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From LNP’s updated story (click here).

     This is all about Detective Nathan Nickel (pictured at left in the above photo of DA Stedman’s press conference announcing the charges in October). There will be much more to come.

***  Please note the obvious that the below DA’s press release by Brett Hambright is extremely one-sided and he does not even mention Philadelphia defense attorney John J. McMahon, Jr.

**   This is the DA’s press release (click here):
     A Lancaster man was ordered Friday to face homicide and related charges in Lancaster County Court regarding a house fire in 2010 that killed Olga Sanchez, who was found dead in a second-floor bedroom of her North Plum Street home.
     Carlos Montalvo-Rivera, Sanchez’s husband at the time, is charged with setting the fire.
     Montalvo-Rivera, 52, is presumed innocent.
     A detective testified during a two-hour preliminary hearing Friday morning that Montalvo-Rivera gave numerous conflicting stories about the fatal fire that killed his wife and caused his three children to escape the burning home through an upstairs window.
     Lancaster city police Detective Nathan Nickel’s testimony focused on Montalvo-Rivera’s claims that he was knocked unconscious and tied up – by unknown intruders – inside the home before he escaped by jumping out a second-floor window.
     Detective Nickel testified that witness statements, medical expert opinions, and what was found at the scene do not match Montalvo-Rivera’s story – which changed as police interviewed him on different days.
      Specifically, Detective Nickel said witness statements led him to conclude that Montalvo-Rivera tied himself up after fleeing the home.
      A neighbor saw Montalvo-Rivera outside the burning home without his hands tied, and assisted Montalvo-Rivera who was trying to reach the upstairs window he claimed to have jumped from.
     Montalvo-Rivera appeared moments later at the front of the house – when several people saw his hands tied.
      Regarding the window, Detective Nickel testified it was found closed after Montalvo-Rivera allegedly jumped out of it. The window would not have shut on its own, the detective testified.
     “(Montalvo-Rivera) was trying to get up there to open that window, so it could match the rest of his stories,” Assistant District Attorney Travis S. Anderson argued at the end of the preliminary hearing.
     Investigators determined Sanchez was “doused” in an accelerant and the fire was deliberately set in the bedroom where Sanchez was found, according to testimony.
     ADA Anderson argued that Montalvo-Rivera somehow escaped the home “unsinged, uninjured, clean.”
      “Stating he got out in a way he couldn’t have possible got out,” ADA Anderson argued.
     Montalvo-Rivera told police he awoke to hear arguing between his wife and an unknown male with a ‘scorpion tattoo” on his neck.
      ADA Anderson directed the detective to findings that conflicted Montalvo-Rivera’s assertions, which also included:

  • Montalvo-Rivera initially told police he and Sanchez had a happy marriage. Police learned and Montalvo-Rivera later admitted there were marital issues. He had moved out for a period of time about a month before the fire.
  • Medical experts contradict Montalvo-Rivera’s claim of being knocked unconscious by a blow to the head. Such a blow would have caused brain and head injury, the experts told police. Yet, no injuries were found in a CT scan or observed by emergency responders who assisted Montalvo-Rivera.
  • Montalvo-Rivera was wearing sweatpants with a drawstring opening – yet the drawstring was removed. The “bindings” Montalvo-Rivera had around his wrists were made of cloth.
  • Several people, including one of Montalvo-Rivera’s daughters, said Montalvo-Rivera’s hands were tied when he appeared at the front of the home. Montalvo-Rivera, in initial interviews with police, said those people were “lying” and that he removed the bindings while inside the home.

      Detective Nickel filed charges, including homicide, arson, and multiple counts of attempted homicide and aggravated assault.
     At the conclusion of the hearing, District Judge Andrew LeFever ordered Montalvo-Rivera be tried in Lancaster County Court on all charges.
       Three counts each of reckless endangerment and endangering welfare were withdrawn before the hearing, due to statute of limitations.


* Updated docket for Carlos Montalvo-Rivera after his preliminary hearing this morning.



     Carlos Montalvo-Rivera has his preliminary hearing this morning at 9:00 am for the horrific arson murder of his wife, Olga Sanchez-Reyes, in December of 2010.  He is pictured above along with very recent Facebook postings by his children, several of whom were injured in the fire.
Please check back later today.


  1. Courthouse player says:

    Still waiting to hear how much city paid MAW and what status of entire fiasco is…. a couple RTK requests would be appropriate.

  2. Old & Canadian says:


    I am having shoulder surgery and will be spending a great deal of time at home to heal. With so much time on my hands, I think it is time I start RTK the city and county. Can you ask your readers what topics or questions I should RTK to try and obtain information that the public would like to know? I would submit the RTK and send everything I receive to you, with a brief synopsis of what I discovered.

    This should keep me busy during my recovery.

  3. barryinwinnipeg says:

    Go easy on little Lancaster County. The Republican majority in the Senate just ensured that a corrupt president goes unscathed. And so a once great country known for ‘liberty and justice for all’ sinks into history’s ash heap. Tragic.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blackface Trudeau?

      • barryinwinnipeg says:

        That happened when Justin was a student. Measure it against what Justice Cavenaugh did as a student. The Senate tragedy is now, and in full view. America has a lot of very brave service members who put their lives on the line for their country, while half a hundred republican senators are too afraid of Mitch’s power to judge a case fairly. Don’t you ‘anonymous’ types have anything else in your playbooks but looking for distractions? The neat thing about being a dual citizen is that I pay taxes in two countries and can therefore expect good government in both nations as well–and I use my own name in all comments!

        • Anonymous says:

          embattled PM apologised for wearing brownface make-up at a gala at a private Vancouver school where he taught nearly two decades ago

          He was a teacher darling.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Won’t it be a “coincidence” if Stedman ends up as presiding judge in this case?

  5. Old & Canadian says:

    If people are innocent until proven guilty, we are they cuffed like criminals and branded as such all over newspapers and tv?
    Can you imagine how just being charged with a crime ruins people’s lives?
    His children are standing by him so they must not believe their father did such a thing.
    I am just sickened by such injustices going on in this world.
    If the DA’s office has no new evidence and did this just for theatrics, shame on them.
    At this point, the new DA can’t claim “I’m new” because any true defender of justice would want to review the evidence for such a case.
    The new DA has an obligation to throw this out if it is nonsense.
    What is everyone hearing about the new DA?

    • Defender of Justice? Lol says:

      Old & Canadian,

      You are looking for a “Defender of Justice” in Lancaster County? Poor fella!
      The new DA looks like a scared crackhead that accidentally shot up in a police station bathroom. She is worthless. She’s a hand picked and talentless party hack that pretended to be neutral and “beholden to no one” to weasel her way in there. Mark Fetterman with as talentless and ethically challenged as he is, would be a better DA.

      Don’t expect much from this DA as all the actual talent in that office is leaving in droves. The only work the new DA does is when her Clerk of Courts troll comes to the DA’s office to gossip with her about politicos they each hate. It is comical because the Clerk of Courts told everyone in the court house that the new DA begged the Clerk of Courts husband, yes that worthless Ed Pfursich lawyer to be the DA’s 1st assistant because DA Adams’ admitted she had no idea what she was doing. Jacquie Pfurisch was making fun of Heather Adams.

      If you wondered anything about this new DA it should all become crystal clear to know that she wanted Ed “I suck as a lawyer” Pfursich to be her first assistant and he turned it down!

      Literally, that is what the DA’s office has become!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Stedman was running for judge

  7. Old & Canadian says:

    What is the big evidence against him that they can only now arrest him?
    I am confused.

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