservatives” bitch about taxes they don’t pay. Wasn’t there some credit card debt too? Harper punch someone in the face? That’d be the day.

  6. anon says:

    I’d really like to know how far back this audit went. Seems true audits weren’t being done. If this $150 grand is from only a year or two it would be a good idea to audit DTF books for the last 10 years. Off the record cash is tempting.

  7. Predictions says:

    I can’t even properly describe the entertainment value this all provides me. The Republicans sure know how to put forth their best candidates. It is astounding to me when I read Craig Lehman and Josh Parsons tweets about this situation and they are basically patting themselves on the back for cracking the big case. Those tools do not realize this is blind neglect on their parts. Craig Lehman has been in office for over a decade and Josh Parsons was there for 4 years before either of these clowns decided to make a fuss over the task force because they knew LNP was on a witch hunt for Craig Stedman. Damn Joshey, you sold out your fellow Republican to get free press time. That’s even low by the Republican standard. LNP told the public today that Craig Stedman didn’t have access to the money so for all we know, this is an inside set up job and either Craig Lehman or Joshey bought themselves a new clown car. The police have been dirty for decades but it is rather ironic that the new DA, who looks like she’s a tad bit slow, fires the head of the Drug Task Force but they don’t discover until months later that money was missing from a safe to the tune of 150k? How is that even possible? Did no one think, gee, we need to count the cash we got sitting around our office before we give homeboy his last day? Maybe we should inventory the guns and drugs? Who the hell runs this clown show? All this orchestrated plot twist by the new DA and the paid off Commissioner dummies does it make defense attorneys everywhere salivate. They are making criminals realize how stupid they are and any crack whore with a $100 lawyer can beat these morons. I’m not a betting type of man but I will bet you all that this is a set up to scare the guy they fired into either not suing the county or for whatever else they may fear he will start singing about. And I further predict that whoever was in on this set up is either on video or there will be solid evidence to prove its all a set up. LNP better Right to Know any and all video recordings now because I have a feeling those tapes will walk away if they haven’t already.

    Everybody loves to be a dirty cop when it suits their squad but when there’s one disgruntled member of the boys in blue, that’s the guy that will be targeted and I bet during their mock investigations, all of a sudden kiddie porn will be on his computer.

    Craig Stedman is a laundry list of adjectives but ain’t no one going to believe that guy stole anything. He has worn the same three suits for 20 plus years and he drives shitty cars when he wasn’t being provided a tax payer funded vehicle. This is simply designed to make him look a sleep at the wheel when the Commissioners should simmer themselves down because they are equally if not more so responsible. Why didn’t they ask for records before LNP started on their Salem Stedman Trials? Because they didn’t care until it benefitted them to do so. The commissioners control the purse.

    Now what will happen is another old, white judge from somewhere else in PA will be called in to bring everyone in his chambers and tell them to be good lads because they’re embarrassing the judicial branch and we can’t do that so let’s all figure out which minority janitor we can blame this on.

    • Vanilla Envelope says:

      This may be the greatest and most epic comment I have ever read on any website! Bravo!

      Yeah, not gonna lie…I didn’t take Stedman for a stupid thief. He looks more like a dopey guy that if you are my buddy at the Hamilton Club I like and trust you while they’re screwing Stedman over.

      Stedman comes off as a nerdy professor that is kinda shy one on one. He’s the kind of guy that probably gets excited when a new box of paper clips gets mailed to him.

      Stedman is a total vanilla envelope!

      • Anonymous says:

        How does the new d.a. “look a tad bit slow”? Female? Blond? White? Asking for a friend.

