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     “Son,” Chief Berkihiser said to Ronald Harper, Jr. over the phone, “You are a whinny crybaby.”
     But, but but. This is why I hate the police. 
   Listen, nut job. There is absolutely no evidence that she is stalking or harassing you. She is simply reprinting your posts that are on a public Facebook page. Got that? 
     But she’s making fun of me.
Yes, and she has that right and she’s doing a marvelous job. Do you know the definitions of stalking and harassment? 
      Of course. 
 Okay. Has she been in direct or indirect contact with you? Has she called, texted or emailed you? Has she knocked on your van door? Has she threatened you in person or in writing?
     No, but I called her twice.
     Then you are the stalker.
     I was just being nosy – I wanted to know what she was up to. 
    Mr Harper, do not call this police department again about this issue. Do you understand?
     This is why I hate the police!
To be continued…


From yesterday’s LNP editorial by opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy, “On policing, racial equality and believing in a Lancaster County — and America — for all [editorial],” (click here).
**    How dare you, Cassidy?. For almost 15 years I have stated on this site that racism in Lancaster County begins with the Lancaster Newspapers. And it did and it does. Finally hiring two minority reporters changes nothing.  And Mayor Sorace giving your racist company millions in public money is simply outrageous and wrong (see below for the Marriott Hotel).
     From May 19, 2013  on this site (click here for the original):


*     With over 400 employees in five locations across Lancaster County, we are a workplace that celebrates diversity, achieves excellence, and adheres to ethics.
From LNP’s “Careers,” (click here).
     Really? Did LNP sell the Marriott Hotel? Are they going to return the millions of dollars they got from the public for their for-profit, off the tax rolls hotel? Does LNP finally have a Code of Ethics they can publish? I’ve been asking for that for years!


Posted recently by Ronald Harper, Jr. on one of his Facebook pages about (gasp!) me!
     Actually, it’s been 15 years and let’s take a look…
Please check back later today.

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