*** – ** – * 2-20-20 UPDATE – SOMEONE ASKED ME…

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***   Free on $50,000 bond, Lyons [Jeffrey B. Lyons, Worley & Obetz’s former CEO] was scheduled for sentencing on Feb. 18.
From the LNP article, “Ex-CEO of Worley & Obetz pleads guilty to fraud, to pay $55 million restitution,” (click here).
     Wondering why there was nothing in the news about his sentencing, I spoke with Assistant U.S. Attorney Tiwana Wright today by phone. She said his sentencing has been continued at the defense’s request until April 21st at 10:00 am in Reading before U.S. District Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl.


**   What Hambright doesn’t state in his press release (and therefore neither does LNP) is that this man was originally given ARD for these crimes by now President Judge David Ashworth. That was withdrawn after he was subsequently charged with rape and this was actually his “re-sentencing” by Judge Howard Knisely.
     I wrote the below in October of 2019 about this case (the original is here and the link to the LNP article is here):


*    An Elizabethtown man who is charged with raping a woman last summer must register under Megan’s Law and will be on probation for 15 years for groping two other women three years ago.
The opening sentence to the LNP article shown above (click here).
     This is just wrong and LNP has not corrected their incorrect rewrite of the DA’s press release. When I read 15 years probation I thought to myself that is just ridiculous and a total waste of taxpayer’s money.
     There are a lot of “strange” things going on with this man and the justice system but according to the DA’s press release and Burke’s docket he will be on probation for two years and he has to register under Megan’s Law for the next 15 years (click here).
     That is sloppy and unacceptable, LNP!

 2-20-20 – UPDATE – To be continued later today. 


      In April of 2017, I sent a Right To Know request to the county for DA spokesman Brett Hambright’s annual salary. I received the below in response.
Please check back later today.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Disagree. Brett is as biased in what he releases for d.a.’a office as in what he hold backs. He was hired by Stedman for his “expertise” in NON objectivity and exercises that same corrupt attitude as “spokesperson”. Anything that makes d-a looks bad is held back. It was HIS idea to call these two murder victims prostitutes after 20 years of no mention of that and after explaining the reasoning, Stedman ran with it to take the heat off him. Hambright is pondscum and taxpayers dont need to waste 52,000.00 a year to pay him to put out a press release when an a.d.a. can knock it out in 5 minutes like they do in other countries this size. He was hired to help Stedman get elected without having to speak to the press himself and get caught in his web of lies. His job is done. He needs to be FIRED.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I seen something weird downtown today. Senators office is in the post office building. I tried to walk in the post office but a amish/Mennonite lady was cleaning the glass door so i waited a minute. As im waiting I noticed another amish/mennonite woman in side the first double doors. Who pays these amish women to clean the doors and floors on hands and knees? And has anybody else notice this or knows how long they been cleaning the glass doors?

    • Anonymous says:

      The owner of the building owns Auntie Anne’s. The Amish women have been cleaning that building for several decades or as long as I have been at the county. They are typically there on Mondays and Wednesday’s. The landlord pays them from what I can tell because they have always been the cleaning crew for the building.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like, how dare they work hard?!

  3. Toxic says:

    I have no personal knowledge of Brett as an employee or team member but I do know that working at the court house is the most evil and soul crushing assignment you will ever have. You learn quickly that there is no such thing as justice and our judges are just as bad as the gossip staff, lawyers and deputies. Good people start at the court house and then they often become horrible human beings. Trampling on the rights of citizens and the elected officials at the court house literally spend their entire day bouncing from each other’s offices and judges chambers because they have nothing better to do and are always plotting on who will be the power players this week. I left working there and I actually took a job at a gas station for better pay and benefits! That should tell you everything you need to know. This website lets people like me vent because we have really no where else to turn. When Someone like that horribly manipulative Jackie can become elected and oversee the Clerk of Courts it is a true testimony that actual qualifications mean nothing. She is a horrible leader and an even worse excuse for a human being. Someone should pull the security cameras at the court house and you will see what she does all day. Well, on the days she actually shows up.


    • Anonymous says:

      I noticed the hopping around between offices and judges chambers. Also witnessed a sheriff make faces towards a judge to confirm something that was said before court started. Next time youre in court pay attention.

      • Anonymous, too says:

        And that’s Fritz Haverstick for you…(and Caitlyn Blazier and Jonathon Chieppor and Cody Wade and Karen Mansfield and the list goes on and on…): Turning out rapists and murderers one menial crime after another, while innocent people are hurt.

  4. Old & Canadian says:

    Hello Becky & Friends,

    I am back. Surgery went horribly but I am still alive and well, although, my ex wife is probably very disappointed. I have been keeping up with the website but I haven’t had the energy nor the will to write impactful nor engaging posts. I did feel the need to write that I am neither an elected official or someone that works for one. So I do take that comment a bit to heart. I am merely someone that left Lancaster because an old fag was not something to be showcased in my day. I am delighted that things have gotten slightly better for my tribe in Lancaster but I have put down too many roots in Canada to hurry back.
    I am a tad intrigued by this commenter and I have heard that there has been a mass exodus of people leaving the court house. It makes one wonder what is exactly happening or is the politics as usual just too much for workers to deal with.
    Anywho, I have been reading the website but I have just been too tired to respond.

    All my love friends.

    • Toxic says:

      Ps – you have been missed. You are like the cool gay uncle that everyone wants to sit next to at Thanksgiving. I have missed your posts. Get better soon!

  5. Leave Brett Alone says:

    Looks to me that Brett is now the new target of a select few degenerates in the Republican committee who basically use this website to target people they do not like. Most of what is “commented” about people comes from the same 5 people that instead of earning what tax payers pay them to be elected or the bureaucraps they hire, they play on websites to try and discredit and ruin people. I worked with Brett {I left the court house and now I work nights so spare me claiming I am on here on the tax payer dime} and Brett was hard working and genuinely cared about his job. Brett is tied to Craig Stedman and now Josh Parsons wants Brett gone so he uses this website to try and discredit Brett. Geez, get a new playbook! Let Heather Adams make up her own mind. She hasn’t fired Brett yet so maybe, just maybe there is value there. I could write a book about what goes on inside the court house and how these pretend Christians try to destroy one another. It’s exhausting and why I am so many left.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to agree. I think this current picking on this guy is too mean spirited. He’s doing his job as the DA spokesman, ie releasing info the DA wants released. He’s not getting rich over what he’s doing.

      If we’re unhappy with the amount of released info, the DA themselves is the one that deserves the scrutiny. Not a rank and file civil servant.

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