      • ImpeachCraigStedman says:

        Craig? Is that you in there trying to clean up your public image? Manipulating social and news media? Trying to look “vanilla” as the shit is about to hit the fan? ‘Cause we know you didn’t steal anything. Not directly, anyway. You are too smart for that. But you have a ton of skeletons, especially as police work in America comes under scrutiny. You know…the disparate treatment and sheer brutality Becky has been screaming against for years. The favoritism you have shown to friends and allies for years while screwing the little people, people of color, the disenfranchised and the poor? Surely you know Becky. And you read her. We know that because you used one of your favorite tricks: shooting the messenger. Remember? You called her “that idiot blogger” in one of your emails that you never expected to go public, as you were shitting bricks – afraid you wouldn’t be elected judge. What are you so scared of now? You got elected, so what’s the problem? Oh. Right. I guess it doesn’t make the judiciary look good to have someone as corrupt as you sitting in judgement of others. You saw the public rebuke of Judge Reinaker. What do you think the JCB will do to you? Or the A.G.? Or the feds? You must be scared because it is rare for you to have one supporter on this site, let alone two, deflecting …and blaming everyone but you. I do believe you are starting to unravel, just like Trump. Afraid you might be impeached before you even get started? You publicly stated democrat Kathleen Kane should be impeached, before she was ever charged with a crime. She wasn’t impeached, but she did spend time in prison. In fact, she was released right around the time you were being sworn in as a judge. Maybe you missed it. Your words: If it’s true then she should resign. You have fostered racism, sexism, bigotry, police corruption, police brutality and cronyism your entire tenure and now it’s all under a microscope, all over the country. You should be paranoid. Because non-disclosure agreements will only get you so far. And they dont mean shit to a grand jury. Not everyone is willing to perjure themselves for you. You’re like Trump…Toxic and making everyone else who supports you look bad. Vanilla? Nerdy? You wish. More like calculating and evil. You know…like a snake. And just because you’re paranoid, and vigilant, doesn’t mean you’re not being followed.

    • Anonymous says:

      How does the new d.a. “look a tad bit slow”? Female? Blond? White? Asking for a friend.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is Hambright working for the new DA?

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder where his allegiance lies? Besides his paycheck

        • Anonymous. says:

          I often think about former nurse Joy Woomer. Charged 7 years after the fact, convicted by a jury on the flimsiest of evidence (& motive) and the perjured testimony of her vindictive ex husband and lopsided in limine rulings that almost seemed designed to torpedo her case. She has served her minimum as a model prisoner, but last I heard, her petition for parole was denied. Stedman probably opposed it. She is NOT a threat to society but if she speaks out publicly after release, she is a threat to his political career. I don’t know anyone, jurors included, who know the true story of what happened to that little boy. I do know his parents rec’d a hefty out-of-court settlement from Bayada Nurses which would probably not have occurred without a conviction. My heart breaks for her and I pray she has been released, but I have no idea…..

    • Hambright and his sister says:

      Hambright would work for a heroine dealer that rapes kids in his office if it meant that dude still had a job. He is a washed up journalist and even LNP won’t take him back. Hambright’s girlfriend looks like his twin sister. Who has seen them together? Back me up and don’t lie, those two are blood related! This entire situation screams SET UP and although I would love to see old Johnny-boy burn for how badly he screwed me over in the past, even I as someone who hates that dude would not paint him to be a thief. A massive dick with a small willie who overcompensates by acting tough – yes! But John would not steal money because he would never subject himself to even the slightest chance of joining the criminals he put away. Do I think John’s tactics were dirty at times? You bet! Yet, I still wouldn’t paint him to be a thief because he would flip his shit if officers failed to turn in reports even before they were due. And his squirrelly ass would throw a bitch fit over gas receipts.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Craig Stedman’s wife will have another A ha! moment like she did on 1/2/19 when she discovered hubby accidentally on purpose double dipped on mileage to the tune of thousands of dollars and he paid back part of it claiming that was the end of that. This is not a disorganized man who did not micro manage every single aspect of his office. Is there still any doubt in anybody’s mind that he is a liar and a thief? I’ve known it on a personal level for more than a decade. So have others close to him. Burkhart’s lawsuit is going to be juicy. Stedman’s nightmare is only beginning.

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