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— It’s been a busy day. LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


     I had a problem with the sound during last night’s livestreaming of the city council meeting (click here). There was an echo and at times a very low volume that would not allow me to be absolutely sure what was said and thus to report on it. My old laptop and its sound system may be partly responsible so I will try another computer with headphones and check the clarity.
     The one thing I am sure of is they spent a huge amount of time on the proposed billboard for Long’s Park. Someone is going to make huge bucks off this billboard and it’s not the city.
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    But the city said Williams has had enough delays, has cost the city money and shouldn’t be rewarded for not following through with his case, including not listening to the court’s directions.
    In its response to the allegations, the city wrote that Bernot “has had the present suit and serious allegations hanging over his head for more than 1½ years and he is anxious to clear his name and explain that he, like Williams’ counsel, his family, and this court, had difficulty getting Williams to follow direction and be responsible during the incident at issue.”
    Why is the city making outrageous decisions with budgeting then turn around and put the blame on others like Williams?
    How is Bernot allowed to use Williams counsel, his family, & court issues as a way to justify what he did?
    When you treat a human the way he did it should hang over his head for a lifetime so he doesnt treat anyone like that again.
    This is the same city Lancaster where the mayor did a video looking sincere talking about she saw the video and things need to change. New police were to be hired to help with diversity? All the new hires that were pictured on lnp to help with diversity arent looking diverse. What languages do they speak then if their all still white? I mean how did they help with diversity? Theyre all white but can they at least speak like Nigerians, Nepals, Haitians, Ethiopians, etc. How did the new hires benefit the people like the mayor said?
    Btw what happened to that video of the mayor sitting while speaking about the tasing after she viewed it. I tried looking for it online its gone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why are they so hot for this billboard??

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