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—  UPDATE 3-26-20 – My wonderful laptop died last night so I am using an old Chrome Book I have not used in years. Sigh. Please be patient.
*   On October 11, 2019, I published here that LNP sued Gearty for $9,723.50 in unpaid advertising (click here). There are quite a few comments under it. I will leave it at that for today.


       Lancaster Attorney Justin Gearty committed suicide Monday night. His daughter’s GoFundMe account is here. There will be much more to come.



(Click here for the LNP article)

     From the West Lampeter Police Department press release (click here):
     Tyler STOLTZFUS and Joseph DUIGNAN were arraigned before MDJ William BENNER Jr and were both released on $25,000.00 unsecured bail.
      Also from the same press release there is this:

     The West Lampeter Township Police Department investigated multiple criminal mischiefs occurring during the overnight hours between 01/26/20 – 03/05/20 in which the windows of vehicles and residences were shot out.  The damages of the criminal mischiefs occurring in West Lampeter Township exceeded $11,000.00.
     Charges were filed against Tyler STOLTZFUS and Joseph DUIGNAN before MDJ William BENNER Jr for Criminal Mischief (19 counts) with the grading ranging from summary to felony of the 3rd degree), Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Mischief and Possessing Instruments of Crime.
     So, for over a month, these two 19-year-olds were destroying property and endangering lives and they got unsecured bail?
     President Judge David Ashworth recently told LNP there are two reasons for bail:
1. To make sure the defendant shows up for their court proceedings.
2. To protect the public from possible future actions of the defendant.
     These were violent crimes committed over a period of a month and the public does not need protection? Were they just being good ole white boys?
Please check back later today.

42 Responses to 3-26-20 UPDATE -* – *** BREAKING NEWS *** – UNSECURED BAIL!

  1. Benton Harbor says:

    Hey, Great news SPONSORED CONTENT advertising in Lancaster online is Free. Covid19 coverage, not so much

  2. Benton Harbor says:

    Headline this morning LANCASTER ONLINE. Some of our COVID-19 coverage will require a subscription to read. Here’s why. I would say the reasons are BS. Advertising revenues are way down, because NO ONE advertises when they are closed. As soon as you click on an article, switch to airplane mode.

  3. Mr and Mrs Client says:

    We were shocked and saddened to hear of his death this morning. My husband and I have been trying to reach out to him over the last two week as he has represented us in a custody battle over the last year. As we began to read all these posts it sounded all too familiar. We never knew how similar our situations were, more than we could imagine. It disheartened us to know he had all this going on in his life and still managed to represent clients going through like circumstances and still remained professional. We understand how far someone can push someone else to feed their own agenda.

    From what experience we had he seemed like a good man, down to earth and that he was trying to break the mold. Even if it could only be one case at a time. Through all this I hope that this may shed light on father’s rights and the corrupt court system in Lancaster county. Allow his legacy to bring awareness. Although I didn’t know him on a person level when he spoke of his children it seemed as though his love was genuine and that he cared for them very much.

  4. Benton Harbor says:

    Let her know we are all thinking about her, and hope and pray for a quick recovery. She is a part of our lives and we need her to keep us informed.

  5. Anne says:

    Hello, I am Becky’s sister Anne. She has been in the hospital since last Friday and may be in another day or two. She was very ill, but it was not covid-19. She looks forward to publishing again soon.

  6. huh? says:

    I took note of the go fund me page. Is his daughter old enough to be the administrator of the page? If not, who set it up?

    • Mean people suck says:

      Justin’s oldest daughter set it up and she attends Millersville University. Justin has one older daughter in college, a set of twins boys who are young, a toddler age daughter and his girlfriend is pregnant and due pretty soon. For the commenters that are basically blaming Justin for his suicide is so beyond comprehension. When a human is that low to even contemplate, let alone actually do it to commit suicide they are not themselves. The chemical makeup of the brain to get to that level of depression is something almost NO ONE can overcome or control. You have to get to that place to understand they can not control or help it. YES! I have been there myself and if my brother did not intervene and force me into a hospital, I would be dead. It took several medications to help me beat it and a lot of support. Justin was predisposed to depression but was treating it and always had. BUT when something so traumatic as divorce and custody hits you, it can drag you to such a high level of depression that it would push anyone over the edge.

