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     How quickly things change! LNP reporter Gillian McGoldrick a week-and-a-half ago purported to tell the public why Democratic Chair JoAnn Hentz resigned (click here).
     Suddenly today, it all changes and she says Hentz had no choice but to resign and there’s a (gasp!) rift in the party (click here)!


     The Police Community Working Group is holding a Town Hall meeting tonight from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at the Masonic Lodge No. 43, 213 W. Chestnut Street.
     There is also a city council committee meeting tonight from 6 pm to 7 pm.
     This is interesting scheduling because obviously members of city council cannot attend both.


Please check back later today.


  1. Lying Lehman has to go! says:

    Not sure where to place this comment but it is super important for people to know the truth. Craig Lehman is the direct cause of the rift within the Democrat Committee. In true Craig fashion, he acts like Mr. Nice-guy and he has been playing both sides of the committee. Claiming to be super liberal when face to face with the younger members and socialists and claiming to be more moderate and a Hillary supporter with the old guard.

    Bottom line is that Craig Lehman is a vile liar and he will do and say whatever he has to to get people to like and vote for him. Craig Lehman is the reason behind all of the problems our party is currently facing and like many, I pray the voters see this reptile for what he is and do not vote for him. To put it into context, I voted for Bernie and he is my pick for president but if Craig Legman is my pick for senate, I will hold my nose and vote for Scott Martin. At least with Scott Martin, he is honest about what he is and predictable. To me, that counts for something.

    Lying Lehman has to go!
    Vote for Janet Diaz 2020

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like construction on the west king fire station is beginning. I never saw what ended up happening with the Wacker Brewing lease that was holding it up. I wonder how much the city ended up paying to break their own lease?

    • nope says:

      The original bids were rejected but the paper didn’t say what they were.
      The re-bid was accepted, but there was no write up in the paper.
      The bid were never presented to or approved by City Council.
      The article today does not indicate who the construction company is.
      And there was no follow up about Whacker.

      All smells dirty and a shocking lack of interest by the paper.

      • Becky says:

        It’s kind of “funny” and ironic that LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher used to ask all kinds of detailed money questions that never appeared in print. I wonder if it was he or his editor who kept them out. And does anyone know why Stuhldreher is no longer with LNP?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Democrats are predisposed for self destruction. They elected President Trump, and they’ll re-elect him. LOL!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The old white guard of the Democrat party is dismantling. Many of us new age minority Democrats aren’t with your baby killing.

      • Old & Canadian says:

        I am also so very confused by this comment.
        Tell me my non-white, non-killing babies friend, how do you plan to defeat the old white guard that got endorsed while the minority and women candidates were shewed away?
        Diaz was not endorsed.
        And no endorsement for Congress because the white, bi-woman was not seen in good favor with the Dems old white guard and the much cooler non-white fusion.
        Why is Sterla and Lehman still the endorsed candidates?
        You can’t get any older, any whiter or any swampier than the two of them!
        It appears to me that the face of the party may be slightly different (although still old, female and white) but the candidates are still the same and the actual change makers were shewed away and left to fend for themselves.
        Same book I’ve read for nearly 50 years with the Lancaster Dems!

      • Anonymous says:

        The DNC won’t recognize pro-life Democrats.

  5. Hi Old & Canadian says:

    Don’t worry Old & Canadian,
    All the infighting with the Republican committee will help us democrats to keep gaining ground. We will only have to worry if the republican elected officials start coming together but I doubt that will ever happen with that sad and power hungry bunch.
    Unfortunately Craig Lehman will not have to fight anything out in the primary because Craig is already telling people that Janet Diaz doesn’t have the juice to continue and she admitted to Craig that he’s the best candidate. Sorry to break your heart but even Janet sells out to the machine. I know so many Dems that despise Craig Lehman and wanted to vote for Janet but if what Craig is claiming is true, Janet will also sell out, right with Lancaster Stands Up and support Craig Lehman. Showing us all that were stupid enough to believe that they actually wanted change. Craig Lehman is the swamp and no one among the democrats has balls enough to throw him out.

    • Old & Canadian says:

      The intel I am receiving is similar but I do not believe Janet Diaz is the quitting kind. I believe Craig Lehman and his camp are spreading lies to create doubt. I have to believe in my heart of hearts that neither Janet Diaz or Lancaster Stands Up would ever support Craig Lehman and make him the victor. Both Ms. Diaz and LSU talk about the swamp and we can both agree that you don’t get any swampier as a Democrat then Craig Lehman. He has to go and he can not be the nominee. You can not support the LGBTQ community and women and support Craig Lehman. You just can’t.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree and love this comment. Craig is good at manipulating but the people who dealt with Janet can tell you shes not type to give up.

  6. Old & Canadian says:

    Becky, can you please call the old chair and the boy wonder “got where I am because of my momma” and try and make sense of all this? LNP’s newest nitwit reporter can’t be trusted to get this right.

    • Becky says:

      I will see what I can do. I was speaking with someone recently and they said Ismail Smith Wade-El wants to be a career politician. Yikes! No way!

      • Anonymous says:

        During a 2020 budget review at a council committee meeting he was making the argument that certain council members put in more time and effort than others and their salary should reflect that. It was clear he was angling for full time pay to be on council.

        Seems to me that he is in a position to pretty realistically achieve his goal of being a full time politician eventually. He seems to be very popular within lancaster county dems. Between three of the full time positions the county dems control – City State House, 1 County Commissioner spot, and Lanc Mayor – I could see him moving up the next time there is a vacancy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aren’t they all nitwits?

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