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—     So, the head of the Drug Task Force, John Burkhart, who oversaw the spending of thousands of dollars in drug forfeiture cash sitting in a safe in the DA’s office, was suddenly fired on Monday and the public has not been given a clue as to why? Unbelievable.

*    It’s funny then that LNP’s astute editorial team penned an attack on municipalities that are currently withholding money from the drug task force just yesterday. I assume to report on the same day that same drug task force is in shambles wouldn’t be a good look.
This comment in yesterday under the post immediately below.
     How true!


     John Burkhart, a retired Lancaster city detective who since 2011 led the drug task force, confirmed to LNP|LancasterOnline that he was fired on Monday. He declined to elaborate, other than to say he is seeking a lawyer.
From the LNP article pictured left (click here).
     There are lots of lawyers in Lancaster! If you are one and you want to represent John Burkhart – contact him!
    This story confirms a comment into this site yesterday alerting us that Burkhart had been fired (thank you!). We need to know why he was suddenly fired.
     The DA’s office issued a press release yesterday titled, “Drug Task Force, Selective Enforcement Unit to Work in Tandem on Temporary Basis,” which tells us almost nothing (click here).
     Under the announcement on the DA’s Facebook page there is the below exchange. Please note I have no idea of the commenters’ relationships to John Burkhart – if in fact they are related at all.
     If anyone has more information on this very strange turn of events please let us know. Why was Burkhart fired in the first place?
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything you said, but I still think it was Stedman behind John’s firing…a done deal after he told the truth and made Stedman look like a fool – making him climb uphill for a judgeship he always thought would be handed to him. Stedman is a snake and the poster above you is correct, too. Once again, Stedman orchestrates a shitshow and comes out looking like he has clean hands. I dont know if John was union because he was management. I do know that Stedman runs the courthouse and the police chiefs, who jeopardized their associations’ tax exempt status by endorsing him for judge in the paper – at his insistence and despite their concerns about running afoul of federal tax law. You scratch my back and I’ll grovel for you anytime you want. I suggest John not hire ANY lawyer in Lancaster County and, in fact, look to Allegheny County where they are not pussies who kowtow to the rest of the bar and bench. And definitely do NOT hire Pyfer Reese 😉 !

    • smh says:

      100% agree

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Congratulations! We are all dumber for your comment, darling. It does not take any investigatory skill sets to watch the actual commissioners meeting footage to determine that DA Stedman, the detective in question and all of their fellow boys in blue were a cohesive unit against the commissioners. If DA Stedman’s purpose was to take this detective down, it would have been best served during his tenure as DA.

      Heather Adams showed her loyalty cards when she hired the lad that ran against DA Stedman for judge to be the second in charge of the DA’s office. There is no way Heather Adams is framing this detective on behalf of Craig Stedman. That is such silly nonsense.

      We become nothing more than LNP when we comment from our own place of bias and not from facts.

      It makes me sick that any of these people are in charge of the county of my birth. But it would make me sicker if I just rambled on, making accusatory comments of no real thought or merit.

      This is a current administrative inside hit and we need to find out why.

  2. Union says:

    Speaking from just a practical union standpoint, the new DA did not become
    DA until January of this year. If this detective was let go on March 2nd, something is very fishy. This almost has to be politically motivated. Being on the job for two months would not give the new DA enough time to establish a termination case for a unionized detective that heads a department. He could have done the absolute worst of offenses and he still would be employed simply because it takes so long to fire a union employee and a union cop is even longer. Basically, all us taxpayers will be setting this detective up for life when the union backs his lawsuit. I was someone that wanted to get behind a female DA but who she’s aligned herself with and her decisions are extremely poor. For her sake, I hope she’s a puppet on a string like everyone says because if these are actually her decisions, God help us all.

  3. The Truth says:

    John is a good cop anyone that says otherwise either hates his honesty or hates cops in general. John was honest and has been ringing the bell about the problems with the DTF for a decade now. John told the commissioners to their faces what the problems were and because they have done nothing to solve the DTF funding crisis, more deaths would be on their hands. The commissioners got their feelings hurt but as long as Stedman was in office, John was safe to speak the truth. Once Josh Parsons got meth head looking Barbie in there it was game on and she is a sheep that would be stupid enough to take the lawsuit and the blame for what the commissioners wanted to see happen. All of law enforcement will watch this one and it won’t be forgotten. Hey Heather, stop telling other cops that “some chiefs” wanted John gone. The lies you get from your tiny ruler are well known. When the blue line won’t let you cross, you are done. You are not fit to be respected nor called DA. You robbed it from Fetterman with an orchestrated attack against his character that you and Josh Parsons orchestrated.

  4. Old & Canadian says:

    I once again feel compelled to report my breaking news! Hold on friends as this will astonish the mind……

    LNP’s editorial board is run by nothing more than grossly obese women that Peggy has to throw a bone at and place somewhere because they were crap reporters that needed to be removed from daily reporting. So, the old, fat and talentless broads got to become the Editorial Board and pick equal public losers to comment on nonsense. They have no clue what’s happening around Lancaster as they are too busy eating at the Press Room and complaining about their weight. True story!

    Of course, this website was the source of the DTF shake up. Carter Walker is paid by LNP to read our comments for his breaking news. Anyone that believes otherwise should apply for a job with the editorial board. Your cluelessness will serve you well.

    The only way Lancaster will know the truth about the DTF is if Becky, myself and other capable reporters invest the time to properly investigate.

    LNP will write their articles after we post our comments.

    Proven once again with this story!

    Hey Carter! You’re welcome boo boo! I am glad I can help you make that $7.25/hour as a big shot reporter for LNP!

    Side note – I typically do not comment about a woman’s weight because I am a gentleman but those pigs deserve it for their tasteless and useless reporting.

    • huh? says:

      Yup. They steal her stories but wouldn’t lift a finger after she and Ron Harper were dogged and hacked and stalked despite the fact that the stalker repeatedly harassed them on the old comment boards.

      Maybe a subgroup by invitation only so Carter will have to get away from his desk and do some work.

      BTW, wonder if Debra Slaymaker-WALKER is any relation to Carter WALKER?

  5. huh? says:

    Once again, I’m betting that the LNP published this update because they found it in yesterday’s responses.

    Lancaster is such a screwed up town. Not the regular people. But the wholly unqualified judicial, executive, and council branches.

    And the LPD? Solve some murders and I’ll have some respect for you. Spend less time beating up immigrants and mocking their dialects and tasering seated citizens. Spend more time demanding DNA be run through Parabon. They solved Mirack’s murder. You don’t need to have a fancy “what they might look like” poster or anything else. Just submit the DNA to Parabon.

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