      Stop judging what you don’t know!

      My rant wasn’t meant for you “huh?” it just happens to be under your comment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wendy Chan’s “ethics can’t be compromised” because she doesn’t have any.

  8. Funeral Info? says:

    This is such sad news. I have worked with Justin before. I am currently trapped in another country, on my honeymoon and we can not get back home right now. Does anyone have any funeral information yet? I hope this virus stuff calms down because I would like to fly home and attend. It is true that Justin and Wendy despised each other but that is because Wendy despises anyone that stands up to her miserable ass. I remember reading on here when Wendy tried to even bully Becky and demanded Becky’s record of IP addresses. What a pig! And a dumb pig because such a request is illegal. Great attorney!
    But in all seriousness, please post any funeral info and I pray I get back in time.

  9. More info says:

    Judge Workman is the head of the family court division for Lancaster County Courts. Judge Workman did not directly oversee this case but he was assigned to oversee the senior judge brought in to assist. Senior judges need babysitters because they are senior in every sense of the word. Most wouldn’t even pass a driving test at this point in their lives. I have it on good authority that Judge Workman knew Wendy Chan was acting out vengeful with Justin’s case. My question is, did Judge Workman report Wendy Chan to the disciplinary board? If not, why? I feel that the more we keep digging, the more people will have blood on their hands. This is an outright systematic failure and the entire bar association should be up in arms and demanding disciplinary action.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is very interesting. Someone wrote this about Wendy Chan on her Google review page. Wendy Chan’s response “response from the owner” should make us all sick. Clearly, this freak show thinks pushing Dad’s to kill themselves is in the children’s best interest. And I shouldn’t have looked her up because her pictures are frightening! You’d think being that ugly she would want to have a kind soul!

    Aloha Bob
    13 reviews · 8 photos
    2 weeks ago
    On 1/31/20 ( ONE DAY ) Wendy charged me $1,200 for 40 incoming and outgoing emails relating to my case. I spent $5,200 and was asked for another $7,500 more with very little being accomplished for my cause. Other attorneys were shocked to learn this. And I did better negotiating for myself without her. I addressed these issues with Wendy, and was not satisfied with her response or her service. She claims, “I only accept clients who have the best interests of their children at heart.” but, it;s more like clients who pay her whatever she demands.

    Response from the owner
    2 weeks ago
    Bob -My ethics, morals, and personal beliefs cannot be compromised. I simply will not do anything that is not in the best interests of my clients’ children.

  11. Please keep reporting on this! says:

    I know this might sound morbid but this story has my curiosity. Do we have any idea how he died and are we sure it was via suicide? I only ask because I am weird and like too much information. I looked on the prothonotary website and I can not find divorce or custody case information. Since he was a practicing attorney in Lancaster, it all could be sealed. If an attorney did succumb to the horrible side effects of divorce and custody, this is newsworthy and maybe, just maybe, our community is ready to have an honest conversation about the horrors these cases allow to happen. Wendy Chan is a shit attorney and may she rot in hell but she is not the only one and we need to shine a spot light on these holier than thou judges that allow these shit bag attorneys to ruin people’s lives. The judges do not hold these attorneys to the ethics they are sworn to follow.

    • Michael E. McHale may know something says:

      Right on! Guess I am morbid 2 as I want more info on this. Justin’s divorce and custody documents were sealed but Wendy Chan faxed sealed files about Justin’s case to several attorneys. One of the attorneys was Michael E. McHale who was suspended to practice law. Mike said he couldn’t understand how Wendy Chan wasn’t disbarred for the things she does, yet he gets disciplined. You have to find out who the judge was in this case to really attack the custody pandemic. It used to be Judge Workman that covered all custody cases, it might still be but I am unsure if any in county judge would take a practicing attorneys divorce and custody case. It is public record that Justin had a lot of debts but he always had so the rumors he killed himself because of his debts are bogus. The man was broken up about his wife lying and keeping his kids from him. I have been there myself due to a bitter woman and it can drive the strongest of men to their knees. Fathers love their children just as much as mothers do.

