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—   To the original commenter, part of whose unpublished comment was posted here this morning, please go away!

**  Please see the comment under this post regarding the Scheid Funeral Home that came in this morning that strongly states the first commenter’s claims that were published are false.

*    On a lighter (or cleaner) note, the Manheim Township Police posted the below on their Facebook page (click here for the CrimeWatch entry).



      Here is the skinny on the funeral home: Scheid friends with Scott Martin – went to Lanc Catholic, GOP campaign contributor to Martin and Craig Stedman and others. (Stedman can claim he didn’t know that but Martin was his campaign manager. So …he knew it.) Manor was getting complaints also but Stedman would not let Manor township do anything with their complaints and MTPD chief Todd Graff and Stedman are thick as thieves.
The beginning of a comment into this site yesterday that has not been posted.

     Can you back any of this up? If so, please do.
Please check back later today.

11 Responses to ** – * WHY DIDN’T STEDMAN ACT?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why? Because Stedman is a self serving d*ck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve known the Snyder family dating back to Chip’s dad Charles F. Snyder. Charles handled my father’s funeral and Charles and Chip handled my mother’s funeral. Mrs. Snyder worked a miracle in making my cancer ravaged mother look lovely lying in repose. I can’t make hide nor hair of the discussion in this thread but I feel compelled to state my opinion of their services. Never once did they do anything to rise to any level of criticism in my parent’s care provided. I don’t know what’s going on here but those are my facts.

    For some reason I can’t attach my huh? to this post. Feel free Becky to do so.

    • Old & Canadian says:

      I’ll help.

      1. Someone obsessed with Scott Martin and Craig Stedman has gotten Snyder and Scheid mixed up. Snyder’s are a Lancaster Catholic Family and big supporters (quick google search showed me that) and it appears the son, Chad Snyder might be good buds with Scott Martin as they are about the same age and went to Lancaster Catholic (again, not rocket science, just Google). I also found Facebook posts of Martin and Snyder at some church function (no, I have no life and yes I did some stalking!)
      2. The obsessed individual is trying to make accusations based upon mixing up two very different funeral home families and has made a clear ass out of themselves.

      I’m not saying I have ever seen Andy Scheid and Chad Snyder in the same place at the same time but I am saying they ain’t the same fella!

      I will break this down for the original reporter of misinformation –

      Scheid not Catholic and runs a bad funeral home.
      Snyder is Catholic and runs a good funeral home.
      Snyder and Martin are Catholic friends
      Scheid appears to be Mennonite and has many women very angry with him.

  3. Old & Canadian says:

    Oh, Becky, I have such a devilish thought right now.
    Since we know Carter Walker is incapable of actual research and we know he stalks your page for his “stories” I would love love love to see LNP take this lead, print it and have Martin sue the pants off them.
    Not so much wanting a win for Martin but just to prove that Carter Walker only gets his stories from you and he researches absolutely nothing. Our dear Carter is the laughing stock of LNP and that is quite the accomplishment!
    You really should show this boy the journalistic ways of a professional!
    What a juicy story but even I am not buying this one.
    I believe, the Snyder commenters, and dare I say, the angry one seems to have some first hand knowledge.
    Only a woman that sleeps with a man has that kind of anger towards him!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Campaign finance reports dont lie. Well, maybe sometimes…. but not in this case.

  5. Side Piece Antics! says:

    Andy Scheid does not rub elbows with Senator Martin and it was probably Andy’s 20 year old [edited] that sent that post in to try to make Andy look like some important big shot when Andy is the complete opposite! He is total loser that pretends to be a classy Mennonite when he’s on his third divorce and left his third wife for the 20 year old apprentice florist and now his first wife has to clean up this gigantic mess. Andy Scheid is not important and no one that is important respects or is friends with him. Only someone trying to bolster Andy would write that crap. I do agree with your other poster that the Snyder Family is amazing and they helped me so much when Andy screwed me and his other women over. To Andy’s [edited], knock off your stupid anonymous posts everywhere with your conspiracy theories. Important people like Senator Martin and Craig Stedman do not like or know Andy who recently dumped you. Grow up!!!!!

  6. Snyder’s NOT Scheid’s says:

    This is the type of nonsense that makes my skin crawl because who this faker is actually referencing is Chad SNYDER whose family also owns a funeral home and probably several now and his Father Chip is a classic gentleman and did the service for my Mother. The Snyder Family is big with Lancaster Catholic and I know this because my brother sent all 5 of his kids there and your faker commenter is getting the Snyder Family mixed up with the Scheid Family.

    I was actually waiting to see if such nonsense would be posted as I even personally called Chip and heckled him that he must be getting so much business now because of this unfortunate debacle with the Scheid Family.

    I get that anything posted that casts Martin/Stedman in a bad light gets posted but this is truly despicable and the Snyder’s are a great family.

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