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          According to his docket, former East Earl Police Officer Christopher Young is scheduled to have a “Video/Telephone Hearing” this coming Friday at 9:20 am with Judge Margaret C. Miller and the “Event Type” is listed as “ARD.”
     Why would “ARD” appear anywhere near this man’s name or on his docket sheet at all? From the Dicindio Law, LLC website there is this – “What is The ARD Program in PA?” -which opens with the following sentence (click here):
     The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program in Pennsylvania offers non-violent first-time offenders an option for expungement of the charges brought against them upon successful completion of rehabilitation and supervision.
      “Non-violent?” Young is charged with sexual assault, simple assault and stalking. Does it get any more violent than that? And, the ARD program also means he would have no jail time.
      Oh no, Judge Miller and all the other Lancaster Judges: You aren’t going to get away with this sickening “justice” this time. The white privilege that goes on in that courthouse daily must end.
Click here for another blatant white men/policeman privilege case where then President Judge Joseph Madenspacher broke the law to “protect” these two teenagers: “Cop’s son and friend face 9-month stint in ‘motivational boot camp’ for raid of West Hempfield home,” and there will be much more tomorrow.



Christopher Young from his Facebook page and the LNP story (click here).
      This email in. They will do anything to protect these creeps! Well, not this time!
     First off, so sorry that you had to endure COVID19, and happy that you survived it. I have been fortunate so far, but don’t take anything for granted.  These are scary times, and I am happy to follow Gov. Wolf’s advice and stay home.
     I checked in on Christopher Young’s docket sheet and see he has an ARD video hearing scheduled. . .  I don’t know the law, but I hope one can’t get ARD for a sexual assault charge?  Wondering if you know anything.
     OMG! They can’t get away with this! I will call the court on Monday. Click here for “IT’S CALLED RAPE.”

6 Responses to UPDATED 5-17-20 – ARD FOR RAPE?

  1. Benton Harbor says:

    So thankful that you are back. We need you in our lives to help make some sense of it all.

  2. barryinwinnipeg says:

    WELCOME BACK, BECKY! I am so sorry that you caught the virus which, according to the President’s Number One Dumb Son will disappear the day after the election. Covid-19 has played havoc with all our lives: there is the medical dimension, of course, and there is the economic upheaval, and there is the mental health dimension (often the least emphasized) but where I am spending a lot of my time lately. While you were gone I feared that lipnews.com might be gone for good, but as we used to say in Latin (my college major) mirabile dictu! You’re back. And just in time to give us the local slant on County vs State on reopening, and all the rest. You were missed!

  3. Anonymous says:

    He most certainly does have ARD hearing coming up. ARD program is at discretion of D.A. Only Heather Stedman would approve it for a stalker. Judge for entire case was Spahn, who does not have to abide by d.a.’s recommendation. So they got Miller. Without ARD, Young can never be a cop again. Poor baby.

  4. Terry says:

    Welcome back Becky. Thanks for following up on this. Hopefully the ARD hearing has nothing to do with the sexual assault charge. I’d like to think it’s not a case of white man/policeman privilege, just a coincidence that he has an ARD hearing coming up. Prior to the pandemic, I believe a jury trial was planned.

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