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    There is a city council meeting tonight beginning at 7:30 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
     Who will LNP send to cover it? Will LNP cover it at all?
     When will LNP do an in-depth piece on all of the unsolved murders? Will they ask DA Heather Adams whether Roxanne Myers and Juanita Chevalier were killed by the same man? Why haven’t they asked?
     And this comment just in about Steven Markle:
     He needs to be put away for a long time.
      Yes, he most certainly does!


2-25-20 UPDATE – Yikes! Running late this morning! Please check back later today.


    I owe the family of Juanita Chevalier an apology (see yesterday’s post). A comment came in with a link to a new Twitter account for her to help solve her murder. I approved the comment and moved the link to the home page. After an hour or so the link no longer worked so I got the new one and changed the link.
     In the meantime, my convicted serial stalker, Steve Markle, somehow hacked the old Twitter account and started posting nonsense including my name. I did not catch any screenshots except for the final one which is below. Today, the account no longer exists. The link to their valid Twitter page is here.
     It was out of my control but I apologize to the family for the actions of this very sick serial stalker. Can you imagine doing that to a family who are distressed and in pain and looking for help?

     You really want to be convicted of stalking and harassment again, don’t you Steve? The below blog was put up about him in 2010 by another victim (click here). Also see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above on this site.

     There will be much more to come…


*UPDATED TO ADD HER MOTHER WHO WAS ALSO KILLED. The coroner has officially identified them. According to county records the home is owned by Sabine and Paulin Labarriere. Sabine Labarriere died in the fire.

Sabine Labarriere (left) and her mother, Marie Dorcena/Facebook


     In 19 hours, as of 8:30 am, a neighbor has raised $27,345 in a GoFundMe account for this family that suffered a horrific fire that killed two family members (click here).
     From the page:
     Wanted to thank everyone for your kind generosity! This community is absolutely amazing and has shown such support in such a short time! The 18 year old daughters size is Medium. Please drop off donations at the West Hempfield Fire Department at 3476 Marietta Ave, Lancaster , PA. Drop off at doors around back. There will be a big Tupperware container there that you can place any gift cards in (just put lid back on top), if nobody is there. Again, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts and keep the prayers coming!
     At 11:53pm on 2/22/20, our next door neighbors, the LaBarriere’s, had a devastatingly life changing fire. Their 18 year old daughter made it out but she has been transported to Crozer burn center in Chester. The 12 year old twins (boy and girl) made it out ok. Sadly, their loving mother and grandmother did not make it out of the fire. The house is a complete loss, therefore the kids and Dad need anything and everything.
     I am asking for anyone that finds it in their heart to help, to please donate what you can to this cause. I will personally make sure that the money gets to the family and helps them in their time of need. 

Feel free to drop donations off on my deck at 3129 Marietta Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601.
Size 7 girls shoes
Size 10/12 girls clothing
Size 8 boys shoes
Size 10/12 boys clothing
Size Large clothing for Dad
     Will update this post with size of the 18 year old once I find out.
    And please, please PRAY so hard for this family. They are completely devastated! 


  1. Anonymous says:

    LNP-website, not Facebook page, hasn’t mentioned the shooting last night on Manor St.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope you reported this to Twitter. Even though he will override their ban, it is important to record this.

    The fact that he hacked the Twitter account of a grieving family to smear you shows how low he goes.

  3. my goodness says:

    Thank you for your goodness in sharing this Becky.

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