      • anon says:

        Suicide is tragic but there will always be those willing to exploit it. One commenter said “he couldn’t live without his children.” So his answer was to deprive his children, born and unborn, forever?? Literally millions of people suffer the complexities of custody cases. Only a small percentage become extremely complex, and it’s my opinion that those few cases are always because neither side is willing to truly put the children before their own interests, egos, hatred of the other. Always takes two to tango.

        • Different Anon says:

          You have no idea what you are talking about. Custody cases are about alot more than the children. Sometimes they are not about the children at all. One parent just tries to make it look that way. His reputation was being destroyed, financial ruin, etc. For the record, the negative reviews of this departed soul all appear to be the work on Wendy Chan and her underlings. Toxic woman, poison pen.

        • Dido says:

          You are blaming a suicide victim? That’s cold.

    • Anonymous says:

      I could not have said this better. I have the exact same questions, want to know who the judge is, and shine a spotlight on the abuses in the for-profit court system. PA probate/guardianship is as bad as family court. I have no children, but I have heard and read the horror stories from people caught up in the family court system. The LAST thing a divorcing couple should do is get the courts involved. The same is true for probate. I advise elderly people to give everything to your kids/heirs while alive, if possible, because regardless of your wishes and your “ironclad” or “simple” last will and testament, PA courts and lawyers will be the biggest and sometimes ONLY beneficiaries. Also, guardianship abuse is rampant. If you have an elderly parent in need of a guardian, or the kids are fighting over care, do not call the state or county dept. of aging. PA will eat them (and you) up financially and spit you out. My heart goes out to Mr. Gearty’s kids. Who was the lawyer and judge and special master, etc., who thought it would be “in the best interest of the child” to stress out their father until he just kills himself? Great legal strategy. His estate may have a good case for negligent/intentional infliction of emotional distress, and more. Any life insurance policies he may have had will probably not pay out for suicide. Princess Chan needs to be dethroned. The timeline of his downhill slide is evident from his google reviews and his ex’s review on Chan’s site. I hope somebody takes screen shots before they disappear. In a county where 10% of the lawyers are honest and ethical, we lost one of the good guys.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hello my lovelies! I am too intrigued not to supply some info. My wonderful American ground soldiers were kind enough to provide me with some details. Turns out none of the current Lancaster County judges were overseeing this case. It gets sooooo bad as I have it on good authority that the worthless old Joseph C. Madenspacher was resurrected from the retirement dead and asked to oversee this case. Now we know what really went wrong. Joseph C. Madenspacher was old when I was young and I am now a grandfather! He is a worthless judge and scared of his own shadow. Back in the day, some of us would take turns sitting in his court room to make him nervous because it was the only way he would fly right and do the right thing.

        !Wendy Chan is confirmed counsel for Kelly Gearty. It gets even better, Wendy represented Kelly for FREE. This was 100% about destroying Justin. May her children never forgive her.
        !Justin started out with an attorney but ended up having to represent himself.
        !Justin was in therapy to deal with Wendy and Kelly’s constant harassment. Justin was being treated for situational depression as a result of their absolutely horrendous emotional abuse.
        !Wendy and Kelly reported Justin to almost every government agency.
        !Multiple people that used to work for Justin report they were contacted by Wendy to try and turn on Justin and feed info to Wendy. None of them took the bait and reported everything back to Justin.
        !From what I gather from Justin’s Facebook page, he is a father of 5.
        !His daughter has a Go Fund Me Page for him. How absolutely horribly sad. I pray this Kelly monster isn’t her biological mother.

        • anon says:

          According to the library logic of some comments on here it would seem the family could sue the therapist for failing. His choice must be someone else’s fault.

        • Anonymous says:

          I disagree about Judge Madenspacher. And age is irrelevant, except it means experience. Even though he was a former d.a., he was/is a breed apart from Totaro and Reineker. And Craig Stedman is not even of the same species as the rest of us. Madenspacher and retired judge Farino are two of the finest judges PA ever had to offer. But if Wendy Chan is friends with Jackie Pfursich that’s all she needed. They are of the same cloth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Something I’ve noticed whether a criminal or civil case the person that loses always thinks the court is corrupt.

