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    At approximately 6:44 pm last night, the livestream of the city council committee meeting suddenly appeared. That means that everyone who wanted to watch it missed most of the important items on the agenda. It appears they have the full video up this morning so please be patient as I find the time to watch it. When will the city finally get this right? This is beyond ridiculous! And where is LNP and their coverage?
     Well, their editorial board was busy meeting and livestreaming an interview with new President Judge David Ashworth last evening at the same time as the city council committee meeting (click here for the above article).
     And Judge Ashworth made an important decision regarding the Jonathan Luna records but why does only LNP (the news organization) get to request the documents (click here for the above article)? Public records are public records.
Please check back later today.


  1. Old & Canadian says:

    Maybe it takes a Canadian to break this down for everyone so here we go. I normally charge for my ground breaking findings but I will help everyone here for free since Becky has been kind enough to me to allow me to comment.

    The sheriff was hand picked by a political party, he is useless and beholden to his political party. He was not selected by them because he is a fabulous leader and a decorated officer, he was selected because he does two things very well = Kiss ass and look the other way.

    The new DA is a disaster from my inside sources. She is clearly not qualified to do anything other than kiss ass and look the other way.

    When I watched the new PJ’s interview it brought so much relief to me that I am governed under Canadian courts now. Lancaster is a disaster and both the sheriff and the DA are useless.

    Murders won’t be solved
    Drugs will take over the streets

    That is your reality Lancaster! Keep following your political parties.

    • Wizard Canadian? says:

      Old & Canadian,

      I am beginning to think you are a magical being or you work at the court house because you are 100% right about our sheriff. If LNP wasn’t beholden to him they’d do a real story about the issues we have at the sheriff office. It was not until Sheriff Chris took over that we had so many shortages. No one likes or respects him or Riggs. Deputies are leaving left and right. Don’t bother getting to know your fellow deputies because they’ll be gone within a few short months. If we want to talk about critical, not having deputies is critical and we are not leaving because of the poor pay, it is 100% the poor leadership.

  2. huh? says:

    Public record isn’t always public record unfortunately. Mugshots protected by the old DA comes to mind immediately.

    When that young man was shot between the eyes, they weren’t alone. If the DA wants to withhold public records they always find a way to do it.

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