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UPDATE – 3-18-20

     Who could have ever imagined this? The only “real” news for the next several days or weeks is Covid-19. I wish I could add to that conversation but I know as little as you.
     This site will publish sporadically over the next several days. Anyone with any suggestions, information or ways to help one another please comment.
     Stay safe!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Information is sorely lacking in Lancaster County. LNP and ALL the TV stations suck. Courts are closed but the administrative order is not posted on court website, clerk, prothonotary, adult probation, etc. D-A website has a link to it, pays a spokesperson to post everything to crimewatch, which they (taxpayers) also pay for. No county health dept., no county spokesperson, WTF?

  2. Anonymous says:

    For those of us who don’t/didn’t know (very little info on LNP) the drive in testing for co vid is:

    PA College of Health
    850 Greenfield Rd
    Lancaster PA

    800 622 5443

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mayor Dickina sounds a 15 year old. So um like this virus is like really serious n stuff, and we should like um take precautions n stuff. I mean this is like super super scary n stuff…

  4. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Here’s some Canadian tips to help you get through all this. First, social distancing, stay two meters away from any other person: that’s about the length of your skis! Second, when schools close–no play dates! Third, several of our larger stores allow seniors and people with immune-compromised health issues to shop one hour before the store opens for everyone at large. Fourth, with no hockey to watch (that’s our biggest sport), we’re encouraged to pick up the phone or skype someone who needs a bit of encouragement (social distancing does not mean social isolation). And a cheerful note about economic matters: our parliament is closed due to the outbreak, but laws can pass with a quorum of just twenty people, so this hardy bunch will be assembled next week to pass a law giving folks tax breaks,mortgage deferments, and outright grants and benefits to replace loss income, especially to workers in the service industry. But we also passed rules closing the border to Americans for non-essential visits to slow down the spread of the outbreak. Yes, our dollar maybe worth less than seventy cents American, but, America, YOU are very reluctantly now the target of a TRAVEL BAN! As a parishoner at my Sunday service requested, “Please pray that this Corona virus will just go away!” AMEN TO THAT, FRIENDS…AND…PLEASE, STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    I heard St Joe’s is at least semi equipped, patient rooms have beds, OR’s have equipment in them. A lot of activity in past week or two, lights on, vehicles in lots.

  7. my goodness says:

    I am extremely taken aback by the Mayors excuses as to why UPMC can’t be used. Lancaster has this huge asset that few others have in this empty hospital. We are in a state of emergency. Lancaster, take possession of the empty hospital NOW. Enlist LGH to get it equipped and staffed. The UPMC staff from not too long ago did not just disappear from the face of earth. The equipment did not just disappear. Get creative people, turn this building into a temporary covid facility then a state of the art LGH facility. It is criminal to allow this building to sit empty. For heavens sake, don’t just tell us to stay home, wash our hands and clean. You, Lancaster City and Lancaster County have the power right now to turn this current tragedy into something positive and long lasting. Please do it.

    • smh says:

      Lancaster needs a drive thru testing site.

      Do what needs to be done and worry about paying for it when the dust settles. Very soon there will be federal government resources available.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mayor Dickina sounds like a 15 year old. Um…ahh…super super..ah…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Mayor Dickina! “Please stay home”.

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