  12. Benton Harbor says:

    Interesting. This morning you have to register and create an account to read the FREE virus stories at LNP. Also still no story about Bill Saylor’s passing???????

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is “Kelly Gearty”‘s solicited review of Wendy Chan on Google. 85 reviews for a local lawyer – most positive – is not even remotely believable. The woman is trash and everyone knows it.
    “9 months ago
    Wendy and her staff are all amazing! They genuinely care about their clients and will fight for the best possible outcome. I made one call to Chan and Associates and it seems my life is falling into place with all of their help! I would recommend this firm to anyone! Best firm I know of!” DONT BELIEVE IT. CHAN COULD CARE LESS ABOUT ANYTHING BUT HERSELF AND HER USED CAR SALESMAN HUSBAND. (If that). She should be disbarred and run out of town for good.

    • Chan the Man! says:

      I told myself I wouldn’t go there because I do have some connections to Justin and I did not want to turn this thread into a bash session but I have been told by someone that used to work with Wendy Chan that half of her Google reviews are fake. Wendy would have some of her minimum wage or interns working for her, create accounts and praise Wendy and they were not even clients.
      Wendy and her deadbeat husband bought a building down town and haven’t moved into the deteriorated mess because Wendy can’t afford to have the place restored. Wendy is best friends with Clerk of Courts Jacque Pfursich (spelling?) and there has been comments of why they are often together. Guess evil and unqualified travel in packs.
      Does anyone else from the bar remember when Wendy put her name in for judge? OMG talk about a joke.
      And anyone that has ever met Kelly Gearty can quickly believe that Wendy represented her. Birds of a feather. Hope Kelly is enjoying her new convict boyfriend. Also job, sis! Drive the lawyer and business owner father to your kids to kill himself and then shack up with a convict. Awesome planning! You definitely took Wendy’s advice. You wanted to take everything from Justin, well you succeeded and now you can enjoy all of his debts!

      • Blah says:

        Yes! A group of us were talking about Wendy’s judge run a few weeks ago. It was the first time ever that a large group of lawyers were in complete agreement to vote NO and not argue. I know that several lawyers have issues with Wendy because she is the Jerry Springer of attorneys. She gives us all a bad name and she uses her clients and prolongs case after case just to run up her bill. Her office is a revolving door of attorneys because no one of substance or quality stays with her long. Word is that Wendy is trying to butter up to some politicos to help her run for judge one day. Any politician past or present that would support Wendy being a judge will quickly find out the entire bar would turn on them as well. You have to be as self serving as they come to think Wendy should serve in any capacity outside of waitress and even that would be too good for her.

        • Question? says:

          Question for Becky as I do not know the rules, if any, in the reporting world.

          Should LNP post about Justin’s death to alert his clients that he is no longer alive? The reason I ask is because he had a sizable case load at one point and I do not believe anyone else works with him at his office?

          While I am saddened for Justin and his family, I can’t help but wonder what happens to his clients that are currently sitting in jail?

        • Anonymous says:

          Blah: If you are, in fact, a member of the LCBA, you have an ethical duty to report violations of the Bar code that you personally witness. To NOT do so would be a violation on your part which – as a lawyer – I am sure you know. Therefore, if you desire, go to Avvo.com and read Wendy Chan’s RESPONSES to certain negative reviews. As a lawyer, you should be able to spot the eggregious code of conduct violationS, and come up with some I may not have thought of. Have at it. The statute clock continues to tick.

          • Clarification? says:

            I am not a lawyer
            So please explain
            What a statute clock is
            And how is pertains to this mess?
            I am just very interested.
            Is there a certain amount of time
            That people have to report bad lawyers for their behavior?
            If so what’s the time limit?

  14. Anon says:

    I KNEW Wendy Chan was involved!!! What a bottom-feeding POS she is!

