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**     Something went very wrong. The attorney’s motion to withdraw from Jessica Lopez’s lawsuit is below. Click here for “Rule 1.16: Declining or Terminating Representation.”


*    The video, shown to a LNP|LancasterOnline reporter Thursday at the police station, shows Lopez sitting in the rear passenger side and Nickel driving.
From the LNP article, “Lawyers for woman accusing Lancaster officer of groping want out of suit; city refutes claims in recent court filing,” (click here).
     If the police showed the video to a LNP reporter, then why haven’t they released it to the public? Why didn’t LNP demand it?


The above pictures are from the Lancaster City Police Instagram page.

     What in the world? How much is this public relations project costing the city? If they want to improve their image, maybe the police shouldn’t taser a man sitting on the sidewalk!
Please check back later today.

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  1. smh says:

    Wow, this sure opens the door for wild speculation!

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