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     I will try to get to the bottom of John Burkhart’s status with the DA’s office tomorrow (pictured left). Please see below and the comments into this site under this post. Where is LNP?
     Also, Lancaster City Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser gave an important “2019 Year in Review” about his department to city council on Monday. I will also come back to that tomorrow. Once again, where is LNP?
**    Speaking of John Burkhart, do you remember the below (click here for the original)? This still amazes me. Have those records been released and has the public seen them? The link to the LNP story in the screenshot is here.

*    Becky, the rumblings around the court house today are that the head of the drug task force [John Burkhart] was fired two weeks ago. Word is he was even escorted out by his brothers in blue.
Part of a comment into this site today.
     Can anyone verify this information?


From the Lancaster Police Facebook page (click here to read more about the Cadet program).

     Wonderful! Congratulations to him!
      Please check back later today!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Unless Burkhart punched somebody on the job, I smell a HUGE rat! Sham investigation, show of unity among other cops, embarrassing exit out the door – AFTER Craig Stedman left office. The RAT is Stedman, who has been desperate to discredit Burkhart ever since the commissioners’ meeting. John knows where the bodies are buried – so to speak- and anybody who doesn’t KNOW that Stedman runs EVERY aspect of that courthouse, including the clerk and the judges, hasn’t worked there very long.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me, is Tim Stuhlderer back?

  3. Old & Canadian says:

    I spoke with my reliable source and this news is accurate. I do believe the time frame may be inaccurate as I was told yesterday that he was placed on paid leave while they did an investigation but his actual firing happened sometime this week. And you know, Becky dear, I will always verify my facts before posting. You can rest assured this news is 100% accurate. My little filing friend has all the gossip and she/he has never steered me wrong. The original poster does make great points, where is LNP and who is running the drug cops?

  4. Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do! says:

    Becky, the rumblings around the court house today are that the head of the drug task force was fired two weeks ago. Word is he was even escorted out by his brothers in blue. Where’s LNP reporting on the drug task force having no leadership? Why was he fired? We’re drugs and money stolen? What illegal thing went down to have the head of the drug task force fired when the task force barely operates now? Why isn’t this news! Guess old Detective Burkhart has some explaining to do but it is said to have gone down two weeks ago and not a peep from LNP. Guess they need to hide this to keep the happy portrait of the nice Amish and pretty convention center as the themes for Lancaster.

    Anonymously comment here people if you have anymore info then me. You know who y’all are as you talk loud as hell where we all eat! Report the news to drive away the tourists!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s funny then that LNP’s astute editorial team penned an attack on municipalities that are currently withholding money from the drug task force just yesterday. I assume to report on the same day that same drug task force is in shambles wouldn’t be a good look.

    • Anonymous says:

      Years ago, Burkhart was prosecuted for perjury…and won. He was with LCPD @ the time. Eager to hire another liar, Stedman snapped him up. Google it. His defense lawyer was Rob Donatoni – a nutcase out of Chester County.

    • Anonymous says:

      LNP (Lousy News Paper) is nothing more than a coupon clipper and brochure for the chamber of commerce.

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