    • Old & Canadian says:

      Anon, finally! Something we both are able to agree on!!! Darling, I knew this day would come!
      I was sent petitions that Attorney Chan drafted and the foul things she wrote about my dear, dear friend were enough to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And this man is a genuinely good lad and the games Attorney Chan played nearly bankrupted my friend and his ex-wife, her client. The claims she made about a father with no substantiated proof were beyond disturbing and her grammar and language were horrid.
      Someone needs to tell Attorney Chan that all the baked goods in the world will not inspire those in the court house to like her. Her holiday cookie disaster provided more comic relief than calories! My friends at the Prothy’s Office told me Attorney Chan came in there like old, fat, St. Nick and dropped off cookies. Once Attorney Chan left everyone threw them away because they thought she poisoned them. Another friend of mine received Attorney Chan’s free legal aide and my friend discovered quickly she got what she paid for. Attorney Chan was yelling at my friend, her own client in the court room.
      People need to speak out. Becky can’t do this all herself. So many know what this woman is and how much of an embarrassment she is to the local bar association but here we are all just singing, Justice for Justin.
      And to be fair, I have never had any interactions with Attorney Chan and I have only seen her picture on this website. But I do know enough people of quality character that all share the same opinions about this particular attorney.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you want more info about what a slimeball she is, go to pacer.gov (you may have to register) and for 10-cents a page(if that) you will find her lawsuit against Lancaster County (which fired her just months after hiring her as Human Resources Director) because of her complete lack of ethics … and being a liar. Search is easy – civil, 3rd circuit, chan… – read her complaint (which was all b.s. – she had no case – and the county’s answer. JUICY reading. (She claims she got a HUGE payout). The county settled for peanuts because it was a nuisance they wanted to GO AWAY.

  15. RIP says:

    OMG! No!!!!
    Since we all have been made to work from home I did not know this happened. We have a case with Justin where I work for the opposing attorney and Justin has not answered our emails. I do not think many people work at his office any longer because we have also left messages. Justin was always so kind and responsive.
    I have heard the rumors like everyone else but I never believed them. My God what his ex wife was doing to him should be criminal.
    And I think some of the commenters are giving Wendy – horrible breath – Chan too much credit.
    The woman is evil, yes, but she is an absolute idiot and a disgrace to the legal system.
    I remember being forced to observe family business court and it was comical watching Wendy prance around and play girlfriends with the other attorneys and literally they all rolled their eyes at each other.
    She is clueless to how much people despise her and think she is crap.
    She also stinks and her wardrobe choices remind you that she either does not have a mirror at home or those closest to her don’t tell her the truth.
    Sorry for digressing because this is such a sad and serious matter and my heart is so shattered for Jen but those in the know can’t allow Wendy Chan any sick gratification for what happened to Justin.
    She will pat herself on the back.

  16. Custody Court Killers says:

    The county court house is the worst gossip mongering high school one could ever attend.
    Even with everything essentially shut down, rumors are flying about Justin and it is sooo disturbing. The court house and their employees should be people of the highest caliber of integrity and this place is the damn gutter.
    The man was a good man and basically built himself up from nothing. All of a sudden – BOOM he is getting divorced and becomes so evil another and an unfit parent. Give me a break.
    Many of us know what really happened and who all is responsible.
    I am not going to elaborate further but if any of his kids ever read this, your father was a good person and loved you all very much.

  17. RIP Justin says:

    For many of us in the legal community, this is heart breaking.

    Justin had his troubles (who doesn’t) but he was a kind human people and being on the opposing side many times, I can tell you he was always well liked by his fellow attorneys.

    I hope you drill into this case and report the facts for Justin’s children’s sake. Justin’s legacy should not be told to them by their bitter mother and her horrendously unethical attorney.

    Both Kelly and her Attorney Wendy Chan made it their life mission to ruin Justin and a corrupt court system allowed it. In Kelly’s quest to destroy Justin and the encouragement by her attorney to do so, Justin killed himself because he could not live without his kids.

    Kelly got her wish and may her children know the truth some day about what their mother did to their father.

    Justin – Rest In Peace
    Kelly/Wendy – May Karma act swiftly

    Be well Becky and for those of us in the know, Justin was a good soul and many ache for his kids and his fiancée. She is also pregnant with their first child.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Nothing about the Parson-wiczkowski fued in LNP today?

    I find it interesting that the lancity connect con-man’s brother is now heavily involved in the fallout of drug forfeiture money issues related to Stedman.

  19. smh says:

    These two legal adult men sure were being boys!

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