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2-13-2020 UPDATE-  It appears the city has put up a valid video of Tuesday’s city council meeting so I will watch it and report back later today.


     Pictured below are city clerk Bernie Harris beginning the livestream of last night’s city council meeting and on the right is how it appears on the city’s YouTube channel.
      The video they have up is worthless. The meeting lasted 35 minutes not 15.29 so over half is missing. The first three minutes of the video are before the meeting begins and the last three minutes are after the meeting ended. And the few minutes that are available are broken and unintelligible.
     There will be more tomorrow. 
**** According to her updated docket, the two most serious charges against Mackenzie Brant for aggravated assault were changed at her preliminary hearing this afternoon. One was withdrawn and one was changed to a lower charge.
***  Mackenzie Brant, who was arrested and charged on November 24th of last year after celebrating her 25th birthday at Tellus 360, is scheduled to have her preliminary hearing today at 2:00 pm before District Judge Robert A Herman, Jr. She has been out of jail since her arrest after a bail bondsman put up her $150,000 cash bail.
     Click here for background and videos of her arrest.
**  They managed to livestream today’s Black History Month Flag Raising at noon (click here).
*    It is unbelievably ridiculous to me that Lancaster can’t depend on the city to do their job. Much smaller cities around the country have someone on staff who knows how to push the on button for streaming.
     They are lying. Pure and simple.
This comment into this site when I published the email from Jess King, the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, the last time the city had a fail (click here).



     Yes, it was another livestream fail for city council last night. It was the sound. The sound would be good for four or five seconds and then it would be gone for 10 seconds with the loading circle going around.
     And every now and again it would switch to the screen at the left above stating the livestream was offline with a picture of I believe clerk Bernie Harris originally trying to turn it on. It was impossible to follow or understand.
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I was told long ago public defenders are lawyers that can’t get hired by a real law firm

    • court house insider says:

      You are wrong. Many of the best criminal defense lawyers in this country started their careers as public defenders; the reason why most leave the Public Defender’s Office is overwork and underpay.

  2. amh says:

    See, they can livestream if they want to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another failure of the Mayor Dickina error

  4. huh? says:

    Unless and until the mayor says that there will be no excuse for livestreaming failure, no one will be officially tasked, responsible, and on the hook to make sure it streams. Nothing is going to make it better.

  5. courtrooom player says:

    Maddening – Maybe Tallarico is the first Public Defender in awhile who takes his job seriously. Are you implying that he should not give his full effort in defending her? If you ever had to hire a lawyer, did you tell him or her not to give you their best representation?

    • Anonymous says:

      Every public defender should give their full effort defending ALL of their clients. ALL clients should be treated equally and fairly. Are you implying that is being done here in Lancaster? As for hiring a private attorney you get what you pay for.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nobody is responsible, they are all irresponsible, just look at the finances.

  7. maddening says:

    Off topic. When has a public defender EVER gone to such lengths as Tallarico is for Debra Slaymaker Walker??? Who the hell is this woman?

  8. smh says:

    No one should be surprised. They do not want us to know. They even go to the extent of looking like incompetent buffoons.

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