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     City council meets tonight beginning at 7:30 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
     And tomorrow at noon they will raise the African American Flag at City Hall (see below and click here for more information on the city’s Facebook page).


Click here for today’s LNP editorial.

     Of course, I agree with this editorial. Release the records and solve this horrific murder. Let’s see if new District Attorney Heather Adams and new President Judge David Ashworth do the right thing.
Please check back later today.


  1. my goodness says:

    I haven’t thought of Dr. Kirchner in years! He was a great surgeon and exemplary human being. The latest insult to him was his home being torn down and replaced. RIP, Dr. Kirchner, you are missed by many.

  2. valkyrie says:

    I don’t see Ashworth or Adams having the intestinal fortitude to buck the feds.

  3. huh? says:

    Could you clear up one thing? Was Dr. Kirchner the Coroner then and do I remember correctly that he was barred by someone from releasing the autopsy report?

    • Becky says:

      Dr. Barry Walp, who was the coroner until the end of 2003, ruled following a postmortem that Luna’s death was a homicide and that the cause of death was traumatic injuries and drowning. The assistant U.S. attorney in Baltimore had 36 stab wounds, news reports said.

      Although FBI agents tried to convince Kirchner, who took office in 2004, to change the ruling to suicide, Kirchner refused.

      Kirchner did not file any of his records, including Luna’s, with the prothonotary during his four years in office. The County Code, a state law covering county government, requires that coroners send their records annually to the prothonotary.

      Diamantoni said Feb. 8 that he had not yet reviewed the Luna file. He said he will file coroner’s records going back to 2004 in the courthouse as soon as possible.

      2008 – Detective plans to take another shot at getting autopsy report

    • Anonymous says:

      Barry Walp was the coroner at the time of the murder and ruled homicide. The feds decided that it was a suicide. After Walp, Dr G Gary Kirchner became coroner. During Dr Kirchner’s tenure the feds attempted to get Dr Kirchner to change manner of death to suicide. Dr Kirchner refused. We all know how Lancaster Co ended up crucifying Dr Kirchner. Another thing I did pick up on was that then LNP reporter Brett Lovelace was highly involved in the Luna murder and the disgrace brought on Dr Kirchner. I hope that the Kirchner, Lovelace, feds connection is thoroughly examined if this murder is being investigated. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr Kirchner was ultimately, indirectly brought down by the feds! I bet Brett Lovelace knows plenty.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmmm, maybe that’s why Lovelace was able to get a job with the government despite being a part of the case against Kirchner and having a business address as his home address on his voter registration (illegal) and how he was never charged for voting twice in an election, both in PA and Maryland

        The plot thickens

  4. huh? says:

    Good point on the feds. If they aren’t after Ashworth and Adams already, it will definitely be interesting to see who shows up in court for this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There were two blood types found in the car. I wonder if the unidentified sample still exists. If Judge Ashworth dares to unseal the records he will have the full wrath of the FBI upon him. The feds are going to be in Lancaster for this ruling! After reading “The Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna” I have concluded that our FBI has not progressed one bit from the J. Edgar Hoover days, they just go about what they do in a different manner from Hoover.

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